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Stiles sprinted to his jeep, clicking his seatbelt into place.

"God, I knew I should have stopped him earlier." Stiles hit the steering wheel, his eyes welling up with tears. The streaks of face paint melted down his cheeks in a river of color.

Stiles pulled out of the parking lot and raced to the hospital. He remembered the first time his best friend had an asthma attack. They were six years old playing outside.

It was a hot, humid day; Incredibly strange in the usually breezy summer afternoons of California. Scotts and Stiles were playing a meaningless game of tag around the green park. Sweat soaked the two children as they giggled with happiness. Stiles couldn't believe he was beating his friend with speed. Usually the athletic title was appointed to Scott. Lydia and a few other children on the nearby playground were watching us act like fools on caffeine, but they were able to break into Scotts candy stash at home. The boys continued to run until suddenly Stiles knew he was no longer being chased. His best friend was on his back with tears in his eyes.

"I can't breathe. Help!" He wheezed, coughing shallowly. They took him to the emergency room and since then he's had an inhaler attacked to his hip at all times.

Scott only had about two major asthma attacks since then. He knew the routine and was prepared to see his friend hooked up to an oxygen mask. Scott always had to be careful at practice, but with his inhaler at hand he was usually fine.

Stiles reached the hospital quickly and ran to the front entrance.

"Hi. I'm here fore Scott McCall. He was just brought in here for an asthma attack."

"Scott McCall, let's see," the old lady at the desk has wrinkle creases around her eyes and pieces of her grey bun framed her face. "He's in room 67, Darling."

"Thank you so much!" Stiles sprinted down the hall and ran into Melissa McCall. All this running around was giving his more of workout that he would have ever had at the game!

"Hi, how is he." He took in his best friend's mother's tear stained face. "He's okay right..?"

"Yeah, sorry Stiles. He's going to be fine. He will just need to rest because these attacks take a lot out of him. He also hit his head pretty hard. You can go in if you want." Stiles nodded and followed Melissa into the room.

Scott was laying there, extremely pail and fragile looking. It was the complete opposite to how he looked only an hour before.

"Hey." Scott whispered, throwing a lazy grin behind the oxygen mask.

"Hey bud. How are you feeling?" He lightly patted his friend on the back and gave him a sad smile in return.

Scott pulled off the mask to talk.

"Exhausted," Scott coughed thickly, "But the verdict says I'll live."

"Thank god! I couldn't lose my sidekick!"

"You're. My. Sidekick." Scott whispered.

"We are mutual, okay?"

Scott coughed roughly, his hand clutching his chest. He sounded like he was in pain. Stiles put a comforting hand on his shoulder. His friend breathed shallowly so Stiles placed the mask back in place.

"Just relax. Maybe we could watch a movie or something?" Scott nodded to his friend.

Stiles relaxed back into the chair and grabbed the remote from the bedside table.

"Let's see, nope, nope, nope, nope, ooh! Bones! Let's settle for this!" Stiles unnecessarily filled each pocket of silence with his detective skills and figured out who the criminal was before it was announced. He laughed at the antics of his two favorite characters, Booth and Bones.

By the time the credits rolled, Scott was fast asleep. He looks so peaceful, without a trace pain.

Soon visiting hours were over and Melissa sent Stiles home, promising to have her son text him when he woke the next morning. She said that Stiles could stay the weekend and watch other Scott while she was at work. Stiles was determined to do so for his friend for the rest of the weekend and easily agreed. That's what best friends are for, right?

The next day, Scott was finally discharged and sent home for plenty of rest. Stiles came over immediately with plenty of movies. The two boys set up camp in the living room, with an array of blankets and pillows. Stiles made sure his friend was relaxing so he would be fit for school on Monday.

The rest of the weekend was extremely carefree.

It went like this: Movies. Food. Listless rambling on Stiles' part.

The two boys kept each other company until Sunday night, when Stiles had to go home due to it being a school night.

"Alright, I'll see you later man." Stiles gave his friend a tight hug. "I hope you start feeling more like your usual self tomorrow."

"Thanks Stiles. I really appreciate it." When Stiles left, Scott trudged upstairs to his bedroom and shut the door. Scott laid on his bed, and began to daydream about the big game. He was so proud that he scored a goal. He had no idea how and he didn't even know if coach would give him another chance, but at least he had his short moment of glory.

Suddenly, the moonlight that was flickering light into his room was obscured by a dark figure. Scott jumped out of bed, his head filled with dizziness from the lack of physical effort all weekend. He pushed himself against the corner wall of his room.

"Hello? Who are you? What do you want?" Scott's voice trembled with fear.

"Me? Why, I simply want to help you Scott. You can't be happy fighting for breathe every single day. You must be so tired. Let me help you." The figure chuckled evilly and stepped toward the cowering boy. Scott could see the traces of a twisted smile and suddenly the shadow of a man morphed into the shape of a demon. The creature's red eyes beamed and rapidly rushed towards him. Scott fell to his knees and two large puncture wounds pooled with blood at his hip. Some kind of creature bit him… and even though he didn't know it just yet, everything would soon change.


Ok, so this is my take on teen wolf. Scott has no apparent cause for being turned and a bunch of other wolves do! I want to say he was bitten for a cause, maybe so he wouldn't have to struggle with breathing each day? I mean Erica had epilepsy. Of course asthma is not as severe, but I thought.. why not make it this way! :) Hope you all enjoyed this little story!

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