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In the beginning, no real time was measured. Though we had an age, age did not necessarily follow a pattern of years. Even though there were relations amongst us all, we were all related. I and my twin sister had the least to do with it all, and the most to do with it all. We were the older siblings of the Royal family, but had no standing as heirs. We wished to be left alone, and so we ran, and this is where our story begins.

"Michele, you got a letter"

"K, thanks" I held my hand up and she placed a pink envelope into it. I read it aloud: "My dearest Michiru," I laughed at the beginning, but started over, "My dearest Michiru, It saddens me to say that your mother, Queen Royal, had passed away. It was certainly sudden, or we would have notified you of her illness. I thought that by addressing the letter to you, I could let you tell Haruka of the tragedy, let her down easily. I am assuming her position as heir. Endymion and I are to be re-married very soon, and I will report of what the future holds, soon. I do hope that you will consider coming home again, both you and Haruka; we all miss you so!

Love always, MPS (Moon Princess Serenity)"

"Wow" I said, staring at the paper, "wow."

Amara stared at me with a blank look, and then shrugged. "Oh well"

"Oh well? That's out mother! But," I sighed, "I suppose there was nothing that we could've, should've, would've done."

She nodded, and went on about her business, but I stayed and pondered.

"What if we did go home? Maybe, even just for a visit." Tears filled my eyes, and my mind was made up. It didn't matter if Amara went or stayed, but I had to go, I just had to. "I'm going.home."


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Amara asked, placing the last suitcase in the car.

I nodded.

"Fine," she growled and slammed the trunk.

We were off, on our way to the place we hadn't seen, 'home,' in eleven years. We left on our sixteenth birthday, and we were now returning. Everything felt so strange. I knew the walls would glare down at me, scorning me for ever retreating from my duties, but I still needed to go. Even though I now felt the regret of ever leaving, and the terror of returning, this was something that I had to do, and deep inside, I think Amara did too.


*ding dong* Amara pushed the button for the third time.

I heard giggling coming from inside.

My sister, Serenity, came out of the door with a baby on her hip and a little girl holding her hand. She threw her free hand over her mouth, not daring to say a word.

"Hi sis" I said, kindly.

She put the baby in the arms of the little girl and threw her arms around both of us.

For a second, Amara actually accepted the hug, but she quickly pushed her off and simply said, "Hey"

There were tears in her eyes. "You two! Oh, I've missed you."

The two children looked up at her, questioningly. One finally spoke, "Mama, who are these people?"

She bent down to the little girls' level, "These ladies are your aunts, Aunty Amara and Aunty Michele."

Amara glared at them. 'Aunty' wasn't her cup of tea.

"Amara, Michele, these are my daughters, Princess Rini and Princess Iris."

I bent down also, "Nice to meet you"

The older one, Iris, put her hands at her side a curtsied, "Nice to meet you, also," but the younger one, Rini, smiled and hugged me. She then ran toward Amara and hugged her leg.

"Ah.ah.ah, Michele, get her off of me!"

I laughed and took the tiny child off of Amara's pant leg and held her in my arms. It felt good to hold a little girl. I loved children, but Amara, she wasn't so keen on them.

She gave a sigh of relief.

"Oh, goodness, this is so rude of me, please come on in, not that you have to be invited, this is still your home, too."

We both nodded and followed Serenity into the living room.

"How have you two been? It's been let's see, you were sixteen, and I was fourteen, so, eleven years, right?"

"Eleven, right," I sighed.

"Well, the important thing is, you're here now. You are here for good, aren't you?"

Amara looked to me, and I shook me head, "Only a visit, but I promise we'll visit more."

She looked down sadly but nodded. "I understand. You both stay so busy, it's hard to track you down."

Amara laughed, "Busy, yeah. I suppose you could say that Soldier business keeps up busy."

"So, you're still sailor soldiers?"

"Yeah, there's not a lot to do anymore. All the big enemies are dead now, thanks to you, but we handle simple things. Sometimes, our assignments are no more than humble police work, but it's work at least."

She nodded, again. "These two keep me pretty busy these days."

I laughed at her, "Are they just a blast?"

"Yeah, they always keep me on my toes."

"I love kids, you know that, but I just don't think I'm ready to settle down and have some of my own yet."

"You should adopt! I'm going to adopt a few kids. We have this huge palace, and I don't see why we can't put all the bedrooms to good use."

"It's a wonderful idea. I think it's great for you to do that, but me," I looked to Amara who looked agitated, "I'm not sure that the apartment is really big enough for a kid."

"Oh, they don't take up much room!"

"But, what would we do if we got called in the middle of the night, sailor business."

"Amara just said you rarely get called."

"No, she just said it was unimportant, which isn't true." I shot her a look, and she yawned.

"Well, anyway, I just think you would be a great mom, but I guess you'll be one when you get ready."

I looked down. I would love to have a kid, any kid, but Amara, I stopped myself. I wasn't going to let it eat me. She hated kids, end of story. I wouldn't allow myself to wish for something that I knew wasn't real. I would rather stay with Amara, as her partner, than to have a kid, it wasn't worth leaving her. Or was it?

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