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"Clary, be real."

Clary glared at him. "Jace. I am being real."

Her boyfriend only laughed. He strode towards her, his movement graceful. Jace reached out for her arm. Clary flinched.

"Jace. Please, focus. I want a serious answer."

The Shadowhunter frowned. "Fine, Clary. You want a serious answer?"

Clary nodded.

Jace folded his arms across his chest. "If Sebastian comes back, and that's a very big if. If he comes back and somehow manages to kidnap you, I will hunt him down." He took a step towards Clary. "I will find him and kill him in the slowest way possible. I will start at his stomach. I'll drag a blade across his bare stomach. I will cut him like he's a piece of meat. Then I will go to his neck and-"

Clary held her hand up. "Okay, enough."

Jace grinned. "Was that serious enough for you?"

Before she could answer, Jace closed the remaining space between them. His mouth on hers, his muscular arms enveloping Clary in a hug. Her arms went around his neck, pulling him closer. Jace grabbed at Clary's hair, twisting his fingers in the fiery red curls.


Clary pulled away quickly. Simon was standing in the doorway, his hands in loose fists.

"Hey Simon." Clary greeted him awkwardly. It had been a year since Simon had claimed he loved her, but she still felt ashamed of rubbing her and Jace in his face.

"He-ey Clary." He nodded in Jace's direction. "Angel boy."

Jace didn't miss a beat. "Bloodsucker."

Clary rolled her eyes. "Simon, what do you need?"

Simon ducked his head. "Isabelle has prepared us, uh, dinner."

Jace narrowed his eyes. "What'd she prepare?" He asked cautiously.

Simon winced. "Roast beef." Jace made a face.

"With soup." Simon added.

Jace groaned. "When will she get it? She cooks like a-"

Isabelle Lightwood had appeared behind Simon and Jace caught himself.

"She cooks like she's been trained by the finest chef in all of Europe."

Simon looked at Jace like he was crazy. "What are you talking about?"

Isabelle smirked. "Hey boys… and Clary" She added as she caught sight of the red head. "Dinner is ready!"

Jace scrunched his face. "I'm not that hungry, actually." Clary nudged him with her elbow.

No way, Clary thought, if I was going down then Jace was coming with me.

"Neither is Clary. So… we'll see you later."

Jace grabbed Clary's hand and pulled her out of the room, stopping only to lean in towards Simon and whispering "Enjoy the soup."

Clary found an empty table at Taki's and beckoned for her boyfriend to follow.

"Why'd you catch yourself back at the institute?" She asked him as he sat.

Jace peered at her, curiously.

"When Izzy came into the room, you caught yourself before saying something mean about her cooking."

"Ahh, well, Isabelle would have never let us leave this institute before eating if she knew we were going out." He winked.

Clary suppressed a smile. This was just like Jace. Charming and smart, but all the time stupid and annoying and childish.

When the waitress with sharp looking ears –Fairy. Clary remembered Jace saying- came up to take their orders, Jace decided on the coconut pancakes for the both of them.

When the fairy left, Jace began telling Clary a story about a Marx demon he'd fought when he was younger. Clary was trying to listen, but she couldn't help but focus on the fair-haired boy sitting two tables away. Jace's story ended and Clary looked up. "Jace." She whispered.

"What?" He asked.

"Look over there. Behind you, two tables down."

Jace snapped his head around. "Clary?" He turned back. "There's no one sitting there."

Clary looked up, panic rising in her stomach. "Jace, we need to leave."


"Because I think I saw-"


Jace and Clary both looked up quickly at the new voice.

The boy she had seen earlier was now staring at her with those deep, black eyes.

"So good to see you again, little sister."