Harry's POV

1 week Later

"Harry, Louis wake up we're at the hotel!" Niall, all but shouted.

I groaned and climbed out of my bunk. I could see Louis climbing out of his and, noting that he was shirtless, I sent a wink his way. He smirked and grabbed a pair of clothes before disappearing into the bathroom. I grabbed my clothes and changed in the middle of the bus. Hey, what did I have to hide? Ha. After Louis came out of the bathroom we both grabbed our suitcases and walked out of the bus hand-in-hand.

"Whoa," I exclaimed, noting how dark it was, "what time is it?"

Liam checked his watch and said, "3 am."

"What time did you think it was?" Zayn chuckled.

"Morning," I muttered.

"Technically it is morning," Liam smirked.

"You know what I mean Payne," I groaned and Niall, Liam, and Zayn laughed.

"Come on boys," Paul said, stepping out of the bus. We nodded and followed him into the hotel.

It turned out that Louis and I were sharing a room as were Niall and Liam. Zayn had his own room. I definitely wasn't complaining. I followed Louis into the room and looked at the two beds. Louis looked at me and smirked. We were definitely sharing a bed tonight. I dumped my suitcase next to my bed and Louis did the same.

"Hey Lou?" I asked, stripping down to my boxers.

"Yeah Haz?"

"Do you want to watch a movie?"

Louis smiled, "as long as we get to cuddle."

I laughed and crawled into Louis' bed, snuggling into him. Louis turned on the TV and browsed the channels for a movie. The only movie we could find was You Again, but it was cool. It was a pretty good movie and I was more focused on cuddling with my wonderful boyfriend. Halfway through the movie I turned to face Louis and I chuckled, seeing that he had turned to face me also. I changed my position so that I was sitting in front of him and leaned towards him. He met me half way and our lips collided with a feverish passion. This kiss was so different than other kisses. It was rougher and needier. I don't know how we went from cuddling to have a full out make out session, but here we were. I ran my hands under Louis' shirt feeling his amazing abs, before discarding his shirt on the ground. We were now both in our boxers and our tongues were in a heated battle. Our hands were roaming freely around each other's body. It felt amazing.

"Louis," I moaned loudly.

"I'm ready," Louis panted and I instantly knew what he meant.

"Are you off your period?" I asked, in between our kisses.

"Yes Haz. Now hurry."

I smirked into the kiss and put my hands on his boxers, preparing to go farther than we ever had before. Slipping his boxers off and throwing them onto the floor my eyes widened at his hard penis, but they widened even further when I noticed his wet vagina. I couldn't wait to get into that. Even though I'm gay and the thought of being in any girls pants grossed me out the thought of being in Louis' vagina sounded like the most amazing thing in the world. Despite what most people thought I hadn't lost my virginity. Neither had Louis. Well, things were about to change. He pulled my boxers off and I pushed him down and got on top of him. I don't care what people thought. I was definitely topping tonight.


(I apologize, but I have never written a sex scene and I don't plan on starting today. Sorry. I am also sorry that the last chapter was short, but I wanted it to be short but sweet. Hope it was okay.I might post a sequel depending what people want. If anyone is interested please comment and tell me. Thank you so much for everyone who has read my story. I apologize if it wasn't up to par, but I can only get better as I keep writing. I hope you have enjoyed it. Bye for now jellybeans.)