Amazing world of lemon! Chapter 6 request is from lexboss and bigred

Gumball X Nicole X penny/carrie/teri

Today Nicole was going to teach Gumball about sex and not the bird and bees talk she was going to fuck him. No one was home besides Gumball and Nicole she walked upstairs to see if gumball was awake and sure enough he was awake playing video games. "gumball?" he turned his head towards his moms way "yeah mom?" "I would like to talk to you" "what about?" she sat next to him "sex" his cheeks suddenly turned red. "do you know anything about sex?" he shook his head no "well let me teach you" she reached for his pants "what?!" she unbuttoned them then unzipped them "what are you doing?! Mom?!" she ignored him and pulled off his underwear "mom?!" she once again ignored him and began to jerk him off "ugh…what are….you doing?" she teaseling rubbed her hand on the head of his penis "its about time you learn about sex" she started to jerk him off at a faster rate.

"does this feel good?" she started licking him slightly "y-yes" she licked some pre-cum that was on him his spine shivered at all of this pleasure. She decided enough teasing and she took him whole " AHHH!" she looked at him and smiled devilish and began to bob her head up and down. Gumball wanted payback while she was bobbing her head gumball slipped his hand under her skirt and began to rub her cilt. They both started moaning in ecstasy but it was better for gumball because with her moaning her bobbing became a vibrating sensation.

Nicole pulled herself off of gumball "now would you like to learn the good stuff ?" he nodded his head excited. She pulled off her panties and layed down with her legs spread. He smiled and entered her "OH GOD YOUR SO MUCH BETTER THEN YOUR FATHER!" she screamed out he continued to thrust in and out of her faster and faster with each hump "im going to cum!" "me to!" he began to thrust as hard and fast as he could reaching her g-spot each time. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" they both came all over each other and went into a deep sleep.

The next day

Gumball was walking through the hallway of his school there was no teachers around only the principle so he had a plan

To fuck every girl at school he sees. Glad he first saw penny and walked up to her. He already had his dick out but had it hidden. "hi gumball how ho-" but she was cut off by gumball grabbing her by her antlers and shoved his dick in her mouth. With her eyes wide she tried to pull away but he had a good grip on her "MHP DKDJM MUHHH" which gumball guessed was 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he chuckled to himself "Ive waited a long time to do this to you I never had the balls but yesterday I grew a pair" he continued to fuck penny in the mouth as she tried to push him away afraid he would see her blush. She decided to give in and began to lick and stroke him willing. He let go of her antlers and leaned back against a locker and let his eyes roll to the back of his head.

'she has a a-amazing tongue she began moaning so gumball looked down to see her fingering herself "oh let me get that for you" he stuck his fingers into her which made her jump and moan louder but to this only caused a certain ghost and paper to hear this and rush over " hey you o- da fuck?" Carrie blurted out both her and Teri are now witnessing gumball getting a blowjob as he fingered penny. "so gumball you finally manned up" carrie said teri was to shocked to say anything. Gumball just nodded to Carrie while smiling " mind if I take part?" once again he nodded. Carrie dropped her back pack and got next to Penny and began to lick away "this is so awesome" gumball one of the most girlish boys in the school was now getting head from a ghost and a peanut. "what the fuck are you doing?!" teri screamed out surprised everyone turned their heads her way "and why aren't you doing it with me?" she said seductively smiling gumball motioned for her to sit on his face. She gladly climbed on him and let him lick and suck away as he fingered the two girls below him that were kissing and sucking and licking every inch of his dick. They moaned and screamed in ecstasy gumball like always was having the most fun he has ever had he was getting a bj from his two favorite girls. Finally they all came over all over each other the girls hardly had anything on them mostly because they swallowed it but gumball he was fucking soaked in there juices but the girls gladly licked it off. Penny and Teri were the first ones to leave but before Carrie left gumball walked up to her "hey carrie" "yes?" "uhhh call me sometime ok?" he handed her a piece of paper that had his number on it with a heart next to it then he kissed her before he jogged off. She smiled and put it in her pocket before leaving.

This was a great chapter yes? Also im sorry bigred I know you wanted him to fuck all the girls at school but it was to much I am sorry but anyway thanks for reading!