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And we zoom out of the tower and zoom into the castle

"Prince Tsukiyomi, it is time to wake up."

"Leave me alone," Ikuto said as he rolled over in his bed and hid from the sunlight sneaking it's way through the window, "I just want to sleep."

"My Prince, if you do not get up, your breakfast will get cold, and Princess Utau very much wants you to play with her today."

"Saaya, I command you to let me sleep. I know my father hired you to attend to me, but I want you to leave me alone. It won't hurt me to skip breakfast, and if I want to, I can play with Utau later."

"But Prince Tsukiyomi-"

"No buts. If Utau really wants to play, tell her she can wait, or she can play with Il or El."

"Prince Tsukiyomi, those two are twin daughters of the maids. Would your father be happy with you if you told her to play with those two instead of just playing with her?"

"She plays with them enough as it is, it doesn't matter what I do. Now out."

"But my Prince-"

"I said out. Please turn off the lights on your way." With that, Prince Ikuto went back to sleep.

Time skip! It's about 12 pm, so lunch time!

'Im getting kind of hungry... Where is Yoru or that dumb maid?' Ikuto sits up in his bed. He stretches and lets loose a yawn as his midnight blue hair messily falls around his his matching eyes. He stands up and walks over to one of the higher windows in his room. He stood on his toes gazing out over the river, watching fish jump in and out of the river as the sparkling water splashed around them. -grumble- 'I guess it's time to see what's for lunch.' He walkedmthrough the door, not bothering to shut it behind him, and descended from the third floor of the castle down to the dining hall.

"Prince Ikuto! Do you want some fish?"

'At least it's Yoru, and not Saaya this time.' "Is that what's for lunch?"

"Yes! Although if you would like to, I can ask the Chef to make you something else."

"Fish is fine, thank you Yoru." Ikuto went to sit down at the table. As he awaited for Yoru or one of the other attendants to bring his food, he saw a young boy with brown hair and green eyes trying to push the cart with his food on it. "Who are you?"

"I'm Kukai! I'm gonna be a chef when I grow up!"

"Oh really? What do you want to learn how to cook the most?"


"Will you tell the chef that I would like ramen for supper, and please tell her I want her to teach you to make it."

"Really? Awesome! Thank you Prince Ikuto!"

"See ya later." Ikuto watched as the little boy ran off to the kitchen. 'He's energetic...' Ikuto was thinking to himself, and he didn't notice when his little sister walked up. He was brought back from the recesses of his mind when someone hugged him from behind his chair. "Who is it?"

"It's me Ikuto! Can't you recognize my hug?" Utau was on the verge of tears at the thought of Ikuto never recognizing her hugs.

"Oh, it's you. We're having ramen tonight. You like ramen don't you?" Ikuto stared down at his food, attempting to ignore his little sister.

"Ikuto! Why won't you look at me! Papa says we're going to be married when we're older, so you have to look at me eventually!" Utau stood there pouting.

"I'm not going to marry a little kid like you."

"But Ikuto! There's not any other royal girls in the kingdom! Besides, Mama doesn't want you to die like Uncle! The only way to make sure you're safe is to marry me!"

"Forget it, bye. I've got a dance lesson to get to." Ikuto got up, pushed his chair under the table, and started to walk off.

"I'll go with you!" Utau jumped up, eager to go dance with her brother.

"No, this is a private lesson. Besides, you'd just get in the way." Ikuto walked down the long hallway and turned into the ballroom, leaving Utau standing behind, watching him.

"Ikuto! You're early!"

"Hey Nagihiko. What's up with the kimono?"

"My parents are making me wear it... They're also calling me Nadeshiko too... I don't know what's wrong with them, it's just like they think I'm a girl." Nagihiko shrugged as Ikuto walked farther into the large room.

"Well a girl would probably be better at giving dance lessons than you."

"Hey! I'm just fine at giving lessons! You just don't pay attention or try, but I'm going to make you graceful!"

"Sure ya are, especially when I'm cat-like enough to jump from tree to tree."

"I think you're referring to squirrels."

"No, it's definitely cats. Ask Yoru, he's a cat buff."

"Whatever, are you ready to start your lesson?"

"Na, I think I'll skip on that today, tell Kairi that I'm skipping the swordsmanship lesson too. I need more fighting instead of the history he wants me to know now. If you need me I'll be laughing at Rima and Yaya. They sure are good jesters." Ikuto was almost out of the door when Nagihiko decided to say something.

"Wait! I'll go with you!"

"Why? I told you to go blow off Kairi for me anyway. With that, Ikuto headed off in te general direction of laughter. Before he could get there, one of the servants stopped him.

"Prince Ikuto, your cousin Tadase is here."

"So?" Ikuto really didn't want to spend time with the little prince.

"Your father wants you to guide him around the castle."

"Can't one of you servants do that, I don't feel like doing it."

"I'm sorry sir, but please. Your father stressed that it had to be you."

"Fine." With that, Ikuto stalked off to waste his day guiding the kiddy prince around.

"Ikuto! I'm going to be king next!"

"No you're not, Tadase."

"Of course I am! Nobody will stand in my way for the throne!"

"I'm going to be king. You'd need to be older than me, and be a member of the main family. You're lucky to be royalty." Tadase burst into tears and ran away as Ikuto walked off towards the gardens. He climbed a tree. He felt sleep pull him into the darkness as he got comfy.


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