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Loren's alarm went off, making her groan and roll over, reaching over to her nightstand and slamming her palm on the 'Snooze' button. She groaned again and rolled on her back, covering her face with her arm. She stayed like that for a while before finally throwing the covers off of her and siting up, swinging her legs over the edge of her bed. She yawned and stretched, feeling her bones pop back in place.

She lazily stood up and dragged herself to her bathroom She looke din the mirror and sighed. She grabbed her brush and quickly brushed it out before putting it in a lazy ponytail. She walked out of the bathroom and went to her closet before deciding on what to wear. She pulled out a pair of dark skinny jeans and then went with a white shirt and a gray cover up and a scarf, with grey boots.

She walked back into her bathroom and pulled out the lazy ponytail. She grabbed her hairbrush and re brushed her hair, and then straightened it. She then put on a light amount of makeup. Once she was ready, she grabbed her phone from her charger, and her books and bag, then went to the kitchen where her mom was making breakfast.

"Morning mom," She said, placing her books on the table and her bag on the floor.

Nora turned for a quick second before turning back to her bacon.

"Hey sweetie, sleep well?"

Loren shrugged, "Yeah, I guess."

Nora turned off the stove and placed the sizzling bacon on a plate, "Why 'I Guess'?"

Loren sighed, "Just couldn't sleep."

"Exams again?" Nora asked, giving her daughter a sad look with her hand on her hip.

"Uh, yeah," She lied.

"Sweetie, like I said, you're a smart girl. You'll do great, I know it." Nora said, kissing Loren's head.

Loren gave her mom a small smile before grabbing some eggs and bacon.

"Thanks mom. Oh, uh, is it okay if Mel and I go shopping next week? We made plans to get stuff for graduation." Loren explained.

Nora chuckled, " Since when do you ask to go places? Mel practically drags you everywhere weather I say yes or no."

Loren looked ahead, "Huh, she does do that, doesn't she…"

Nora laughed, "Yes, she does. But yeah, it's okay."

Loren smiled and nodded, "Alight."

A half hour later, the door swung open, revealing Mel, "Who's ready for another boring day at school?"

Loren laughed, collecting her books, "Mel, school isn't that bad."

Mel scoffed, "Oh please, says the straight A student."

Loren just laughed and slung her bag over her shoulder, "Okay Mel.."

"Alright, I'll see you when you get home," Nora said, laughing a bit.

Loren smiled and gave her mom a hug, "Alright mom, bye."

"Bye Nora!" Mel yelled, already put the door.

"Bye Mel! I have a good day you two!" Nora called form the door.


"Sure, that's going to happen,"

Nora laughed at Mel's replied and closed the door, getting ready for the day's chores.


Eddie ruffed his hair, getting ready to meet Jake at the office, when his phone started ringing. He picked it up and saw Ian calling, making him smirk.

"How much money do you need?" He asked when he picked up.

Ina scoffed on the other end, "Why when I call do you always think I need money from you?"

Eddie chuckled, "C'mon Ian, it's you."

Ian sighed, "You're right, but I don't want money. I just want to hang out today since it's my last day in America."

Eddie smiled, "Sure. But I have to meet Jake in like…10 minutes and it'll only take about half an hour. So after that, we can hang out."

"Alright, mate. Is your girlfriend, Loren, going to be there?"

Eddie sighed, "No she's at school."

"Awe, that sucks. Okay so I'll see you soon. You still owe me that re match from that soccer game we played."

Eddie chuckled, "Can't handle losing to Eddie Duran?"

"You were distracting me!" Ian said defensively.

"USA!" Eddie yelled in a deep voice, making Ian scowl.

"I hate you, mate." He grumbled.

Eddie laughed, "Yeah, yeah, see ya soon."

"Alright, later," Ian said.

"Bye," Eddie chuckled. He hung up and jogged down stairs and into the kitchen.

He got himself a cup of coffee and made a bagel. He sat down and looked at the time. He smiled, knowing Loren's class doesn't start for another 5 minutes so he gave her a quick text.

Hey beautiful. Have a good day at school ;) I'll be there to pick you up. –Eddie xoxo

Eddie sit send and quickly went on Twitter. He tweeted for about a minute before his phone buzzed, signaling he got a text. He pulled up his messages and smiled at Loren's reply.

Hey handsome ;) I'll try. It's school, it's going to be a looong day D; And I can't wait ;* -Loren xox

Eddie's smile grew bigger as he slipped his phone back into his pocket, sipped the last drink of his coffee before cleaning his mess and was out the door.


Loren smiled and slipped her phone back into her pocket, before turning back to Mel.

"So what time do you want me to pick you up on Sunday to take you to the DMV?" Mel asked, getting her books out.

Loren shrugged, "Uh, is one okay?"

Mel nodded, turning to face her friend, "Yeah, that's fine, whatever it takes to get me out of that house.

Loren chuckled, "Alright."

Mel smiled but quickly vanished when she looked behind Loren.

"Uh, why is Principal Skinner walking over here?" She asked, "With Adriana?"

Loren turned around and in deed, the principal and Adriana were walking towards them.

"Uh, hi Principal Skinner," Loren said, confusion plastered on her face.

"Ms. Tate, may I see you and Ms. Masters in my office?" He asked, his voice firm.

Loren looked back and gave Mel a worried look.

"Uh, sure." She said, looking back at Mr. Skinner.

He nodded and started walking to his office with Adrianna and Loren following close behind.

"Hey," Adam said, making Mel jump.

She turned, "Oh, hey."

"Why is Loren and Adriana going to Mr. Skinner's office?" Adam asked, watching as they turned the corner.

"I have no clue. But I'll ask Loren about it later, as for now, we have math. C'mon," Mel grabbed Adam's wrist and dragged him to class.


"So, Ms. Tate, I'm sure you're wondering why you're here," Mr. Skinner said, sign in his 'Big Boy' chair as Mel likes to call it.

"Uh, yeah…" Loren said slowly sitting down in the chair next to Adrianna's.

"Well, Ms. Maters here has complained about a few things."

Loren looked at Adrianna and saw that she was smirking.

"Like what?" Loren said turning back to look at the bald man.

"Well for one, she said you slapped her." He said.

"Wait, what?" Loren asked, shocked.

"Now Ms. Tate, you know I don't allow violence in this school and- "

"I know that, and I didn't do it!" Loren said, standing up.

"Ms. Tate, she has a red mark on her cheek to prove it." Mr. Skinner pointed out.

"Yeah, but I didn't do it!" Lorne yelled, anger building up in her.

"I have to go by what Adriana says since she's the one that got slapped and she said it was you. So, I called your mom and-"

"You called my mom?!" Loren shouted.

"Yes and she'll be here in a few minutes.

Loren threw her hands up and sat back down on the chair, "Unbelievable."

A few minutes later, Nora walked in, "Hi, uh, Mr. Skinner, I'm Loren's mom."

Mr. Skinner nodded, "Yes, please, have a seat."

Nora cautiously sat down, eying Loren.

"What's this about?" She asked.

"Uh, Ms. Maters here has complained about Ms. Tate slapping her."

Nora lifted her eyebrows, "Sir, I can assure you, my daughter would never do anything like that."

"But she did! She was harassing me and I told her to leave me alone then she slapped me!" Adriana said, glaring.

"No I didn't!" Loren yelled.

"Look, Mrs. Tate-"

"Ms." Nora corrected.

"Ms. Tate," He said, "I can only go by what Adriana says and she said Loren slapped her. Now, as we all know, I do not tolerate violence in this school so the only solution for this is to suspend Loren."

Loren's eyes widened and she stood up. "Are you kidding me!?"

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