I do not own ( or claim to own) the Breaking Bad series or any of its' concepts. I am but a humble fan making a fanfic story, simple as that.

Jesse woke up, turning to his side and looking at the alarm clock on the black, primitive nightstand beside him.

"9am." He muttered, rubbing his boyish face, attempting to muster the courage to leave his semi-comfy bed. He reluctantly sat up and sighed, his still hazed brain pondering. Not only did he smoke a crap load of weed the night before, he got a little too familiar with the stash of Meth Walt had make in preparation for a few sales.

"Shit." He groaned, realizing the ramifications of his actions. The old coot was crazy enough, after the stunt he pulled in the desert with those two goons he might do just about anything. He walked to the bathroom, looking in the mirror at his handsome face and ruffled hair as a result of a frenzied sleep. "What the hell am I gonna do?!"

He jumped at the sound of his cell phone and hurriedly raced to his bedside to answer.


In a split second he knew it was, Walt. "Hey kid, I'm coming over." He said gruffly, immediately hanging up the phone in Jesse's ear.

Jesse sighed. "Now what the hell is he in such a hurry for- -?" He paused. He nearly forgot that the old man was married, with a baby on the way he figured. So he figured that their unique friendship…if it was even that wasn't the most ideal a wife would want her husband to have. A smirk appeared on his face. As gruff and tough as the old goat was on him he didn't have any balls to stand up to his wife.

He quickly hopped in the shower, needing to wash the sweat, grime, and cannabis smell off of his vibrant, young body.

It hadn't been 10 minutes and he heard the banging on the door. He quickly got out of the shower, draping a towel over his soaked body and running to the front door, hoping he wouldn't fall on his face. He opened it and was greeted by the usual stoic Walt dressed in black jeans and a white t-shirt with white new balance sneakers. His hair was the same and he still had those dorky glasses.

"Yo, Walt." Jesse greeted, letting him in.

"I'm not your friend, you know. We're merely partners, it's Mr. white to you."

Jesse huffed. "Whatever, old man."

Walt snarled, then shook his head. The kid was hopeless.

"So what are you here for?"

"To check on my stash, why else?" He quickly said, letting himself eye up the place. "I see you cleaned it."

Jesse was sweating bullets. "Y-yeah…"

"We have a buyer later tonight, on the outskirts of town."

"Okay…" Jesse replied.

"You don't seem excited," Walt said, raising his brow. "Usually you eat this shit up."

"Well I'm not feeling the best- -"

"You were smoking last night weren't you?" Walt accused.

"N-No!" Jesse lied, walking away.

"Why are you walking away?" Walt inquired, growing more suspicious.

"I need my clothes!" he yelled back.

Suddenly he felt Walt's hands on his shoulders and felt his body being whirled around, he shut his eyes in fear of the older man.

"Liar." he spat, staring him down.

Jesse opened his eyes in dismay. He shook, seeing Walt's face so close to his. Snapping out of fear's trance Jesse's young pride took over and he head butted Walt. He cursed and fell back. "You old coot, don't you dare accuse me!" The cocky Jesse bellowed in triumph as he looked down at the stunned Walt.

"fuck you!" Walt shouted, lunging for him.

"Oh shit!" Jesse yelled, trying to flee. However, the attempt was ill-fated. He collapsed on his stomach as a result of the tile floor and wet feet, barely being able to keep the towel around his waist.

Walt immediately yanked him to him by his ankle. Jesse attempted to get up, squirming and cussing him every step of the way. Walt kept a tight grip on his wrists and pinned his legs under his.

"What the hell is your problem?!" Walt yelled. "Are you fucked up from meth right now?!"

"No! No! just get the fuck off me!" Jesse yelled back. "I'm cold, hungry, naked and am being pinned down by a crazy old timer!"

Walt sighed, still keeping a hold on him.

Jesse jumped, feeling his behind pushing against Walt. "Can you get off?" He asked, a bit embarrassed.

He smirked. He had him right where he wanted, he leaned to him. "Not until you tell me about the rocks you smoked." he whispered in his ear.

"Come on Mr. White…" Jesse muttered. He swallowed hard and jumped at the feel of Walt's growing hard-on pressing against his ass. "Yoooo…." he said, a bit worried at the physiological response that he was oh-so-familiar with. "Are you- -?"

In a split second Walt stood up, regrettably Jesse looked down and saw the large ridge forming where his zipper was. He actually made Mr. White hard.

He cleared his throat. "That was nothing, just made me think about the position I had my wife in last night."

Jesse chuckled. "Somehow I don't believe that." He sighed. "But fine…I had a little sample…go ahead and sue me…better yet, punch my face in!" He exclaimed, getting in his face.

Walt gritted his teeth and grabbed Jesse by the back of the head, staring him down. "That's our product you're snorting up! Don't be stupid!" He yelled.

"Nothing wrong with having a little fun, Mr. White," Jesse teased, moving from his grip. "Not that you know of any."

"WHAT?" Walt inquired, livid.

"I said….you don't know shit about having fun. Mr. fucking plain, lame ass teacher!"

Walt chuckled. "Put some clothes on, you rowdy idiot."

Jesse blushed and made his way to his room, quickly slipping into green camo shorts and a black tank top.

He saw Walt standing in the doorway, like a predator.

"You're so moody…first you can manhandle me then you can laugh things off." Jesse muttered.

"So are you, you youngsters are all the same. Impulsive, stupid…did I mention stupid?" He paused. "Well except my son, now he has a good head on his shoulders."

He scoffed at that statement. " And old farts like you think they know everything."

Walt yanked him by his wrist.

"What the fuck, man?!" Jesse exclaimed, feeling his temper flaring. "Do you want more of what I gave you before."

He laughed at the ornery boy. "I'm still standing so evidently what you gave me wasn't much."

Jesse looked away in disgust. "Touche'."

"Just be honest with me and I wont have to terrorize you."

"I'm fine!" He retorted. "and you'll terrorize me either way…"

"Ah, this is true." Walt mused with a half smile. He stared at him for a minute. He realized the only excitement that he was having was occasionally having sex with his naggy wife, but mostly it was to commit drug crimes with his acquaintance, the cocky, dunderheaded, Jesse Pinkman. A former flunky student. "Did you get smaller over the weekend?"

"What?" Jesse inquired, raising his brow. "what kind question is that?"

"Take off your shirt," He said with a sigh. "it's only been 4 fucking days since I've been here…so if you really have been going crazy with these drugs, especially my meth stash, I'm going to kick your ass." Walt said with malevolence in his voice.

Jesse begrudgingly took off his shirt. He shuddered when he felt Walt's big, calloused hands on his chest and back, inspecting each inch and blemish of his bare chest.

Jesse's cock sprung to life in response. His blood boiling hot, his veins on fire. Walt gazed down and saw the result of his hands on Jesse, his cock was pleased too, growing with anticipation.

"Wait…!" Jesse exclaimed. "I'm not…homo…"

"Me neither, I just haven't been fucked for a while." Walt said in his usual stoic tone.

"The drugs…" Jesse whispered, wanting Walt to be angry at him instead of sporting a boner for him. "I took them."

Walt's thin lips curled into a smile. "I know you did. I was your teacher, I know you."

"D-don't smile at me…" He hissed.

Walt ran his hand down his chest once again, switching to his back. He was painfully aroused and wanted release, in any form. "Jesse." Walt said in a forceful tone.

"What?" He shot back.

"Can we…jerk together?" He asked, placing his left hand down his pants.

Jesse nearly said "no", but the ache in his young cock was too prolonged to ignore. It was just them, two straight men jerking together for a bit of release.


Walt pulled out his cock and plopped on the bed. His cock was thick and long, about 9 inches, Jesse's cock tingled in excitement seeing another. He flopped next to him, undoing his belt and whipping out his 7 inch one.

Without warning Walt straddled him, his hot cock rubbing against his. He groaned.

"Mr….White…" Jesse groaned. "I didn't know you were such a homo, what will your wife think?"

"I'm not a homo. And if I am you are too, obviously."

He sighed, not wanting to argue with Walt anymore. Not that he could even win.

"Can I touch you?" He inquired.

"Yeah," He said, observing Walt's wide hands grip his own cock and urging him to do the same. "Have you ever jerked with a guy before?"

"No, just you." He closed his eyes as he began jerking himself off along with Jesse. He caught himself looking at his face…Jesse was so cute making those faces. He had almost wanted his ass, almost... Which couldn't happen. He continued jerking himself, both men panting and groaning. Walt was getting dangerously close already. Sweat pooled at his brow and his cock felt painfully full, needing to be emptied.

"What's wrong old man?" Jesse taunted, panting. "you going to bust a nut already?"

Walt said nothing, just groaning at the heat of Jesse's cock against his. "Touch mine." He demanded.

Jesse obediently did so, feeling the girth and hardness of his former teachers cock flex in his hand. "Jerk it like that…" He instructed, falling on top of Jesse's smaller body in sheer bliss. "Just like that…" Walt's face was buried in Jesse's shoulder.

"Grab mine!" Jesse exclaimed.

He did so, feeling his young, vibrant cock in his hand, equally as needy and twitching for release as his.

"Let's come together, Mr. White…just this once." Jesse pleaded.

A hoarse groan escaped Walt as he felt himself cumming, and after cussing and throwing his head back in ecstasy Jesse came too. They had came together.

Walt laughed, wheezing a bit. "How was that?"

Jesse was trying to catch his breath. "Holy shit…that was so damn hot," He mused, feeling his wet chest. "you may be old but your cock isn't."

"It was pretty hot wasn't it- -?"

Suddenly they were startled by Walt's phone ringing. He glanced over at it, it was his wife.

"You can answer it." Jesse said, nearly pouting.

"Well what if I said I didn't want to?" Walt inquired, looking back at him.