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"Amara help me!"

"Michele," she woke up from a terrible dream, "Michele where are you?" She got up and walked around the apartment. She had fallen asleep on the couch earlier in the evening, and had just now, at 2 o'clock, woken up. "Michele," she called again. She tip-toed into my room, not wanting to wake me up, but she found no one was there.

"Amara," I screamed again.

"Gosh, Michele, where are you?"

"The mirror, look in the mirror." I screamed, but the last word mirror was muffled. Amara didn't know why, but it was because someone put their hand over my mouth.

She picked up my mirror and looked into it, but she saw nothing. No me, no villain, not even her own reflection!

"Michele," she screamed. No answer was heard. "Michele!" still, nothing. She looked in the big mirror on the back of my bathroom door. No one was there. She drew her fist and punched it as hard as she could. Tiny slivers of glass hung from her fist, and it bled. She plopped right down on that bathroom floor and cried over the pieces of broken glass.

Amara seldom cried, but I knew that she truly cared for me. The thought of loosing me frightened her beyond belief. That was the only REAL thing that I knew scared her.

"Amara," came another muffled scream, followed by, "Little Neptune, shut up!" then, the sound of children crying.

"Show yourself evil one!"

"Fine, fine," said a haughty female voice. Then, there appeared a woman with long black hair, blue eyes, a black dress, a yellow and black choker, and three crescent moons on her forehead. "My name is Sno*Nehelania. I cannot stay long, for I must return to the shadow world, but one day, I will return and be strong and mark me, I will conquer this stupid planet and take revenge on your whole family! You have something I want and I plan to take her back!"

"What do you want?"

"Serenity, my daughter!"

"QSM? She's not your daughter!"

"No, not that wretched woman! I want my daughter Serenity, Silver Serenity!"

"Silver Serenity, but we don't have anyone by that name."

"Yes you do, your sister is harboring her. I know she waits for me, she'll always wait for me!"


"Are you sure you won't be my daughter," asked QSM kindly.

"Yes, I know my mother is out there somewhere, see my step-mom gave me this," she showed her a locket with her and her mother's picture in it, "It had my real mom's picture in it."

"Wow, she was beautiful," she QSM with a smile. {Could she be?}

"Yeah, my step mom always said she was. They took gymnastics together when they were little, and my real mom couldn't take care of me, so"

"So, she gave you to Cherry, and Cherry promised her that she would take good care of you until she could come back, but she never did," finished QSM.

"Yeah, how did you know? And how did you know my step-mom's name was Cherry?"

"A good guess," she said, hiding her tears. {Now, isn't the time, not yet}

"Do you know Cherry?"

"Yes, we used to be friends, a very long time ago," her eyes glistened with tears as the last memories with her precious daughter came back to her. She couldn't stand it any longer, she threw her arms around her.

Serenity smiled, but she seemed very confused. It wasn't very hard to be confused about this. "What aren't you telling me," she asked.

QSM gave a sniffled, and started to explain, "I was only seventeen. Cherry was twenty-two, and she and Andrew were already married. Endymion and I weren't even married yet. We had left the castle a year before that, when we found out, to hide it from my mother. I don't know why we didn't just get married, it would've been much simpler, I suppose. But then again, things are always clearer in hindsight."

"So, you're."

"Let me finish. I was seventeen when I had you. I knew I had to go home, and I knew that you couldn't come with me. The rumors that would've been spread, 'the princess of infidelity!' I made two mistakes, and one cost me a lifetime of regret. I am sorry that I had sex out of marriage, but I wouldn't take it back, looking at you now. The biggest mistake I ever made was giving you away. I'm sorry," she finished, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Serenity threw her arms around her mother, "Mama, I've waited my whole life for this! You thought you trust Cherry, didn't you? Mama, you don't know what she's done. She locked me in the basement, and she turned out all the lights. She hooked me to a machine and basically drained the life out of me!"

"Andrew let her?"

"Daddy? He died when I was four, that's when it all started."

"Died!?! How did he die?"

Her eyes began to fall to the floor.

"What happened?"

She looked up at QSM, "It's all my fault. She hated me after that."

QSM held onto her tightly, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"But I do!"

"Ok," her voice was sweet and kind, "then take your time, and if you don't want to go on, that's all right."

She nodded, and took a deep breath. "I found out that I was adopted when I was four years old. I also found out that I had special powers. I was very upset when they told me; I felt like I wasn't really loved. They never told me the story. I think, if I had grown up with both of them, they eventually would have. Well, Cherry gave me the locket and told me that was my mother. I threw it on the ground and broke it." She paused.

"But it's not broken now," QSM said questioningly.

"I'll explain, see, I began to cry and mama, umm Cherry, told me we could get another, but I said I didn't want another. I wanted my real mom. She said I couldn't have her, and that she lived very far away. I said that I didn't care, but she said she was sorry and would do what she could. I said I didn't want what she could, and that daddy, oh, umm Andrew, could help me. I asked him to take me to my real parents and he said he didn't know where they were. I said he was lying, and he frowned at me. He threatened to pop me, and I screamed. Suddenly, my forehead started glowing and he yelled for Cherry to come. It was too late, that light did something and he was on the floor. I didn't know what happened, but I started crying. Cherry told me his heart wasn't beating and that It was my fault! I was scared, but she didn't give me time to run. She grabbed me and threw me into the basement. Day after day she would come down there once a day and beat me and bring me some stale bread and water, just to keep me alive. She treated me so badly, that I tried to run away, but every time I ran, she would beat me harder. Well, I turned ten and I had to go to school, because someone heard that she had a child living with her, so she made me so she wouldn't get sued, and one day at school I ran away. I ran as hard as I could and I had gotten pretty far by nightfall, and thankfully, she's never found me. I'm afraid she's drawing close though, she may know I'm staying here. If so, she must know I've found you."

"I feel her too, but I feel extremely negative energy."

"Oh, right, her name isn't Cherry anymore, it's Sno*Nehelania or Black Cherry, she goes by both."

"So she's turned to the shadow world for help, huh?"

"Yes, they consumed her, and now, I'm afraid that if she ever finds me, they'll consume me too."

Just then, Amara busted through her front door. "QSM! This chick named Sno*Nehelania just barged into my house talking about someone named Silver Serenity!"

"Oh no, she's found you." Whispered QSM

"Who in the world is she talking about? Hey, wait, hold on," Amara said, memories flowing back, "Silver Serenity, wasn't that what you named your daughter?"

"You mean, you actually named me before you left?"

"Well yes, I mean, I meant to even keep in touch, but they didn't want to hurt your feelings, so we decided not to tell you until you were four. That's when all the pictures stopped coming. She used to send me drawings you did and pictures of you in pretty little dresses, and Endymion and I would stare at them and smile. We used to wonder if we'd done the right thing, and now I know we didn't."

"Whoa, back up," said Amara, "you mean your bastard bio daughter has come back?"

"Yes Amara," said QSM with a flinch of anger.

She laughed, "Isn't that just fitting, anyway, I came here for a different reason, Michele's been kidnapped."

(AN: bear with me, this is going to sound like a really bad comedy movie for a second, and I know this is awful but I'm a Treize hater, so bear with me while I try to make him as Treize-ish as possible. Sorry Myst Lady, but I really do hate him and you might want to skip the rest of this if you like him as much as I think you do)

"Michele's been kidnapped?" Came a male voice popping up from out of nowhere. Suddenly, that same man that had escorted me to my sister's dumb wedding was standing in her living room.

"How did you get in here," demanded QSM.

"Sorry, I came trough the window," he pointed to an open window with bushes right outside it. "I heard the whole story, so touching, but where's Michele?"

"I don't know or I'd already be there!"

"I have to save her!"


Amara's eyes were blazing with anger. He stepped back, "fine, may the best man win."

Amara growled, "And I'm not a man." She turned her back and marched out.


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