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This is just the prologue; in this chapter Clark and Diana are twenty-three and twenty-five, and there's a lot of angst from Diana. Yeah, I think that's me talking in her place. But I promise, this story will get better as time goes on. I'm sorry if it seems to suck right now.

One more thing; I'm basing this off of the Justice League New 52 story line. It won't be exactly the same, but those who follow it will notice the similarities between my story and the New 52. Now, enough of my ranting. On with the story!

He hated to see her hurting.

Clark looked on from a distance at Diana, who was sitting silently on top of the Lincoln memorial in Washington, D.C. He knew what had happened only hours before between her and Colonel Steve Trevor, her now ex-boyfriend. He could practically sense the sadness radiating from her when she briskly brushed past her in the Watchtower when the League's meeting was over. She didn't even bother asking Vic to transport her out of there; she simply flew out of the airlock, something she hardly ever did.

He eventually found out why by Barry and Hal, who had accompanied her during her trip to visit Steve. But it was only what they had managed to understand by piecing together the signs, not from what they heard. He was hesitant to try to talk to her, or at least sit next to her and join her as she stared at the full moon.

Maybe Diana doesn't want company, he thought. Maybe she wants to be alone for a while. That is entirely possible.

Yet something inside of him didn't want to leave her alone—yes, he understood why she had flown out here by herself and currently had her head buried in her knees, but at the same time knew just how important a friend could be at that moment. Deciding on sitting with her, he slowly floated until he was floating above her, his red cape billowing heroically in the wind.

Diana looked up before he could even say anything. Clark's heart dropped into the pit of his stomach the moment their eyes made contact; she looked absolutely miserable. The usual spark in her eyes was nearly gone, and the brightness that usually mesmerized him to no end was despairingly dim. After what seemed like forever she lowered her head again, acknowledging his presence with a mere nod of her head.

He slowly slid next to her, not saying a word. Their silence was enough. He knew whenever silence was a good thing or a bad thing. Then again, he didn't know when, once it came to her. Despite knowing the Amazon for five years she still came onto him as mysterious and quiet. Now that he thought about it, the only time he did hear her speak was when he or the others spoke to her or was giving out orders during a mission.

No, she wasn't bossy, not in the least. She was simply a natural-born leader, being raised amongst the women of Themyscira, who were warriors in every way. Diana was raised to be just like them, only much, much more skilled and unbeatable, which was painfully proven and displayed whenever an enemy wanted to go against her. Clark often heard Barry and Hal make bets on how long the soon-to-be sorry opponent would last. So far, none of them ever passed five minutes and thirty-six seconds.

"…Barry and Hal told you, didn't they?"

Clark snapped his head at Diana upon suddenly hearing her voice. "Yeah. They told me when you left." Hesitated for a second before asking, "…Di, what happened?"

She lifted her head again, giving the Kryptonian her full attention. "Steve and I…our relationship failed miserably. When we tried to work things out, he was captured by Graves, and then this happened. We got into an argument in his hospital room, and he basically kicked me out after telling me that we…" She paused, taking a deep breath, "…that we were through. I didn't understand, but he made me leave, so I did."

Clark frowned. "How long have you been up here then? The meeting was this morning; it's nearly midnight now."

"I've been here since twilight. I waited until it was dark enough for me to sit up there without anyone really noticing me, since I didn't want anyone to start any rumors." A look of realization appeared on her face. "…The press is talking about us, aren't they?"

Clark sighed. "They have been since the moment you left the hospital. Seeing an angry Wonder Woman storm out of a hospital—the same one that Steve was in, no less—was basically giving the press a field day. "By the way, where were you before this?"

He could've sworn Diana's voice cracked when she said in a voice barely above a whisper, "Home."

He knew what she was talking about. Her apartment in London wasn't her "home", nor did she ever refer to it as such. She was talking about Themyscira, the home she had avoided since she had come to "Man's World", as she occasionally called it. But why the mere mention of her homeland made her so upset baffled him to this day. Wouldn't she be happy to be there after being away from it for so long?

"Oh. You and your mother still aren't on good terms?" he asked.

Diana's arms tightened around her knees, shaking slightly. "…We can't be on good terms if she's…gone."

His heart clenched painfully in his chest. Now he understood why a simple remark of Themyscira would suddenly make her emotions plummet. Was Hippolyta…dead?

"She's not dead, not exactly," Diana said, seemingly reading Clark's thoughts. "But she's not alive, either."

He waited patiently for her to continue, and she did after a moment. "When I first came here, I always kept my distance between me and Themyscira because I saw it as a distraction. If I went back there for too long, something may happen here and I wouldn't know it. But then I was convinced by someone to go back there, to just visit my family one last time, and then I found this out…"

"Found what out?"

She glanced up at him, her eyes glassy and full of hurt. "…I'm not human, not a full human, anyway. While I was raised to believe that I was created by the gods by clay, my mother kept a secret from me and from the other Amazons. I'm…I'm a demigoddess."

To say Clark was stumped is an understatement. His jaw dropped as he heard her speak. She's a demigoddess? No wonder she's so strong and powerful…

"My father is someone, to this day, I hate with a passion," Diana continued.

Clark pretended to not know, although he had a good clue on who her "father" was. "Who?"

"It's the King of the Gods himself, Zeus."

And he was right, but he still was shocked. From the little bit he did know, the Amazons were man-haters and loathed every single thing about the opposite gender and in fact had told stories to the children—which he had no idea how were even born on an island full of women—about their apparent "evilness". "That's…surprising," he finally said.

"It should be, considering the lie I lived with all these years."

A strong sense of déjà vu came over Clark at that moment, but he couldn't think why he would get it. He felt as if he was forgetting something—what, he didn't know. "Well, she most likely did it to protect you. If your father is Zeus, I'm pretty sure that his wife knew at some point. And I know that she usually does something horrible to the children he has by his infidelity."

Diana sighed. "You're completely right; that's what her intentions were, to protect me from her wrath. But I didn't realize that until it was too late. Hera…she turned my mother into clay to mock me and my sisters into snakes. Themyscia's nothing now, a shadow of its former glory…"

He'd never imagine seeing Diana like this, so…vulnerable. It was like seeing another side of her, the side only those closest to her had ever gotten a chance to see, and even then he was sure it was a rarity. To see the brave, heroic, powerful Wonder Woman telling him her deepest, darkest secret…it made him feel as if he was a part of that little circle.

"Maybe Hera will change them back soon," he offered.

She shook her head, visibly depressed. "She won't. That's how she is; her purpose of doing this is to make me completely miserable, and I can't do anything about it. She's a goddess—she's much more powerful than I am."

Clark merely looked on in silence. Diana was right about that; Hera was simply too powerful. Yet here everyone was calling him the most powerful being in the universe. They just didn't know…

"We're not like them, but we're not like him either," Diana suddenly said. "We can never be like either of them. We're just too different."

Clark knew immediately what she was talking about. He often thought about it when he was discovering his powers and origins. Just how different was he from the others? "But there are others like us," he said. "We're not alone in this universe."

"That may be, but I doubt many of them are as pure as us and fight for what's needed to be done instead of what is wanted to be done. And even if there is more out there like us, what chance is there that we'll meet them? We live here on Earth; the universe if forever expanding. What chance is there that we will see others like us?"

He had to admit, there was a very, very slim chance. But he caught the gleam in her eyes, and he knew exactly what it was: dying hope. "Just admit it, we're completely alone. It's just those of us on Earth, and that's a number horribly dwindled down to nearly nothing."

Diana turned her gaze on Clark, her crystal blue eyes capturing his sky blue ones. "Do you ever get lonely?" she asked.

The answer was too easy to answer. He always did, even when he was down at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent, human journalist with an ordinary life. Between his life as a regular human and as a world-famous superhero, he just couldn't fight the loneliness that often got to him.

But he'd never mention that out loud. It just seemed to be something that he, the great and powerful Superman, could deal with by himself. But, truth be told, he couldn't. He couldn't deal with it on his own. He couldn't fight off the waves of loneliness that always seemed to attack him, threatening to tear him apart from the inside out and completely ruin him. When he gave his answer, he felt as if it was the most honest thing he ever told anybody, "Of course."

They had unconsciously inched closer to each other during his pause. Slowly but surely they leaned in, closing their eyes. In seconds their lips met in a gentle kiss, devoid of any restraint. It was something that seemed so in tune, so accurate, so right to do.

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