Chapter 1: So, Do Vulcans Have Kinks Or..?

****I made this Chapter 1 instead because I think a lot of people thought the original first chapter was angsty, even though IT IS NOT. So THAT chapter is now chapter 2. That is all!***




The first time it happened was about 2 months into their relationship.

They slept in, which rarely ever happens, but it did due to the last mission they were on dragging out to an unnecessary length.

The aliens they had met with were very peaceful, not sneaky and nor were they dishonest. They weren't able to speak or show any type of expression though. In fact, their homes and temples were littered with art and writings clearly expressing what they felt if their voices and faces couldn't. Every word that came out of their mouths was the same tone. So, not only were they amazed when they heard humans in general speak, they found certain accents intriguing.

When they asked to study some of the crew's vocal chords, Kirk had declined because he was unaware to what the extent of studying would be.

The people of the planet were a bit fond of Chekov because of his enjoyment of sharing his embellished stories. They were interested in his accent.

So they tried to kidnap him.

They ended up distracting the aliens with Scotty's voice while Kirk and Sulu went in to get Chekov. Things got a little hectic because now they wanted Scotty as well, but in the end the aliens understood why no one would be staying with them for studying.

Both had awoken with a start when there was a banging on the door.

Kirk slipped on the first shirt he found on the floor and opened up the door.

"What the hell are you doin'!?" Bones snapped slapping his arm, "You've got a physical with me n' Uhura is lookin' for Spock!"

"We overslept Bones. Jesus you couldn't have called?" Jim snapped rubbing a hand over his tired face. He yawned and leant against the door frame.

"I did! Twice. I'm on my way to the mess to get coffee and you better be in medical when I get back or I will find you, make you sit down, and poor it in your lap," Bones threatened. Jim rolled his eyes as he listened to his friend mumble about 'Vulcans and their superior hearing my ass' as he made his way down to the lift.

He turned around as the door slid shut and rubbed at his nose. Spock was sitting up on the bed and looking at Jim like he had an extra arm.

"Well I overslept for my physical, but good news! Your shift hasn't started yet," Jim grinned, walking over to his desk. He clicked the silent off both of their coms and Spock raised an eyebrow.

"You put them both on silent.

"Indeed," Jim teased, tossing them back on the desk, "Yeah. Even with you saying how Vulcans don't need as much sleep and all that jazz I thought you looked pretty tired."

"That was unwise. We could not be contacted if the ship was-"

"Spock I think we'd know if the ship was under attack with or without the com."

Spock let out an almost exasperated sigh and stood. He bent down to pick up clothes and froze, looking back up at Jim. The blonde's eyebrows shot up in curiosity watching as the hybrid stood up straight.

"What?" Jim asked as he turned to open up his draws. He dug around looking for a pair of pants to put on. He was getting tired of regulation clothes and wondered if they could have dress down days; like Fridays or Sundays or one day a month.

You know, keep it a secret from Star Fleet. It'd be interesting to see what everyone would be wearing when they could wear what they please.

He pulled a pair of pants out and draped them over the dresser.

"You are wearing my shirt."

Jim looked down at the blue science shirt on him and blinked in surprise.

"Well I just grabbed whatever was on the floor to answer the door," Jim snorted, tugging at the collar. The shirt was a bit too big for him. "It smells like you." He went back to digging through the draws for a pair of socks.

"That would make sense, being as it is my shirt," Spock reminded, coming closer. He trapped Jim between his body and the dresser, hands resting on each side of Kirk gripping the durable wood.

He buried his nose into the short hair at the base of his mate's neck. He took in a slow breath and Jim tensed slightly.

"Is it okay?"

Spock hummed in question.

Kirk turned around in the little space he was trapped in. He looked up at Spock who was staring down at him, eyes dark and slightly narrowed.

"That I'm wearing your shirt?"

"It is enjoyable," Spock murmured. He ducked his head down to kiss at the blonde's neck. Jim let out a breathless laugh as his hands rested on the brunettes shoulders. Spock breathed in his own scent mingling with the blonde's and purred.

"Is this a kink of yours? Me wearing your clothes?"

"I do not have kinks," Spock said stubbornly, as he moved his hand to his lover's delicate neck. Jim leant into the touch smiling. His small smile grew as Spock kissed down the side of his face; eyes practically shut whispering 'ashayam' as he went.

"Sure. Spock I have a physical remember? Bones threatened me with hot coffee if I wasn't-" and to Jim's utter amazement Spock bit at his jaw and hushed him.

"Spock I-" he was cut off as he was lifted on to the dresser swiftly. "Never mind."

Jim ended up with a lap full of coffee.


The next time it happened Jim was freezing.

"Doctor McCoy, I believe the captain has a fever."

"What?" came the snarl, "What'd the idiot do now?"

"I highly doubt him becoming sick due to being underdressed on an ice plant is his fault," Spock replied into the comm. He placed another blanket over his shaking lover and sat down on the edge of the bed. Jim curled closer to Spock's waist, unconsciously aware of the new source of heat.

The Vulcan switched the com into his other hand and pressed his free one to the blonde's forehead. Yes, he was most definitely sporting a fever.

"Can he get down to medical?"

"Course'," Jim murmured against Spock's hip where his face was pressed. "You're warm Spock."

"He says he is able," Spock relayed to Bones. The doctor grumbled curses under his breath and disconnected the call without saying goodbye. Spock looked at the communicator for a minute before shutting it and clicking it to his belt.

"I believe we should get you to medical now."

"In a little while?" Jim pleaded, before he started coughing.

"No," Spock said simply. "Sit up now."

Jim whined low in his throat before coughing. He sat up slowly, slumping forward with his head hanging. He wrapped the smaller blanket around his shoulders and shivered.

Spock got up and went to get a jacket for him to wear.

"My ears feel clogged."

"Let us hope you do not have an ear infection," Spock responded pulling a zip up sweatshirt from Jim's closet. He unzipped it as he strode over to the blonde only to find him already in a sweater.

A familiar knit sweater with a long sleeved tee-shirt underneath it.

"I see you already have a sweater on."

"I found it in my draw," Jim smiled pulling the long sleeves over his hands. He laughed tiredly when Spock's eyebrow rose in disbelief. "How'd you wear this thing on Vulcan?"

"Our bodies are accustomed to the heat," Spock said folding the blue sweat shirt back up. "You must get up now."

Jim groaned, falling back on to the bed. He let out a weak cough and sniffled. He rubbed at his eyes and frowned. Spock found the sight oddly endearing, and he reached down to run his fingers through the blonde's hair. He had a strong urge to pull his mate up into his arms and simply hold him.

A sick Jim Kirk was a rather vulnerable and submissive person. Spock's nostril flared and he pursed his lips when the blonde sneezed.

"Ew my nose is running."

"If we travel to the Medical Wing sooner, it will decrease the time that you are sick," Spock reminded. "If you will not get up, I will be forced to carry you there."

"You wouldn't," Jim said opening one eye to pear up at him warily.

"Indeed I would."

"Lying Vulcan."

"Unbelieving Human."

Jim laughed weakly sat up again, sighing at the pain in his head.

"I rather be sick than get stabbed with hypos."

"If you did not have a conniption every time one was being administered, Doctor McCoy would not give you so many," the hybrid said, watching as his bond mate stood. He was ready to catch him if he began to fall. Jim whined and looked down at his feet which adorned two pairs of socks each. He pondered why he was still so cold while grumbling about how Bones enjoyed causing him pain.

"Head hurts," he said softly.

"I am aware. Shall we go now?"

"Yeah," Jim mumbled holding on to the Vulcans arm.

They slowly made their way down to the Med Bay where Bones was waiting with a pair of hypos.

"You've got the flu. Simple enough," Bones explained, "Let's give you this before you start throwing up."

Jim coughed and tilted his head to the side to itch idly at his neck. Bones raised an eyebrow.

"Spock can you wait outside? I just want to check him and make sure he doesn't got a rash. Things would be worse if this was the Measles or Chicken Pocks is all," Leonard said. He pointed to the door without looking up from the tricorder he was swiping over the blondes face. "Jim take that thing off," he added tugging at the sweaters sleeve.

"I highly doubt-"

"But there can be a rash. Now, unless you want to get the rash too, I'd advise you get out," he turned to Jim, "Kid take the damned sweater off."

"Doctor, you are speaking as if he already has one."

"Just get out you pointy eared-!"

"Spock," Jim cut in, "Just listen to him. I'll be fine. I don't feel well enough to listen to you two bicker."

The Vulcan pursed his lips. He'd much rather be near his mate when he was ill, to make sure things didn't get worse and to offer him comfort. He resisted the urge to pull the bond mate card and nodded before leaving the room. The door slid shut and Jim sighed, wishing the warm hybrid was pressed against his side.

He felt amusement flutter through the bond, and then Spock felt embarrassment flood back.

Bones pointed at the sweater.


"Do I have to? M' cold," he muttered, arms tucked inside the sweater. The sleeves hung freely at his sides.

"Yes. Where'd you get that thing anyway? Looks like something a-"

"Shut up."

"It's the goblins isn't it?" Bones asked with a shit eating grin. Jim flushed (he blamed it on the fever later on when Leonard bought the incident up) and looked down at his lap. He shivered and reeled up to sneeze only for the feeling to disappear, causing him to frown in annoyance.

"Where'd he get it from? That's probably why you're... Itching. Looks like a mud rug with-"

"Bones," Jim hissed, "His mother made it. And I really don't want him to hate you since Vulcans do have superior hearing and he's right outside," he whispered. He glared at the doctor who had nearly dropped the tricorder.

"Oh," Leonard said softly, "That was- Sorry."

"Besides," Jim sniffled, "It's really warm and comfy. I think it's the per- Jesus! Warn a guy before you stab him!" he shouted hoarsely.

Spock did hear Bones, but he forgave him.


"Have you seen the Captain?" Uhura queried, "I wanted to give him this."

Spock looked up from the book he was reading. He was in the corner of the Mess Hall, and to his delight, the room was rather quiet. He had just gotten off shift and decided to get a bite to eat and read.

The novel belonged to Jim, one of the few things the blonde had in his room other than what was given as a standard. He was always curious as to why the blonde didn't possess many things. The only items the Vulcan had seen other than a few books was an old plastic toy ring, a glass Coca Cola bottle, a notebook full of letters and other papers that he hid under his bed, and his clothes.

The one book Jim had been shoving at the Vulcan when he had been observing them lined up neatly on his desk was Lord of the Rings. Spock was currently in the middle of reading The Return of the King. He was impressed by the trilogy and how extensive and detailed the background of Middle Earth was. The writing was spectacular and captivating; something the Vulcan expected Jim to enjoy. He found himself liking the stories as well.

He was also beginning to understand why Doctor McCoy would call him an elf every now and again. There were some remarkable similarities.

Spock peered at the soft blue envelope in between the Lieutenants pointer and middle fingers.

"I have not seen Jim since his shift ended," Spock replied, placing the book on the table. He shut it slowly, pursing his lips. "May I ask a personal inquiry?"

"Sure," she smiled openly.

"What is in that envelope?"

"A birthday card," she replied. She held it in both of her hands now, her smile faltering upon watching both of the Vulcan's exotic eyebrows pop up. "You… Didn't know?"

"I was not aware," he murmured, looking down at his hands clasped over the book. Why had Jim not mentioned anything?

"I just, well I thought you'd know," she shrugged. She worried the corner of the card with the pad of her thumb. "Tomorrow is the date that the USS Kelvin was destroyed, 26 years ago."

"That is a logical implication. I failed to remember that tomorrow was the day the Kelvin was destroyed as well as the birth of our Captain."

"People forget things," she mentioned, "I just wonder why he hadn't said anything to anyone. Or to you really. I guess, it wasn't such a happy day, but he must celebrate right? He likes to party every now and again," she chuckled weakly.

"Yes. I too wonder why he has not mentioned it to anyone at all."

She looked down at the card in her hands and frowned, biting at the inside of her cheek.

"Maybe I shouldn't give it to him."

"Uhura, I believe the Captain would appreciate the gesture whether or not he expected it or desired one," Spock promised, "He is many things, but impolite is not one of them."

"You haven't seen him at a bar piss drunk."

"You cannot imply he is anything short of polite while he is heavily intoxicated."

"Yeah," she sighed, "I guess not. Do you think you could give it to him?"

"Nyota, I do not think-"

"Don't think! Please. Just for me?" she asked, eyes practically begging. Spock wondered why he should do anything for her, but he practically heard Doctor McCoy in his head nagging 'humans do nice thing without a cause remember ya' damned elf'. It was illogical to hear voices in one's head, and Spock blinked momentarily.

He opened his mouth, only to let out an exasperated sigh through his nose. He plucked the card from her petite hands and she squealed in delight.

"Thanks so much! Crap I'm going to be late for my shift. See you around!" she called as she hurried from the mess. Several people were looking at Spock. He cleared his throat and looked down at the card in his hands. He tucked it into the cover of the book carefully, sure to not bend the edges. He got up, tucking the book under his arm and strode out of the cafeteria.

The walk back to his quarters was a quiet one. The only time he was stopped was by a young ensign brave enough to ask him a question about one of the machines in the labs. She had thanked him and swiftly walked away. There was an air of confidence that she held that Spock found himself pleased with. He didn't want anyone to fear him. Not unless they were a potential threat to his T'hy'la or crew.

He stopped at his quarters, walking in and nearly tripping on a pair of pants. He sighed, bending down to pick them up. Of course, they were too small to be his own, making them Jim's. He put the book down in order to fold them and place them on the dresser.

He sighed quietly, closing his eyes. He searched for any sign of distress from his mate, but found only fatigue and a trace of… Curiosity? Usually Jim and curiosity didn't mix well. It usually ended up with the blonde in the Med Bay getting patched up by a rather annoyed Leonard.

He slid the card out of it, staring at the blue envelope. In neat cursive was the name 'Jim Kirk'.

"Computer, locate Captain Kirk."

"Captain Kirk is on observation deck 3."

Upon arriving on the observation deck, he noticed it was empty other than one still form. Jim was sitting in front of the large window, staring out at the stars. As Spock came closer he noticed that the shirt Jim was wearing was a bit too big on him. It came to his attention due to the fact the blonde kept pulling the sleeves over his knuckles.

It was a pale grey, soft yet durable fabric. The collar of the shirt was wider, drooping slightly, and bunched up. The shirt was supposed to be snug on whoever was wearing it, but it was just a bit too big on Kirk's slimmer frame.

"Ashaya," Spock greeted, standing beside him. The man didn't seem surprised Spock had found him.

"Hey, sit," the blonde suggested patting the floor. The Vulcan complied, sitting beside him in one swift motion. He held out the envelope slowly, watching as the blonde eyed it warily.

"Who's that from?" His voice was soft, almost a whisper but not quite.

"Lieutenant Uhura."

"She didn't have to do that," he murmured, taking it from his boyfriend's warm hands. He kissed the Vulcans cheek before putting the card to the side with a small smile. "I'll open it later. Remind me to thank her."

"Why are you here?" Spock decided to ask first. He thought it redundant to question Jim why he didn't inform him it was his birthday tomorrow now that he had delivered a card. Jim knew that he was aware. The brunette wasn't going to push the matter if the blonde didn't wish to discuss it.

"Just looking at stars. Didn't feel like talking to anyone," Jim shrugged. He pulled the sleeves over his knuckles, rubbing his hands together. Spock pondered whether or not if his captain was cold. It was not chilly in the room to the Vulcan, but to a Human it might be. "I used to go out into the fields at night with my brother back in Iowa, and we'd bet on who'd get to go see stars up close and personal first."

The hybrid was unsure of how to respond.

"We'd always sneak out," Jim chuckled quietly, "Frank was a royal douche bag, and it was nice to just lay in the grass and stare out into nothing, you know? Disconnects you from things."

"You become disconnected when reading," Spock pointed out pointlessly. It was more of a thought that came out before he could help it.

"Yes I do," Jim chuckled, resting his chin on his knees. "My brain is just that way I suppose."

"A strong sense of focus is often a sign of intelligence," Spock supplied, pressing his hand to the back of his lovers neck. The skin was warm there due to the collar of the sweater, and he leant back into the touch. He made a soft noise, eyes closing in pleasure.

Ease and comfort spread through Spock's body, warm and tingly. There's a million and one thoughts flying through Kirk's brain, but that's nothing new.

"I stopped going out to look at them after Sam left," Jim began, "I was so confused about everything back then. You know he left three days before my 8th birthday? Kind of a dick move," Jim grumbled. He shrugged, looking up from where he was rubbing at the toes of his boots. He stared back out at the stars smiling.

"That is a rational reaction. And yes, I quite agree that that was a, 'dick' move on your brother's part."

Jim burst out laughing. The sound was lovely to the Vulcan's ears, and the corners of Spock's lips twitched up ever so slightly. Though he wasn't sure as to why what he said was so funny, he was glad to lighten the dampened mood his T'hy'la was in.

"You're the best," he laughed, rubbing at his face, "Man how I ever met you I'll never know."

"We encountered one another at a trial for your, in academic vernacular, 'cheating' on the Kobayashi Maru," Spock supplied instantly.

It made Jim laugh again, and this time Spock raised an eyebrow in question.

"You're doing that thing again when you take things too literally," he snickered. He always told himself Spock knew when things were meant to be literal or not, and he did it just to make Jim laugh. Most of the time it worked, and love always trickled through their bond as Kirk laughed his head off.

Jim intertwined his fingers with the brunettes, giving a gentle squeeze. The gentle, almost unnoticeable, hitch in the Vulcans breath sent a wave of excitement through Jim's body. He grinned boyishly, scooting closer to his lover with a grin on his face. He rested his head on the brunettes shoulder and sighed. He idly petted the top of Spock's pale hand with his fingers, while the other hand squeezed it tightly.

There were quiet for a while, simply staring out into space.

Spock could feel the thrum of excitement, the tingling of curiosity and the noticeable thirst to explore and seek out new planets through the touch of their hands. His lover's mind was restless, more so than usual.

"We didn't celebrate my birthday," Jim admitted after another few minutes of silence. "My mom always got depressed the week before it, and the night of it she'd lock herself in her room and cry. Sam got me little things he found or stole, and then after he left, I just didn't even mention it to anyone anymore. I mean, there were even times I forgot about it. The next person who finally asked me when it was, was Bones, all those years later when I was in the academy."

That would explain the toy ring on your dresser.

I knew you were wondering what that was from.

Jim treasured when they'd have telepathic conversations. It made him feel so needed, like he belonged to Spock and vice versa. Usually the telepathy was just snip-it's of thoughts or ideas, simple words voicing concern or love or question, but when Spock actually spoke full sentences, or asked questions, Jim loved it.

"She did not, deem you culpable for what had occurred, did she?" Spock questioned quietly, thumb rubbing at Kirk's tan skin.

"Never once," Jim shook his head, "My mother was- probably still is, depressed about it, but she never blamed me for any of it." Jim licked his lips, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

Spock nodded, kissing the blonde's temple.

"You are wearing my clothes again, ashayam."

Jim looked down at the shirt, tugging at the collar and snickering to himself.

"I am aware Mr. Spock. I love this shirt."

"You seem to say that about many of the things I possess. It is illogical to love inanimate objects, Jim."

"Are you complaining?" Jim asked, eyebrows shooting up in a mocking stare, "I could, stop wearing them if that'd-"

"I voiced no preference, nor do I complain," Spock cut him off.

"Stubborn Vulcan. I know you like it when I wear your clothes."

Spock remained quiet and Jim blew a raspberry at him, effectively getting spit on the Vulcans cheek.


"Admit it."

"Jim you are being ima-"

Another raspberry.

"I find you aesthetically pleasing in my clothes."

Another raspberry was blown despite the fact of what the Vulcan said and Spock clasped a hand over his lover's mouth quickly. Jim's blue eyes brightened with mischief and he furrowed his brows.

"Biting my hand will not make me lift it Jim. That's-" Spock's voice cut off as the blonde licked at his palm.

"Gotcha," Jim teased, muffled by a hot hand. "Do you get all worked up Spock? Do you get territorial of me when I wear your clothes? Does it-"

Every thought the Vulcan had on the matter of Jim in his clothes was suddenly flooding into the blonde's brain from a simple touch. Jim's breath hitched and he gasped.

"I believe that was the Vulcan equivalent to 'blowing a raspberry' at another."





Author's Notes: So what'd you think? I thought it'd be likely that Spock liked to see Jim in his clothes.

The last shirt Jim wears I figured, look's something like this, and also looks like something Spock would wear in my opinion:

i/men-s-slim-fashion-high-collar-bottoming-shirt-s weaters-522209933

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