956. Robin played dress up with his sisters...and actually liked it.

Dick Grayson hummed to himself as he strolled through Wayne Manor.

"Come on Cass, don't cry!" A high pitched voice carried through the hallways. Dick blinked and looked over at an open door. He stepped closer and peered in. His younger sister Cass was curled up in a ball and toys were littering the room. His blonde sister Steph was running around. "How about we play some darts! That always cheers you up."

"What's going on?" Dick asked, pushing the door open.

"Oh, Dick…" Steph sighed. "Some kids were making fun of Cass because she can't talk. And now she won't do anything but brood like daddy!" Dick laughed and kneeled next to his sister.

"Come on Cass, Bruce is the brooder, not you," He cooed, tipping her head up. Cass sniffed quietly and looked at him through teary eyes. "And you said that nothing's cheering her up, Steph?"

"Yeah, nothing I've tried has worked!" the blonde complained, stomping her feet like the six year old she was. Dick looked around the room and smiled when he saw a doll lying next to a pile of small clothes.

"Hey Cass, you wanna play dress up?" Dick asked with a smile.

"I already tried that," Steph told him.

"You haven't tried my way," Dick smiled.

"And here it is," Dick smiled, setting down a trunk.

"Are you sure we can do this?" Steph asked, opening the trunk. It was filled with dresses, wigs, and jewelry.

"Of course! I asked Alfred," Dick winked. Cass looked up at him. "Don't worry, we'll use your play makeup, that way it won't stain the clothes." She nodded and looked back at the clothes in silence.

"Let's get going!" Steph cheered.

"Dick, I was wondering if you had the…" Barbara Gordon trailed off. When walking into the playroom of Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown she didn't expect to see her best friend in that situation. Dick was sitting in front of a mirror, wearing a pink sundress. The straps didn't fit right so one was falling off his shoulders. Underneath it was a plain white shirt to help remedy the problem, it didn't help. There were clips and bows in his hair and even a small braid. Dress shoes were on his feet and he also had on leggings. Steph and Cass were on a chair next to him. Dick's face was covered with makeup. His lips were bright red, and resembled the Joker's smile. Pink eye shadow surrounded his eyes and there were drawings on his face created from black eye liner.

Steph was wearing a large white dress that pooled around her ankles. She had on oversized heels and a large sunhat. She had bright red lips and rosy cheeks. Cass was a black jacket top that ended at her knees. The sleeves were pushed up her tiny arms, but that did little to help the length problem. She had on black tights that were bunched up in some places in an attempt to keep them up. A brown belt was around her waist to make the jacket seem more like a dress. There were several little pigtails in her hair using rainbow colored bands. The area around her eyes was bright purple and her lips and cheeks matched.

"Hi Babs," Dick greeted happily.

"Hi Babs!" Steph cheered. She swirled a brush in some powder and then began to stroke it across Dick's cheeks.

"What happened?" Babs asked, walking over to the mirror.

"Cass was upset, I was just trying to cheer her up," Dick explained. Babs looked down at Cass, who was messily painting Dick's nails; a different color was on each nail. Cass's nails were done herself, but her fingers seemed to get the purple nail polish the most, leaving her nails nearly bare. Stephanie's nails were bright yellow and were messily done.

"You're so kind," Babs giggled, kissing his forehead. She retched quietly and wiped her mouth. "Girls, why don't I teach you a few tips and tricks about how to apply makeup," the redhead suggested.

"Would you really?" Steph gasped in excitement.

"Yeah, but I'd need to wash Dick's face. It would erase your beautiful artwork though," she warned them. Cass and Steph pouted at the thought of all their hard work vanishing.

"Why don't we take a picture first," Dick suggested. "Babs get the camera from my room. You know where it is."

"Right, be right back," Babs nodded.

"Yay!" Steph cheered, throwing the play blush into the air. Cass threw her arms in the air too, silently cheering with her blank face. The nail polish flew out of her hands and splashed onto the white rug. The nail polish poured out of the bottle, dying the rug a bright orange. Cass looked at them and covered her mouth, looking like a deer in the headlights.

"Well it's Alfred's fault for putting a white rug in a little girl's playroom," Dick smiled at them.

"Yeah yeah, it's all Alfred's fault!" Steph agreed.

"Don't tell him I said that though, you'll get me in trouble," Dick told her.

"Okay," Steph nodded. Cass nodded alongside her.

"You guys ready for a picture?" Barbara smiled.

"Ready!" Steph cheered.

"Ready," Dick laughed, grabbing both girls and putting them in his lap. With a flash the photo was taken.

A 14 year old girl walked into a bedroom of the Wayne Manor. She had black hair that went down to her waist in soft curls. A blue flower clip was on the right side of her hair, creating an elegant half-ponytail. She wore a light blue dress that reached her shins. Over it she had a long sleeved, white half-jacket. She had on white lace stockings and blue kitten heels. She had blue eyes and her face was decorated nicely with makeup, not too little, not too much, and the colors were just right, complimenting her perfectly.

She walked over to her vanity and sat down, humming slightly. She wiped off the makeup and pulled off the wig, revealing Dick Grayson. Dick walked over to his closet and replaced the dress with a shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He placed his heels next to an assortment of other heels and closed the door, gently placing the rest of the outfit in a pink hamper that was just for his female clothes.

"Master Richard," Alfred called uncertainly.

"It's me Alfred, the dress and wig are gone," Dick smiled, falling onto his bed.

"Perhaps you would like to join the rest of the family for dinner now that you've finished your daily excursion as a female?" the butler suggested.

"Sure," Dick smiled, jumping off his bed. "I don't have to get dressed do I?" he asked. "While I do love dressing like a girl, the shoes start to hurt."

"No, you do not," Alfred told him.

"Awesome!" Dick cheered, racing out of his room.

Robin smiled as he flipped through the pages of a photo album. For every two pages there was a picture of him as a guy, and then one of him dressed up as a girl. He smiled, flipping through the pictures and noticing how the quality of everything improved and it became more professional. He smiled as he came to the back cover. Taped to the back was a picture of Dick, bad makeup and all, holding two laughing and smiling girls.

"The things you do for family…" he hummed. He closed the album and walked over to his closet. He pushed back a panel and placed the book inside the compartment. Hanging on the clothes rod were several dresses and female clothing. He looked at them and smiled, placing the panel back.