Author's note:

Hello everyone ^_^ this will be my second story and I'm really excited. Some of you may know me from my previous story "A Pirate's Tale" which is still ongoing, and for those of you who are reading my work for the first time, well I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. After watching Brave for the millionth time (not really but you know what I mean x3) I had often wondered what would she be like a few years down the road, and whether she'd actually decide to take up her role as 'Princess'. Taking my curiosity to a new level I started looking up Norse and Celtic legends :P And I really hope this plays out well.


I don't own the characters of the Pixar movie Brave, the only things I own are my original characters and new plot twist with the Valkrie who are tied to Norse Mythology (and are also not mine)


The sound of deep fast breaths hung on the frozen air creating a cloud with every heave. Heavy hooves seemed to echo through the chilled earth, and with the moon so high, only one could ponder what was to befall that night. Fearful eyes darted over her shoulder only to find not a living character, but what lo was still pursuing her? An old chant seemed to echo within her clouded mind,

"Bless the earth for thou shall it be,

One with your own with those you cannot see,

You've tread on long lost grounds,

The wisps trail on your every beat your heart pounds,

Look to the sky,

The shrill voice of the Valkyrie sounds."

A whistling arrow head skims her shoulder, and as her ankle twisted making her cold form fall, wide eyes seemed glued upon the form that did seem to dwell upon the shadows that lingered there. She was going to die..But what led to such events? Merida could only close her eyes and scream a blood curdling yelp. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"