Hi everyone! So, this is my first fic. This is a Yullen, probably going to have touches of LenaleexLavi (Don't know what their couple name is soo..)

If you guys have any suggestions, critiques, whatever, feel free! Reviews are appreciated!

I don't own D. Gray Man or the characters, just plot of the story.


The two boys were walking down the street, hand in hand, smiling, laughing, at ease with the world. They occasionally turned into one of the many quaint shops that lined the streets of the small town. They had not a care. It was a gorgeous day, and they had each other.

Sirens screeched in his ears, the flashing lights blinded his eyes, the sharp smell of the hospital burned his nose. He sat wringing his hands, waiting. His dark blue-black bangs hid his eyes from view as he cried silent tears.

A small boy walked hand in hand with his father. The boy's gray eyes looked up at the clown, filled with curiosity as he was led down a darkened alley way. The clown looked down at the boy, giving him a reassuring smile.

"Mana! Mana! Wake up, Mana! Manaaaaaa!"

SUPER short, I know! But the other chapters will be much longer. R&R!

Love, ankhesa