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100 years later…

The screams of the man I had just backhanded for the thirty-seventh time annoyed me. The man was a pathetic little mouse. Missing only an arm, and he was already bawling his eyes out. Or, you know, he would have been, had he been able to cry.

"Do I even need to tell you how serious your actions are?" I spat, standing over him. The little wimp just sat there, quivering and wide eyed. Ridiculous. If I were faced with the leaders of my kind, I would plot ways to take the power from them, work out the best way to achieve my goal of killing them off, obtaining power and staying injury-free.

And I had done so before.

Then again, I was born during the time of Ancient Rome; this idiot was barely a toddler compared to me. He was also disadvantaged by the times he was born in; the people of the twenty-first century—which had now passed into the twenty-second—had it easy compared to those of my time.

"No, you do not," the man whimpered. I raised an eyebrow and sighed, exchanging a look with my brothers. I was not going to dwell on this anymore. I had much more interesting things to do.

Hmm… I thought, dwelling on that fact as I looked over at my mate and husband. He was staring at me, eyes black, hands clenched into fists. I smirked and licked my lips, my smirk growing as he growled under his breath.

"Enough of this," I said, my boredom and dismissal of the situation evident in my tone. "Felix, Demetri." I gave them a nod, already making my way over to Edward as they walked forward. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed me quickly. We were already out of the room and flying up the stairs when the telling sounds of the pathetic excuse for a vampire's death rung throughout the castle.

A lot had changed in the one hundred and fifty years since I had met my mate. There was, of course, the unsurprising: new members of the guard, lost members of the guard. Rosalie had been changed for her Emmett one hundred and thirty years ago. And plenty of new receptionists—with Edward now in the game, we found ourselves needing a new receptionist often. He'd just taken the last one, in fact. It had been Caius' turn, and he was most upset, but I couldn't care less. My Edward shared it with me in our bed—an early wedding anniversary gift.

My sweet man, I thought to myself, running my hand up and down his clothed chest. Always spoiling me.

I was brought out of my thoughts when Edward slammed me against the wall just inside the door into our chambers. He was pressed up against me; his hard cock throbbed against my abdomen as he pulled my arms up over my head, and with his hands clasped around my wrists, he took control of me.

And I relinquished myself completely—only ever to him.

Edward ran his nose against the left side of my jaw, using his tongue down the other side. He sucked on my chin and then moved up to my lips, staring at them hungrily, licking his own before, with a growl, he slammed his lips down on mine. The kiss was hard, passionate and fueled with need. I smiled into it; this was the reason I always had him with me when we punished and killed offenders—it made him so fucking hot to see me like that, and then he'd take control of me in the best, most delicious way possible right afterwards.

One of Edward's hands let go of my wrist, and he slithered it down my arm to the swell of my breast. As he cupped it and puckered my nipple, toying with it until it was rock-hard, he grabbed the wrist that was now free and held both in the one hand as he leaned further into me.

He leaned back, breaking off the kiss, and pressed his forehead against mine for a moment as we both panted. It wasn't out of need, necessarily, more just from the amount of lust that seemed to encapsulate us.

"I wonder," he breathed against my lips. I looked into his eyes, which were black and full of mirth, love, and a promise of sex. He leaned in and kissed me with bruising force before he leaned back, his lips millimeters away from mine. "Would you punish me if I was bad?"

I smirked and leaned against him, trying to press my body closer to him. He growled, and raised an eyebrow as he pushed his hips into mine, pressing me against the wall, trapping me. He clucked his tongue and growled, "My naughty, sinful wife," under his breath and waited for me to answer, falling silent again.

"I already have," I whispered, cocking my head to the side slightly. "Don't you remember? When you killed that receptionist because he looked at me?" I licked my lips and leaned in, whispering against his lips in a purr, "That was very bad."

He growled, his hands palming my ass before he squeezed it. His eyes growing blacker were the only indication that he'd even heard my last comment. "That's not all he did," he grunted possessively, his hands flashing to my hips as he gripped them and rubbed himself against me.

"Hmm," I purred. I rubbed my nose against his, and licked down his jaw to his lips. "But I punished you long and good and hard anyway."

He growled, his nostrils flaring as a snarl built up in his chest, and I knew I'd finally pushed him over the edge. Wordlessly, he ripped off my dress, and my head flew back as he went to town, his hands wandering over my skin as he played my body like a piano or something. He knew just what to do to drive me crazy, and part of me registered that he was punishing me.

And that just about drove me over the edge as his hand cupped my pussy possessively, his teeth nipping at my neck. He ran his tongue over the mark he'd left on my neck for the world to see, making me whimper and squirm in his arms before he moved down to the identical one on the swell of my breast. His hand moved to my other breast then and, as he sucked and licked his second mark that was only for him, he played with the nipple of my other breast.

His ministrations, of course, went straight to my core, and I bucked into him, grabbing his hair in my hands and pushing him into me further. He purred as he smelled and felt my need for him, and the vibrations reverberated through my body, making me whine and growl as I tried to wrap my legs around his hips. He kissed me sweetly, letting go of my wrists to help me bring my legs up to wrap around him properly. I purred happily when I felt him against me, right at my entrance, and I licked the corner of his mouth and nipped his lips…

… before I choked on my own venom when he slammed into me unexpectedly.

I screamed before I could help myself, and Edward growled as he wrenched his length back out before slamming into me again, driving up into me over and over as he fucked me with punishing force against the wall. The plaster cracked behind us within the first few seconds, and he growled before turning to the right. We fell to the floor and he pinned me against it, the force and pace of his thrusts unrelenting as he moved my legs from my waist to hang over his shoulders.

I screamed and thrashed and growled and moaned as he fucked me within an inch of my existence. I couldn't contain myself, and before I knew it, I felt myself spasm around him, my back arching and pressing me closer to him, forcing him deeper inside me as I dove into my first orgasm of the night.

He didn't relent. He simply picked me up and walked me through our chambers to the lounge in the living room near the bedroom. He turned me around on his cock and I bent at the waist, gripping the back of the plush sofa as he pulled back and drove back into me. I whimpered, my legs failing me; he just went so much deeper and it felt so good and I was so fucking sensitive.

"Edward!" I screamed as he wrapped my arms around my waist and laid his chest over me, growling against me at the same time that the tips of his fingers started teasing my clit. My legs quaked as I climaxed again within two minutes of the first time, and yet, still, he did not stop.

It was only after I was beyond satisfied and too sensitive to bear it that I begged him to come inside me. With a feral growl that had me going again as the vibrations did something to my body and his cock inside me, pummeling me, he roared through his climax, pumping three more times.

I vaguely heard the crack as the lounge broke under my hold and we collapsed to the ground, panting. I curled up against him and we chuckled at the destruction we'd caused.

Yes, life was good.


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