Hi readers! For the purpose of this story Louis and Eleanor are not dating and she will not be included in my story. I apologize if you really like her, I really like her too, but for this story I don't want Louis to seem like a cheater. Thanks for understand. Bye jellybean's.

Harry's POV

"I know!" Niall shouted suddenly, "Let's play truth or dare!"

We were sitting in the family room of Louis and I's flat. By we I mean Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis, and I. We were having a guys night in and, up to this point, we had been playing video games and eating junk food. Niall's request caught me off guard. What are we twelve year old girls?

"Are you drunk mate?" Louis asked, stifling his laughter.

"Yeah," I agreed, "what are we? Twelve year old girls."

"I just thought it would be fun," Niall frowned.

The frown did it, "alright I'm in."

Niall immediately perked up and the other three boys agreed, albeit a little reluctantly. We formed a circle and the game began.

"Zayn truth or dare?" Niall asked.

"Truth," Zayn mumbled.

"Wimp," Niall laughed, "okay. Would you ever snog a guy for money?"

Zayn made a face, "no way! I'm not gay!"

We all began laughing.

"Alright Liam, truth or dare?" Zayn asked.

"Truth," Liam said.

"None of you are any fun!" Louis protested.

Zayn ignored him, "which one of your turtles is your favorite?"

"Archimedes," Liam smiled, "he just has such an awesome name."

"Alright Harry, truth or dare?" Liam asked, turning to face me.

"Like you really have to ask," I smirked, "dare!"

Almost immediately Zayn leaned towards Liam and whispered something in his ear. Liam's eyes went wide and he whispered back almost furiously. After a few minutes of a whispered argument Zayn smiled, triumphantly.

"Alright Harry, you have Zayn to thank for this one," Liam smiled, a little evilly, "I dare you and Louis to tell the interviewer tomorrow that you're dating and then you have to date for a full three months, making sure you're seen together in public. Plus you have to be seen kissing. Then when the three months are up you each have to find a girl and be seen with her in public, going out on dates and kissing. You then have to tell an interviewer that you were never dating and you don't even like each other."

"WHAT!?" Louis and I screamed at the same time.

"There is no way I'm doing that!" I shouted.

"You have to mate, it's a dare," Zayn smirked.

I gulped loudly and looked over at Louis, "well, Lou, what are we going to do?"

"I guess," Louis mumbled, "we are going to be boyfriends."

***Next Day At Interview***

"I can't believe you're making us do this," I muttered.

"Yeah, you know we're not gay!" Louis groaned.

All the boys did was laugh as we were ushered onto the stage.

"Hello boys," a pretty young, brunette smiled, "I'm Lucy and I'll be your interviewer today."

We all smiled and replied with a, "Hi Lucy!" We sat down on the couch and the interview began. It was a typical interview and I really don't feel like boring you with the details. Of course, eventually th dreaded question had to come up.

"So," Lucy smiled, "what about relationships?"

Liam smiled and said, "still with Danielle."

Zayn mumbled a, "still with Perrie."

Niall just shook his head and then looked out at the audience, "I'm still free ladies. Any takers?"

The audience screamed LOUD! We all laughed, but then the boys started looking at Louis and I.

"Well," I gulped, "I actually am in a relationship."

"As am I," Louis said, quietly.

"Oooh and who are the lucky ladies?" Lucy asked, leaning forward.

I laughed a little, "who said they were girls?"

A loud gasp came from the audience and I could tell Lucy was trying to compose herself also.

"I see," she finally managed, "and who are the lucky lads?"

I looked at Louis and he held out his hand. I took it and snuggled in closer to him, trying to ignore the fact that it felt so right! The audience seemed to realize what we were trying to portray and began screaming.




I looked at Louis, who was beaming at the reaction, and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. I knew we would eventually start to get hate, but right now everything felt so perfect. Wait you can't think that way Harry! You are straight! Yeah about as straight as a circle. I frowned. You see, ever since I was 14 I've been questioning my sexuality. Ever since Carter. I shrug the memory back. Carter was one of my friends back at Holmes Chapel. One night we were playing truth or dare with a group of friends and we were dared to kiss. The kiss had been so amazing. It just felt right. Ever since then I've been trying to find a girl that would make me feel that way, but instead I found Louis. I bit my lip. If Louis ever knew that I was developing feelings for him.. I shuddered at the thought.

"You ready to go Haz?"

I looked up to see Louis standing with his hand out. I took it and he helped me up. We stayed like that, our hands entertwined, as we walked back to our car. We got to our car and I, reluctantly, dropped Louis' hand. Louis was driving so I put my chair back and stared at the roof of the car.

"I was a bit suprised of the fans reactions," Louis said suddenly, "what'd you think?"

"Well," I said, "I think that they've been expecting it since the X-Factor days. They already have us labled as Larry Stylinson. It's kin've cute."

"Yeah," Louis smiled, "to bad it's just a dare."

"Yeah," I mumbled, "it's to bad."

Boy did I mean it.