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With her toes buried deep in the sand, Arizona sighed as a warm breeze off the Pacific Ocean whipped blonde hair around her face. Staring down the beach, she chuckled softly as she watched her wife and children jumping the small waves at the edge of the shore; Callie held tightly to Benjamin's hand on one side, Caroline on the other.

"Okay, babies. Ready?" Callie asked, looking down to her left and then to her right. Receiving excited nods first from Benjamin and then from Caroline, Callie began to count. "One. . .two. . .three. . ." she shouted, the sound of the twins' infectious giggles mixed with the roar of the ocean reaching Arizona's ears as the trio jumped over the shallow water that barely touched Callie's knees.

"They're pretty great, aren't they?"

Arizona blinked behind her aviator sunglasses, her attention drawn to her best friend who sat in a beach chair next to her. "Of course, they're great," she scoffed, nudging Mark's bare ribs with her elbow. "They're mine."

Mark laughed at Arizona's response, taking a sip from the bottle of water that rested in the cup holder of his chair. He watched Callie and the twins happily splash around in the water for several long moments, but hearing a sigh leave his blonde best friend's lips, he turned his attention back to her. "You okay?"

Arizona nodded her head, though that action betrayed her actual feelings. "Yes. No. . .yeah," she commented, pushing her sunglasses up onto the top of her head. "I'm sure Addison has told you. . ." she trailed off with a shake of her head.

"Told me what?"

Arizona sighed, not really wanting to bring up such a negative subject on such a gloriously wonderful day. "Callie and I. . .we've been. . .trying," she softly admitted, Callie's hearty laugh drawing her attention away from Mark to land on her wife and children who were now running down the beach. Chuckling softly as their three-year-old twins tackled Callie into the sand, Arizona then turned her attention back toward the man seated next to her. "We've been trying for six months, and each month. . .nothing. Callie's trying to be strong, but I. . .I'm not sure I can keep this up. Watching her get so excited only to have her heart broken with every negative test. It's just too much."

Mark held Arizona's gaze before looking over her shoulder when the sound of Callie's laughter echoed over the din of the crashing waves. "Callie's tough, Arizona. You know that. She'll be okay," he insisted, pointing in the direction of the brunette.

Arizona turned in that direction, her face lighting with a dimpled grin. "I know," she breathed out. "She's the strongest person I know, and she says that if the twins are all we ever have, then they are more than enough, but. . .I know deep down that being pregnant is something she desperately wants to experience. Callie was born to be a mother, Mark."

"Callie is a mother, Arizona," Mark commented, nodding toward the woman who was currently allowing a small boy and a small girl to cover her black bikini clad body with mountains of sand.

"You know what I mean," Arizona replied, laughing when a sandy monster popped up from the ground to chase Caroline and Benjamin further down the beach. "It's just frustrating. I got pregnant on the first try, but Callie. . ." She trailed off with a shake of her head.

"It's going to work out, Arizona," Mark insisted, taking his best friend's smaller hand into his own. "You and Callie are the strongest women I know, and when the time is right, it will happen."

"Babe?" Arizona called into the master bedroom of their two bedroom suite at the Four Seasons Resort on the island of Maui. "You almost ready?" she asked, glancing down at her watch to see that they only had ten minutes to spare before their dinner reservation. Receiving no response from the other room, she gathered her bag as she aimlessly continued to speak. "Mark and Addison just called. They're taking the kids for ice cream. Thank God they're staying with them in their room tonight," she commented with a slight chuckle, scrutinizing herself in the mirror as she fiddled with the beads at the neck of the printed halter dress she was wearing. Her shoulder length blonde hair lay in gentle curls and was swept up on one side with a beautiful white plumeria flower tucked behind her ear. "Callie?" she called again when she still received no reply. "You okay?"

Before she could ask again, the door to the bedroom slowly opened, a stunning brunette quickly moving out the door, her usually caramel skin glowing darker from the days spent in the Hawaiian sun. "Yeah. Sorry," she stated, her eyes trained on the small purse she held, her hand searching through it.

Arizona swallowed hard at the sight of her wife; they had known each other for nearly their entire lives, been together for four years and married for three, but the blonde swore that she'd never seen her wife look quite as beautiful as she did right then. Taking a moment to stare, Arizona pondered demanding that they just stay in their room for the rest of the night so that she could rip off the coral colored, sleeveless V-neck slit front maxi dress her wife was wearing in order to do naughty things to her, but taking a step closer, she placed her hands on Callie's hips, causing the taller woman to finally glance up from the contents of her purse.

When brown eyes met bright blue, Callie smiled, leaning forward to peck at pink lips. "Sorry it took me so long," she apologized with another quick kiss. "Happy anniversary, Arizona," she then offered, stepping back slightly so that she could fully admire her wife. "You look beautiful," she stated with a smile and a seductive wink.

"Mmm, thank you," Arizona hummed, playfully spinning around before taking her wife's hand into her own. "You ready to go? I've been waiting all day to spend some alone time with you."

Callie nodded in agreement, leaning over to press her lips against her wife's sun kissed cheek. "More than ready," she husked into Arizona's ear. "Lead the way."

With her forearms resting on the table, Arizona pushed herself forward, humming in contentment as Callie fed her a spoonful of Lilikoi Tart, the flavor of coconut molasses crust, whipped cream, and bruléed lemon exploding on her tongue. "Mmm. This is amazing," she commented, her eyes falling shut as she savored the dessert.

Callie stared at her wife, a happy smile lighting her face as she took her own bite of the sweet treat before setting the spoon down on the plate. Arizona then took the spoon into her own hand, and after teasing her wife for a moment, popped another spoonful into her mouth before taking a sip from the ice wine she'd chosen to pair with their dessert.

Opening her eyes after taking a drink, she paused, her cheeks blushing slightly when she caught Callie staring at her. "What?" she self-consciously asked.

Callie winked, reaching out to take Arizona's left hand into her own. "You're just beautiful, that's all," she commented, her thumb fiddling with the wedding band and engagement ring adorning her wife's finger. "And I love you."

Tipping her head to the side, Arizona stared into the depths of Callie's magical brown eyes, and finding nothing but love, devotion, and honesty, she leaned forward pressing her lips against her wife's jaw. "I love you, too," she said, leaning back and lacing her fingers through tanned ones to rest on the table top.

"And. . .I got you a little something," Callie commented, leaning over to retrieve her purse from beneath her chair.

"Callie. . ." Arizona breathed out with a slight huff. "We said no gifts. This trip was supposed to be our anniversary present to each other."

Waving her off, Callie retrieved a long, rectangular box from her bag. "I know, I know," she stated with a shy shrug of her shoulders. "But this isn't really for our anniversary. This is more of a. . .thank you gift."

Arizona's brow furrowed in question. "Thank you? For what?" she questioned, looking down at the small box Her wife had surreptitiously placed in front of her.

Callie sighed in reflection, carefully choosing her words before she spoke. "The past six months have been crazy, Arizona, and I. . .I've been crazy. I. . ."

"You haven't been crazy. You've been hormonal and disappointed, and. . ."

Callie shook her head. "Maybe, but you stood right there beside me through it all. Through all of my tears and all of my mood swings. You were right there. With every negative test, you picked me up and made me believe that life would go on," she honestly stated, tears brimming in her soulful brown eyes. "So, thank you. For being you. For being my wife and my partner. For being an amazing mother to our children. Just. . .thank you."

Arizona didn't immediately move, lost in the loving gaze of her awesome wife, but when Callie nodded her head in the direction of the box, she finally looked down, curiously turning it in her hands. Slowly tugging at the bow, she set it to the side before pulling the lid from the bottom, her hand going to her heart as a gasp fall from her lips when she saw what lay inside. "Callie. . ."

Watching as her wife sat in stunned silence, Callie removed the necklace from the box, placing it in her hand. "The gold pendant has Caroline's name stamped into it, and the silver has Benjamin's, and then. . ."

Arizona's eyes dragged toward a round pendant in the center of the two rectangular ones, her heart thundering loudly against her chest and echoing in her ears as Callie flipped it over so that she could read the words stamped into it.

Coming Soon - February 2015

Arizona rubbed the pad of her thumb over the etching, her eyes staring down at the two little baby feet that were also stamped into the sterling silver of the pendant. "Callie?" she asked, her head snapping upward. Staring at her wife, tears welled uncontrollably in her expressive cerulean eyes.

"We're having a baby," Callie simply spoke, standing from her seat so that she could place the jewelry around her wife's neck. Adjusting the pendants, the Latina then sat back down, confused and more than a little worried by Arizona's continued silence. "You okay? Umm. . .are you happy?"

Arizona shook her head in an attempt to rid her brain of the surprised fog that had settled there. "I-I. . .I'm. . .how long have you known? I mean, the last test was negative, Calliope, and we haven't tried again since then. We. . ."

Callie took Arizona's trembling hands into her own. "I know. I know. All I can say is that we must have gotten a false negative on that first test, but my boobs started getting terribly sore a couple weeks ago, so I took another test. I peed on the stick, and there it was. It was positive, Arizona."

With her eyes trained upward, Arizona attempted to do the math in her head. "A couple weeks?" she finally exclaimed. "You've known for two weeks? And you're just now telling me?"

A sheepish look covered Callie's face. "I know. I'm sorry. I just wanted it to be a surprise. I thought it would be the perfect anniversary present."

Arizona sat in shocked silence for several long moments before a wide dimpled grin broke out onto her face. "Well, you were right. It is perfect, Calliope," she breathed out, her smile doing wonders to calm The Latina's increasingly frazzled nerves. "H-how many weeks?" she asked, tugging her chair to sit next to her wife.

Callie breathed a sigh of relief, her hand coming to rest atop her wife's thigh. "Addison estimated around ten, but we have our first official appointment with her when we get back from vacation," she informed, leaning into Arizona's side when she wrapped her arm around her waist. "You-you're happy, right? I mean, you do still want this, right?"

Arizona placed her free hand on her wife's abdomen, her fingers splaying out to caress their growing baby through the material of Callie's dress. "I've never wanted anything more."

"Do we have to go get the twins?" Callie groaned against the back of Arizona's shoulder the following morning, her lips and tongue going to work on the silky skin she found here. "I know we're on vacation, lots of things to see and do, but I'd really rather stay here and do you. Again."

Arizona chuckled at her wife's juvenile remark, rolling over on their king size bed to look up into her sleepy brown eyes. "You did me all night long," Arizona pointed out, her hand immediately gravitating to protectively caress the gentle swell of Callie's abdomen. "Wasn't that enough?"

Callie shook her head, her palm moving to cover Arizona's hand, her head ducking downward to place a gently kiss against pink lips. "It's never enough," she murmured against moist lips. "Not this morning. Not tomorrow, and not ten years from now. When we're eighty. . .still not enough."

Arizona shivered, Callie's fingertips gently tickling her ribs. "Good," she whispered, rolling on top of her wife to straddle her hips. "Because I can't get enough of you, either."

Later that evening, Callie and Arizona sat side by side in two beach chairs, their hands interlocked between them as they watched Caroline and Benjamin digging into the sand of the private beach. "I can't believe they're three and a half already," Arizona mused with a rueful shake of her head.

Callie chuckled softly as Caroline placed a red sand pail on her brother's head. Turning her attention from the dark haired blue eyed boy and girl in front of them, her eyes then raked up and down her wife's profile, sun kissed skin glowing in the light of the setting Hawaiian sun. "Did you ever think you'd be this happy?" she asked, tucking a lock of blonde hair behind Arizona's ear.

Arizona sighed in contentment, dragging her eyes away from the intoxicating sight of her children playing in the sand to land on the equally inebriating vision of her wife, long brunette hair whipping in the wind, flawless caramel skin darkened by their days spent in the sun. "I guess I always hoped I'd eventually get to this place, but honestly. . .I always knew that it would take you being in my life to get me there," she stated, bringing their joined fingers toward her mouth so that she could kiss the back of Callie's hand.

Callie leaned over in her chair, pressing a loving kiss against Arizona's cheek. "Well, I'm here now," she commented, nuzzling her nose against the smooth skin of her wife's jaw. "And I'm not going anywhere. Ever. You and our children are my everything, Arizona."

A dimpled grin lit Arizona's face as she stood from her seat, kneeling in the sand in front of her wife. Looking behind her to make sure that Caroline and Benjamin were safe and sound, she then leaned forward, pushing up Callie's t-shirt to brush her lips against the tanned skin she found there. "Hello in there, little one," she whispered causing Callie to giggle at her antics. "Hey, sweet baby. I'm your momma."

Taking the sides of Arizona's face in her hands, Callie pulled her upward, their lips coming together in an intimate joining that the Latina hoped would convey all the love, all the passion, and all the dreams of their future together that she was felt deep inside.

Pulling back, Arizona stared into beautiful chocolate pools before leaning forward to once again peck at plump lips.

"Momma! Mami! Come play!" Benjamin exclaimed, jumping onto Arizona's back from where she still knelt in the sand.

"Play, Mami!" Caroline shouted, throwing herself onto her mother's lap.

Callie held the little girl close, swinging her back and forth in her embrace. "How about we take a walk. We could look for more sea shells."

Caroline and Benjamin both excitedly nodded in agreement, and extending her hand, Arizona pulled her wife to her feet. And as they strolled down the beach, hand in hand, with their children running along in front of them, both women couldn't get over the feeling of complete contentment that filled their souls, because. . .they were truly happy. They were a family. They were in love. They had created their happiness, and the best was yet to come.

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