Previously on Double Life

"Thanks, now, let's complete our hardest mission yet, pretending as if we haven't been in numerous life threatening situations together."

"Now, how do you think we'll convince them of that?" I say.

"Easy, we lie." Katherine says with a smile as she opens the door, and reenters the living room.

As we enter the living room, we here Howard say, "Oh you're joking, god tell me you're joking. There's no way that socially retarded man-child has a goddess princess as a friend. And the way she hugged him!"

"Howard, you know you're married right?" Penny says.

"Oh, hey guys." Says Leonard as he spots us. We take our previous spot on the couch as Penny sits next to Katherine.

"Hey Katherine, so how do you and Sheldon know each other?" Penny asks.

My heart flutters just a little at the sound of her using my name. Ugh, get a grip Sheldon! She's just a girl, and is dating your best friend! What's wrong with you! Yet, no girl has ever made me feel this way before. No girl had ever made me feel as if I'm on cloud nine, every time she says my name.

"Well, I'm a military brat, so I moved around a lot. My parents were stationed in Galveston Texas for a while when I was ten, so that's when I met Sheldon. We instantly became best friends, and have kept contact ever since." Katherine said.

"That's so cool, my brother was considering military school for a while, but that didn't work out." Penny shrugged.

"That's cool. So where are you from Penny?" Katherine asks innocently. But I know her better then that. Is she seriously interrogating her?

"I'm from Nebraska. I've lived there my whole life, but moved here when I was 18, to become an actress." She said with a smile.

"You're an aspiring actress? That's so cool!" Katherine said with great interest. If I didn't know her any better, I'd say she actually was interested in theater. I doubt she's ever seen a movie in her life.

"So where are you from Katherine?" Penny asks.

"Florida." She replies.


Thirteen? She's thirteen, just as I accepted. But that means she's been here her whole life. Though I still don't know what this is.

"So, what's your third question?" She asks.

"Who are you?" I ask.

Katherine looked beyond puzzled, "Elaborate."

"Who are you? You've been here all your life, I don't even know where here is. What's your story?"

She sighed, but answered," My name is Katherine Gold, but I'm also known as Agent 204, Laura Summers, and Elena Van Percy. My parents were agents here, but they died a couple months after my birth. Their best friend was also an agent here, he brought me to Daniel. I was raised here in Section 8. I never went to school, I was self-taught.

I trained my whole life here, even after my parent's friend died. This is my home."

"What is Section 8?" I ask bewildered.

"Sorry, your three questions are up." She says, and passes me a sword.

"Let's train." She says with a smile.

End Of Flashback

Soon enough, the whole gang joined at my apartment for Thai food. Katherine was getting along with the girls, and she enjoyed their company. We all start talking, laughing, and just having a good time.

" So Howard, I heard you're fluent in five languages." Says Katherine.

"Six if you include Klingon." Howard says trying to be impressive.

The other girls just groan, but Katherine replies," bISovbejbe'DI' tImer."

Everyone in the room looks surprised except for me, I am, after all, the one who taught her Klingon.

"What did she say?" Asks Bernadette.

Raj, with beer in his hand replies, " When in doubt, surprise them."

"You know Klingon?" Asks Howard, bewildered.

"Isn't it obvious enough? I'm best friends with Sheldon for god's sake. So what other languages do you speak?" Katherine asks.

" Well, I'm fluent in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Dutch." Howard replies.

"Wait, don't you know Russian? I remember because you told me how beautiful I am in flawless Russian." Penny says.

"Well, that's pretty much the only thing I know how to say in Russian." Howard replies with a shrug.

Impressive. For a commoner, he certainly does know his fair share of languages.

I look at Katherine, then start speaking Russian," That's quite impressive for a commoner. Do you think Daniel would be impressed?"

Katherine looks at me, and replies in Russian," While I agree, I doubt Daniel is impressed by anything."

"Sheldon speaks Russian! What parallel universe have I stepped into? And why didn't you tell us that you and this hot babe speak Russian? Why didn't you tell us you knew this hot babe." Raj exclaims, obviously a little tipsy.

"Even I didn't know you spoke Russian, and I'm your girlfriend." Amy says looking hurt.

"You never asked." I say with a shrug.

"When did you learn Russian Sheldon?" Asks Leonard.


It's been three months. Three months since I was practically kidnapped. Three months since I last met Daniel. Three months since I first met Katherine. Three months since I've seen any agent again.

After my little sword fight with Katherine three months prior, the agents once again blindfolded me, and took me back to the university. I haven't seen them since. My classmates tried asking me about what happened that day, when the agents grabbed me in the cafeteria. I told them it was merely a prank that my siblings considered to be funny. They didn't believe me, but I insisted. Soon they stopped asking.

I tried to move on, tried to forget about that day. It was the first time I hated my eidetic memory. Before I was released, they whispered one last message in my ear, "We'll be in touch."

I was in my dorm room, trying to do some equations when the phone rang.

"Yo Sheldon! Get the phone!" My roommate Kyle yelled.

I went to reach the phone, and answered, "Hello, Sheldon Cooper speaking."

"Hi Sheldon." Said the voice on the other line. I instantly recognized it.

"What do you want Daniel? "I ask, skepticism all over my voice.

"There's a car waiting at the front of the college for you. Get in, don't make a fuss." He said.

"What if I don't come?" I ask.

"If you don't, my agents would come in, and take you against your will. Don't want to make a fuss, now don't we?" Daniel replied.

I hung up the phone quickly, and screamed out to Kyle, who was currently in another room, "I'm going out! Don't wait up!"

"Wasn't going to!" He yelled back.

With a sigh, I made my way outside, where I found the car waiting for me. What surprised me though was the fact that Katherine was also there waiting for me. We get into the car, and tell the driver to go.

"Hiya cowboy, ready to go?" She asks.

"Do I have a choice?" I reply.

"Nope." She says smugly.

The ride was long, like last time, but this time I saw where I was going. Katherine led me down a few halls, till we reached a wide room. I quickly realized, it was Captain Daniels office, the same on from three months ago.

"Sheldon! How are you buddy?" Daniel asks.

"I'm not your buddy. I don't even know who you are." I say.

"Well, I'm here to answer all your questions." Daniel starts.

"Will you finally tell me why I'm here, why you decided to drag me here against my will?" I ask.

"Yes I will, be patient. You're a smart kid, hell, maybe the smartest person on this planet. And that is why we chose you. You can help us in many ways. You can be a hero. You can help change and save lives!"

"I don't even know what this is yet." I say impatiently.

"Section 8 is an independent and secret branch of the secret service. We deal with all the, let's call it top secret and undercover work." Daniel attempts to explain.

"So you're spies? And you need me because of my brains, because you need me to help solve some mission?" I ask, still a little shocked.

"You can say that." Daniel says.

"And if I don't agree?" I ask hesitantly.

"Then nothing. You can walk away as if none of this has happened, as if we don't exist. But that time will have to be now. If you decide to stay, you have to stay. No going back." He says.

"What if I stay, what's in it for me." I ask.

"You will learn the secrets of the world. Things you couldn't possibly know without us. You will be a hero, a savior. You will have power, more then you ever imagined. Your family and friends would be under our protection." Daniel said.

"But what are the cons if I join?" I ask.

"You must lie to everyone you meet. No one can know your secret life. You have to pretend to be someone you're not. You can trust no one." He said.

I was conflicted, beyond conflicted. I would be putting my own life on the line, I'll be in the face of danger, all the time. I'll have to lie to everyone I care about. But I can protect them, I can help them, save them. I can know the secrets of the world. My genius can make a difference. It's all I have ever wanted.

"I'm in." I said after a few minutes of silence.

"Welcome to the team Sheldon. You're first lesson, is Russian. Good luck." Daniel says with a grin.

"Why do I need to know Russian?" I ask.

" You'll see."

End of Flashback

"Hey Sheldon, did you hear me?" Leonard asks.

I shake my head and say, " I wasn't listening. What did you say?"

"I asked how you knew Russian." Leonard says.

"College." I reply.