When they returned to the real world Hermione's prediction had turned out correct and little more than an hour had passed even though, in their Dreamwalk, they had spent almost an entire day making love. Hermione lay still for a moment, relishing the fact that she felt not only completely and utterly relaxed but also satisfied. She felt Ginny stir beside her and as she opened her eyes she slowly sat up then accepted the soft and gentle kiss of her girlfriend.

"That was amazing..." Ginny said quietly when finally they stopped to come up for air; "Thank you so much..."

"Why are you thanking me?"

"For agreeing to Dreamwalk with me..."

"Love? I wanted to as much as you did so really, you needn't thank me...but I should definitely thank you."


"For not bringing it up once since my birthday...for letting me, as you've always done, catch up on my own," Hermione explained as she ran a finger along Ginny's jaw. "Although I'm a little annoyed at myself for waiting so long...that was…"she sighed, " I was so wrong, love, about it making it worse...at least for the moment, I'm only dealing with the craving for your magic and not so much my physical desire...it's a nice feeling…"

"I know...I didn't even think it'd feel that real and I don't feel any stronger magically but I do feel closer to you…" Ginny said quietly.

"We bonded emotionally," she replied as she drew Ginny in for a kiss; "As opposed to physically binding our magic...but bonding emotionally is just as, if not more, important."

"And you don't feel like we've had a power surge?"

"No...in that respect nothing has changed," Hermione smiled broadly. "Guess that means the only danger another Dreamwalk poses is that we might start spending too much time asleep..." she teased. She scanned the bedroom across the hall and found that Fleur and Luna were still awake. She picked up the snake bracelet and handed it to Ginny. "They're still up and it's pretty early...why don't you take this across the hall while I go to the bathroom?"

Ginny nodded and then kissed Hermione briefly before they both climbed from the bed-Hermione heading for the bathroom while Ginny left their room to go and knock on the door across the hall. After a few moments she heard Luna call out for her to come in.

"How'd it go?" Luna asked.

"Even better than I hoped," Ginny replied, as she grinned from ear to hear and handed the bracelet to Luna, "And since we don't feel any increase in our magic, and it's still early, we thought maybe you'd both like to give it a try tonight too?"

Luna accepted the bracelet from Ginny and looked over to where Fleur still lay in bed, her hair messed up but looking no less gorgeous than she usually did, "What do you think love? Shall we go for a little Dreamwalk of our own? Maybe continue what we already started?"

As Fleur nodded, the desire she was already feeling clear on her face, Ginny blushed deeply.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to disturb you..."

"It is more than alright, chère , this is definitely a welcome turn of events for the night," Fleur responded as she crawled from the bed to envelope Ginny in a warm hug. "And for the record, Minerva was kind enough to not make our Promise rings make us take a step back in what we can do in the real world..."


"Really...I think she respects the fact that we asked her to modify the charms and decided to reward us for asking," Luna replied as she joined her fiancee in hugging her best friend.

"That's all well and good but Hermione and I haven't done what you've done," Ginny teased.

"True...but we haven't slept half naked together," Fleur countered.

"Fair enough," Ginny replied as she pulled herself from their arms. "I was wondering Fleur, if I could ask you a favour?"

"More than likely," Fleur responded.

"The night before the second task...if it's alright with Luna, can you spend the night with Hermione?"

"We were planning to discuss that very thing with you both before then...even though Luna and I haven't been sharing a bed as long as you and Hermione I doubt I'd get much sleep, if any, the night before if I had to sleep alone coupled with the anxiety of the task."

"So you're okay with Fleur spending the night alone with Hermione?" Ginny asked her best friend.

"Aside from the reason I'll be away from her for a night, I am..."

"Alright...have a good night and we'll see you in the morning," Ginny replied as she hugged them both again before returning to her own room to find Hermione waiting for her in bed, looking off into the distance and so lost in thought that she hadn't noticed Ginny's return until she had joined her on the bed.

"Whatcha thinking about?"

"That I shouldn't have worried about tonight making our real first time any less special...I'm pretty sure every time we make love is going to precious and special to me," Hermione replied as she gazed at Ginny. "Rue?" she called, smiling when her little elf appeared; "We're celebrating, little one...can you bring us some mead?"

Rue nodded, disappeared and the reappeared minutes later with the requested beverage and two glasses.

"Thank you, little one," said Hermione as she took them from her elf. "Sorry to have dragged you away from the castle."

"It is, as always, my pleasure..." the elf replied happily.

"Thanks Rue, and thanks for watching out for me when I was younger...you know I was never angry with you, right?" Hermione said warmly.

"I do miss, and not that I'm complaining, but you're all a little too neat for my liking...it's been nice to work with the other Hogwarts elves and I've even made a new friend," Rue told them.

"Really little one?" Ginny asked and had to suppress a giggle when the elf nodded her head vigorously.

"What's their name?" Hermione asked.

"His name is Dobby, Miss...he and another free elf, Winky, came to work here a few weeks ago..."

"Oh, I can't wait to tell Harry," Ginny said, a large grin on her face.

"And how are they fitting in with the rest of the Hogwarts' elves?" Hermione asked.

"They don't understand, Miss, how he can be so happy to be a free elf and, as for Winky..." Rue trailed off sadly.

"Is she okay?" Ginny asked.

"I think she feels she failed her Master and is ashamed to have been freed," Rue replied.

"I wouldn't expect the other elves at Hogwarts to understand...they, my father's elves and you...you're bound for your own protection whereas with Dobby..."

"I know Miss...Dobby hasn't talked about it much, he still has trouble speaking ill of his former masters but I've been doing my best to stop him from punishing himself when he does..."

"Can I ask you something Rue?" when Rue nodded, Hermione continued; "How is it that you speak like we do?"

"I've spent the last fifteen years mostly in your company, Miss...I learned from you," Rue replied happily.

"Well then, little one, maybe you should be heading back to the castle and make up for lost time amongst your friends," Hermione replied warmly as she hugged the elf, "And maybe, when we get back from holidays, we'll come down to visit all of you in the kitchens with Harry...despite Dobby's somewhat ill-advised attempts to keep him safe, I'm pretty sure Harry would be happy to see him."

They watched as Rue again disappeared before pouring themselves each a glass of mead.

"Love?" Hermione said tentatively as she waited for Ginny to meet her eyes; "What's bothering you?"


"Come now...I think I've gotten to know you pretty well and, with the fact that I'm still able to use Luna's gift to some degree I know you're worried about something."

Ginny took a long swallow of her mead as she stalled for time.

"I'm worried about the second task," she stated finally.

"What, specifically, are you worried about?"

"Two things...the task is ten days after Valentine's day and I'm worried if we powershare again before the task the two of you are going to have an even harder time controlling your magic than the first task," Ginny admitted quietly.

"A valid concern but, as you and Luna will likely be in an enchanted sleep, you won't be able to help us this time," Hermione replied thoughtfully then asked; "What do you suggest love? We do one or the other?"

"Maybe that would be for the best..."

"How about this...I've been looking forward to Valentine's Day since your birthday and I really don't want to give that up...maybe we wait and see what happens and if, need be, we won't powershare?" Hermione suggested.

"I guess..."

"What was the second thing?"

"I'm worried, with Fleur's performance in the first task and her friendship with us, she might..."

"Gather some unwanted attention from Tom?" Hermione provided, smiling when Ginny nodded. "I've been worried about that myself...one of my goals from the beginning was to try to keep the spotlight off you and Luna but now I'm just as worried about Tom actually managing to connect the dots...I suppose, though, one of the things that works in our favour is that there are very few out there who know about the Sisters."

"And it's not like Tom would ever figure out or accept that what makes us so strong is our love for each other," Ginny added.

"True...it's ironic, isn't it, that originally part of the reason I wanted to help Fleur was because I was hoping she'd help make anything I could do seem less impressive..."

"That backfired," Ginny teased; "You managed to out-perform and outscore a witch a wizard two years older than you."

"What would you have had me done, love? I was facing a pissed off mother dragon after all..."

Ginny drained the rest of her mead and then set her glass on the bedside table, watching as Hermione did the same.

Hermione unbuttoned her pajama top and the cast it aside to the surprised look on Ginny's face.

"Were you eavesdropping on my talk with Fleur and Luna?"

"No, why?"

"They'd already figured out that Minerva didn't reset our Promise rings to where we should be given our calendar age," Ginny explained.

"That was quick," Hermione joked as she reached over and started unbuttoning Ginny's pajama top as well, "No...while you were over talking to them I realised that Minerva knows how difficult this is for us and wouldn't likely make us regress..." she watched as Ginny shrugged her top from her shoulders and cast it aside as well.

Hermione lay down on her back, extinguishing the gas lamps around the room with a wave of her hand as she did, and waited for Ginny to join her beneath the covers.

Ginny lay down beside Hermione on her side so she could look at her face while they talked.

"It helps that no one will be able to see what's going on...in the second task I mean..." Hermione said quietly as she absentmindedly began to play with Ginny's hair.

"Love...as much as I hate the idea of you attracting even more of the spotlight...maybe Fleur should, I don't know, not be able to complete the task?"

Hermione turned on her side so she could better look into Ginny's eyes.

"Where is this coming from love?"

"Tom has already targeted me, even if he doesn't know why and, aside from the fact that he tried to kill you at the same time...he got your name in the Goblet out of curiosity...since Fleur joined us we've all gotten stronger, especially Luna and..."

"You want to keep them from being targeted as well?" Hermione finished for her.

"Well, yeah...he may not know yet what happened with his diary and right now he's only focused on you..."

"Gin, you have to remember what he thinks of anyone who is not a Pureblood..."

"Um, I am a pureblood, remember?"

"I do love, but you're also a blood traitor in his eyes...my point is he feels his superior to us by virtue of his blood and will, very likely, never consider us a real threat until it is too late for him...he's likely to make the same mistake with Fleur as she is not only not a pureblood but not even fully human..."

They lay, looking into each other's eyes for awhile before Hermione spoke again; "We'll talk to Fleur about it and see what she wants to do and maybe I should let someone else finish the task first..."

When Luna woke the next morning she found, as she often did, that Fleur was already awake and had been watching her sleep. Before she'd even said good morning Luna kissed her smiling and actually glowing girlfriend.

"Sleep well?" Fleur asked when they finally broke the kiss.

"Always do when I'm with you," Luna said with a smile but Fleur detected a hint of sadness in her voice.

"What is it, my love? How can you be sad after our Dreamwalk last night?" Fleur asked as she gently stroked Luna's cheek with her thumb.

"Just wondering how I'm going to survive my last few years at Hogwarts without you," she admitted.

Fleur smiled and kissed Luna briefly.

"That isn't going to be a problem," Fleur said with a small mischievous smile on her face.

"I know you're thinking of moving to Hogsmeade but I doubt I'll be able to see you much," Luna said, no longer able to hide her sadness.

"Can you keep a secret?" Fleur asked, continuing when Luna nodded uncertainly; "I've been offered a teaching apprenticeship for next fall here at Hogwarts."

"Seriously?" Luna asked, her sadness quickly being replaced by hope.

"Yes...and it means I will have my own quarters here at the school and, as my fiancée, you will be able to openly share those quarters with me," Fleur informed her, barely able to control the large grin she was now wearing at seeing the happiness on her young fiancée's face.

"When did you find this out?" Luna asked as she wiped away a few tears of unadulterated joy at the news.

"A few days ago...Albus spoke to Madame Maxime to find out what my best subjects are, I'll be teaching with Professor Flitwick but not your classes," Fleur smiled, then joked; "I guess there are some advantages to having the Headmaster's daughter as a best friend."

"I don't know...Madame Maxime seems to favour you if your quarters on the carriage are any indication," Luna teased.

"Those quarters were reserved for who ever became Beauxbatons' champion," Fleur corrected.

"This is maybe the second happiest day of my life," Luna said as she kissed Fleur again.

"And the first?" Fleur asked, her voice a little husky.

"The day I figured out I was in love with a beautiful French witch and that she felt the same, of course," Luna replied.

Just as they were about to kiss again there was a knock on the door and Harry's voice informing them that breakfast was ready.

"I can't wait to tell Ginny and Hermione," Luna said before kissing Fleur briefly then climbing from the bed.

"Yes, but we will have to tell them in private as it won't be official until the fall," Fleur replied as she followed Luna from the bed.

"Shouldn't be a problem-I'm pretty sure Hermione is going to want us to finish our homework today," Luna joked as she got changed.

Fleur went and took Luna in her arms, "How do you feel this morning? After our 'walk' last night?"

"I don't feel like my magic has increased any but I do feel closer to you somehow," Luna replied thoughtfully.

"It is because, even though we didn't actually make love to each other, the experience has still brought us closer and strengthened our bond," Fleur said happily.

"Am I your first?" Luna asked, somewhat shyly.

Fleur studied Luna's eyes a moment before she replied; "You are," Fleur smiled at the look of disbelief on the younger witch's face; "You were even my first kiss...you know how I grew up, and being part Veela it was just easier to keep others at a distance as I could never be certain they weren't just interested in me due to my Allure."

"Well...you are very alluring..." Luna teased then added in a more serious tone; "I'm sorry you weren't my first kiss..."

"I wasn't the first time we were together either," Fleur replied as she leaned her forehead against Luna's; "I, whether I acknowledged it or not, or believed or not the tale of the Amice Sisters, I waited for you because I wanted to be different from the original Fleur...she wasn't given a choice of who she was with first...I wanted to make sure that didn't happen to me," she accepted Luna's kiss before she spoke again; "And, my love, you needn't ever feel badly that I wasn't your first kiss...I am happy you were not alone, that you were able to find some comfort with Padma and your friends."

"You're my first and only love," Luna replied quietly.

"And you are mine," Fleur said quietly before they were both startled by another quiet knock at the door.

"Is it safe to come in?" came Hermione's voice.

"It is," Fleur replied with a laugh as the door opened.

"Fleur...you realise you're visibly glowing?" Ginny asked.

"It seems, the more I fall in love with Luna, the more my Veela blood is asserting itself," Fleur replied with a smile as she attempted to control it.

"How did your Dreamwalk go?" Hermione asked as she watched her two friends getting changed.

"It was really nice..." Luna started to say but was interrupted by a look from Fleur.

"Nice?" Fleur asked.

"You didn't let me finish," Luna replied as she went and playfully swatted Fleur's behind; "Fleur showed me some of her favorite spots around France before taking me to her bedroom at Chateau Delacour."

"That's funny," Ginny said with a grin; "Hermione took me to France too. How long were you guys asleep?" Ginny asked.

"A couple hours," Luna replied, "You?"

"Just over an hour," Hermione replied; "How much time passed in your dream?"

"A couple of days," Luna replied.

"No wonder you both look so happy this morning," Ginny teased.

"That and I just received a wonderful piece of news," Luna replied as the four girls started their way down to breakfast; "Fleur has been offered a teaching apprenticeship for next fall complete with her own quarters in the castle."

Hermione stopped and turned to Fleur and Luna; "That's awesome...I was worried how you two were going to cope next fall..."

"It gets even better," Luna replied with a big smile; "I can officially live with her!"

Ginny enveloped Luna in a warm hug; "I'm so happy for you Looney."

When they entered the dining room they found Viktor, Stoyan, Morgan, Harry and Sirius already enjoying their breakfast and talking about Quidditch.

"Good morning, ladies, sleep well I trust?" Sirius asked in greeting.

"We did and thank you again, Sirius, for inviting us to share your home...it really is nice to get away from the castle for a bit," Hermione replied warmly.

"So what are your plans for the day?" Sirius asked.

"We want to spend the morning finishing our homework..." Hermione trailed off as Harry held a hand out to Morgan laughing.

"C'mon...pay up..." he said between chuckles.

"Did we miss something?" Ginny asked.

"When I came back after showing you four to your rooms I told these guys I doubted you'd be getting any homework done," Harry explained as, after Morgan had grudgingly placed several galleons in Harry's hand, he held his hand out to Sirius.

"I made no such bet," Sirius said with a light laugh.

"No...but your husband did, pay up," Harry said with a grin.

"Are you and Remus officially married and more importantly, why weren't we invited to the wedding?" Luna asked.

"No, it's not official yet," Sirius replied as he too placed several galleons in Harry's hand; "We're hoping to have a quiet ceremony next summer and yes, the four of you will definitely be invited as three of you are somewhat responsible for this coming to pass."

"Where is Remus this morning?" Hermione asked, hoping to deflect questions as to why they hadn't done any homework the night before.

"He had to go take care of the Inn," Sirius replied; "Seems Rosmerta wanted a few days off to spend with Minerva...you know, I still have a hard time with that one," he said with a small smile; "It takes some getting used to seeing the usually strict Minerva McGonagall acting like a romantic sap..."

"You're not much better," Harry teased.

"You take that back," Sirius replied in mock seriousness.

"I will not...the two of you, you're like love sick little puppies sometimes..." Harry teased.

"Yes, well, making up for lost time..." Sirius replied with a smile.

"So, what are you plans for the day Harry?" Luna asked.

"Morgan, Sirius and I are going into the village for a bit. Give these two," he said as he jerked a thumb in Viktor and Stoyan's direction; "some privacy."

"We would go as well but, as Karkaroff doesn't seem to have figured out yet that Stoyan is here, we'd like to keep it that way," said Viktor.

"Well we should meet after lunch...talk about the next task," Hermione replied; "I assume you figured out your egg?" she asked Viktor.

"I did and have already started work on the spells I'll be using," he replied.

"Please tell me you have some ideas for me," Harry said an edge of worry in his voice.

"I do...but we'll talk about it later," Hermione replied.

"Hermione?" Morgan said and waited for her to turn her attention to him; "How is it, really, that you speak both Bulgarian and French fluently?"

"Well I can understand Bulgarian but I haven't actually tried to speak it," she clarified.

"Yes, but still, it's not a very common language for someone to choose to learn," Morgan countered.

"I found out about the tournament over the summer and so I picked up a Bulgarian/English dictionary and studied it," Hermione replied.

"You mean to tell me you learned from a dictionary?" Viktor asked surprised.

"I have an Eidetic memory," at the combined looks of confusion on the boys and Sirius' faces she explained; "Also know as a photographic memory...I only have to read things once, most of the time, to remember them..."

"So that's how you're always able to quote the textbooks?" Harry said with a laugh; "I knew you were smart but..."

"You truly are the brightest witch of your age," Sirius added as he shook his head, a slight look of awe on his face.

"Well, to be fair," Fleur said with a fond look on her face as she looked at Luna; "Ginny and Luna are pretty smart in their own right...I hear it is the first time someone has skipped a grade at Hogwarts."

"Yes...with Hermione's help," Luna corrected.

Hermione began to laugh lightly as she realised something.

"It's true, love, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you," Ginny said, misinterpreting her girlfriend's laughter.

"Oh, I don't know about that..." Hermione replied vaguely but in such a way that the other three girls know she had just figured something out.

They finished eating their meals while talking about nothing of real consequence before they split up to enjoy their separate pursuits for the morning. The girls gathered their homework and made themselves comfortable in one of the sitting rooms.

"Care to tell us what was so funny this morning?" Ginny asked as she took her Charms assignment from her bag.

"I'm not the only reason we're doing so well in school," Hermione replied; "Think about it...just how much do you think Hogwarts curriculum has changed in forty years?"

"Radha...of course," Fleur said quietly.

"It also explains why, once we completed our circle last fall and we started to think the way we do, our schoolwork got so much easier," Hermione added; "So, really Luna, you've had more to do with our success than me."

"You know I wonder about that..." Ginny said.

"About what, love?" Hermione asked as she kissed Ginny's temple.

"Well, we're pretty sure we know who was the last incarnations of you and Luna were...what about me?"

"It's hard to say but I have a have a feeling your soul hasn't come back as many times...Healers like you are even more rare than Empaths and Telepaths," Hermione said thoughtfully.

"And a Healer can hide their gift by actually joining the Healing profession," Fleur added; "So it would be difficult to find out."

"Fleur can I ask you something about the Sisters?" Hermione asked and then continued at Fleur's nod; "If Fleur was away taking the journals to her family when Elise died how do you do know for certain that that is how they died?"

"Elise had already begun to formulate her plan and had written it down along with the assurance that she would leave a note with instructions for Fleur should she choose to join her," Fleur replied.

"But that doesn't mean that's actually what happened," said Ginny.

"I'm fairly certain it did," Fleur replied with a hint of sadness; "I believe it was what drew both you and the Morrigan to that lake...Only the three of you would be able to find that particular lake as it was protected with wards that would only break when the three of you returned to it."

"We should see if we can find the grave this summer," Luna said, a pensive look on her face.

"But surely there wouldn't be anything to find...it's been over a thousand years after all," Ginny remarked.

"True...but chances are, even if they hadn't turned both turned themselves to stone, that they would have somehow magically protected their remains," Hermione said thoughtfully.

"I believe you are correct Hermione...they would have wanted us to have a way to prove it," Fleur surmised.

"You also mentioned they, Fleur and Elise, created these bracelets after Elise began having visions but you implied that you didn't know of their existence," said Hermione.

"I knew of their existence but had never seen them," Fleur corrected; "I believe they were charmed the same way your rings were...that they would only appear to someone of my bloodline when they were needed."

They sat quietly for a while, each of them attempting to work on their homework, when Hermione broke the silence.

"We should talk about the second task before we meet with the boys," she said.

"What did you have in mind?" Fleur asked as she watched Hermione take what appeared to be a magazine from her bag.

"Well I think we should appear to do something a little simpler this time and last night Ginny brought up a good point," Hermione replied as she found a particular page in the Muggle scuba catalogue her mother had sent her and handed it to Fleur. "I've already had my mother order us each a wetsuit as they will help a lot with the cold of the lake and I think a simple Bubbleheaded charm should address the problem of being underwater for an hour but..." she trailed off as she looked to Ginny a moment before continuing; "Fleur...I think maybe you should fail at the second task."

"Okay," Fleur replied slowly as she handed Hermione back the catalogue; "But why?"

"A couple of reasons actually..."

"You're trying to keep the spotlight off Fleur, aren't you?" Luna asked, a small frown on her face.

"Partially, yes..."

"I don't like it Hermione," Luna informed her; "You're already a target, why make it worse?"

"But that's exactly it," Ginny replied; "Tom's already targeted me and Hermione, we're already on his radar..."

"And the longer we can keep you two from being the same, the better, don't you think?" Hermione added.

"You said that was only part of the reason," said Fleur; "What's the rest?"

"The third task," Hermione replied; "It's usually an obstacle course of some sort with the scores of the first two tasks determining the order in which the champions begin it...I think it would be a good idea if I can enter first with you entering last...failing to complete the second task will almost certainly ensure that happens."

"I thought you agreed you'd let someone else win the second task?" Ginny said, an edge of frustration in her voice.

"I had considered it but the Merpeople are bound to recognize us...if that happens I'd rather Harry and Viktor not be around to witness it and besides, the quicker I can start the third task the quicker we can get this stupid tournament over with."

"I see you've inherited more than just my love of flying," Ginny teased.

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You want to win..." Ginny explained.

"Not really...my plan is to enter first and clear the way to make it easier for Harry or Viktor to win," Hermione corrected her and then looked to Fleur; "So, what do you think?"

"I think it is very noble of you to try and protect Luna and I," Fleur replied after taking several minutes to consider Hermione's plan; "I don't like the idea of not being the one to rescue my Luna from the lake but your plan definitely has it's merits as I'm not a big fan of water to begin with."

"How do you plan on beating the boys though?" Luna asked.

"I'm pretty sure there are Grindylows in the lake...we're can use them as an excuse for Fleur's failure but I'm going to see if I can ask them to help me get me to you faster," Hermione replied.

"And what's your plan for Harry?" Ginny asked.

"Something called Gillyweed...I've already placed an order for it, from what I've read it'll give him gills, webbed feet and hands."

"Why don't you use it?" Luna asked.

"Because, just like the first task, I want Harry to use a method that is easily explainable for someone his age," Hermione replied; "Thanks to Rita it's already been implied that Fleur and I are working together so it shouldn't come as any surprise that I would have gotten her a wetsuit or that she has taught me the Bubblehead charm."

"I thought we had agreed not to plan until after Christmas?" Fleur joked.

"You know me," Hermione joked; "Can't help myself but to plan..."

"No, I understand," Fleur said with a smile; "So much is out of our control...planning makes you feel like you're taking a little bit of that back, right?"

Hermione nodded; "This tournament...it's just a distraction really and the sooner we can set a plan for each task the less we have to think about it until we actually have to do it..."

"Are we still going to power-share a couple of days before?" Luna asked.

"That's something we were talking about last night too," Ginny replied; "With your birthday, Luna, and Valentine's day not much before the second task we might not need to."

"But that doesn't make us as strong as when the four of us power-share," Luna countered; "And with you and I unable to help them I'd rather they be as strong as possible going into the task."

"I know you just want to help, mon amour, but it really might not be necessary," Fleur assured her as she kissed Luna on the cheek.

"Still..." Luna replied with a small frown.

"We'll see how we feel and then decide then," Hermione suggested.

Ginny started to laugh quietly to herself.

"What?" Hermione asked.

"Just realised, it weren't for damn Tom we'd have never learned to Dreamwalk…" Ginny explained. "Ironic that he keeps helping us without knowing it...don't you think?"

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