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The Reunion

Chapter 1

"So are you ready for tomorrow?" Felicity eagerly ran and asked John Diggle the moment he walked in to what Felicity would sometime like to call their own personal bat cave.

"Ready for what?" Oliver who had been exercising for the past thirty minutes finally stopped and grabbed his towel.

"I have this high school reunion tomorrow and I asked Diggle to be my date…" Felicity explained her eyes still looking to Diggle to say 'yes', "So you're coming right?" Felicity's hopeful eyes flickered.

Diggle's eyes blinked, they moved left and right as though he had some bad news to say. "Felicity, I… I"

Diggle looked somewhat relived when Oliver cut him off, "What? You're going with Diggle? Why didn't you ask me?" Oliver looked utterly dismayed when he stood next to Felicity.

"As hard as it would be to believe to see me showing up to the reunion with a guy like Diggle, my old friends would know that something wasn't quite right, if I show up with playboy billionaire Oliver Queen," Felicity explained, "And anyway I didn't think you would like to be mingling with my geeky friends… Would you?" Felicity put her hands on her hips and her stare passed from Oliver to Diggle, who she thought was hiding a smile.

"You'll never know now…" Oliver smirked, wiping some sweat off of his face with the towel in his hands.

"Well I don't need to… because Diggle here is going to come with me, right?" Felicity twirled around completely towards Diggle, her purple skirt twirling with her.

"Well… the thing is Felicity… I… I..." Diggle mumbled.

"No! Don't say you can't come!" Felicity begged.

Oliver turned around smiling, and he went back to continue with his workout.

"I'm sorry Felicity… It's Carly's son… I sort of promised him I'll take him to this father-son thing…" Diggle looked like he was scared to look at Felicity's face.

"Oh I was so hoping it wasn't something like that… I guess then you have to go?" She sighed loudly.

Diggle nodded, "Sorry, Felicity… but I'll make it up to you,"

"You better," Felicity nodded still pouting.

Diggle patted her head and smiled back at her childish expression.

Felicity settled on her chair in front of the computer, "What am I going to do now? ... I can almost hear them… Felicity, you didn't bring a date? Are you still dating your computers? You're still working in the IT department? I have three kids and I'm the owner of my own company!" She kept mumbling to herself, clicking and opening and closing the same window on her computer.

"Ehm… Felicity…" Diggle came around and stood in front of her, behind her computer table.

"What?" She didn't mean to sound mean but she couldn't help it.

Diggle didn't seemed to have mind, he simply chuckled, "May be you can ask… ehm you know who?" He glanced at Oliver.

Felicity followed his gesture and looked back at Oliver, 'Oliver Queen', 'Play Boy Billionaire Oliver Queen,' aka 'The hood' a very shirtless hood. Felicity secretly gulped looking at the way he fought the helpless punching bag in front of him. "I don't think it's a good idea," She quickly turned back to her computers.

"Why not? Just ask him and see…" Diggle raised his brows.

"And give him a chance to see me grovel for his help? No way!" She was compelled to look back at Oliver, but she decided she would be better off staring at the little icons on her desktop.

"It's your choice, Felicity," Diggle smiled and started to go through some dodgy contracts he had been looking into the last few days, to help The Hood catch his latest target.

Except for the sound of Oliver training, the foundry was quiet. The more Felicity stared at the computer screen trying to think of ways to find a date to her high school reunion, the more she heard Oliver moving around the training mat.

She stood up feeling defeated. Deciding to leave her ego aside she tentatively walked up to Oliver.

"Eh… Oliver…," She stood in front of him, her fingers playing with the bow on her blouse.

He seemed too busy to look up at her, but she could swear she saw a smile hiding in his face somewhere.

"Hmmm" Oliver hurriedly moved to his left and took one of his batons into his hand.

Felicity followed him and stood behind him, "Oliver, you're a guy…"

"Oh… so you've noticed?" He couldn't stop his smile from taking over his usually brooding face this time.

Her eyes rolled, "Oh.. I've noticed," She had mindlessly babbled again and she didn't realize it until she heard Diggle's muted snort from a distance.

Oliver turned around to her quickly, his smile had grown wider.

"No I mean…" She didn't have a cover story, if she did say something she knew it would sound dumber than the infamous cover up stories Oliver had told her.

"You mean, what Felicity?" It was one of those rare times when Oliver had tried to drill her on the meaning of her babbles. In fact it may have been the only time, which led Felicity to believe that Oliver's new found playful attitude towards her had all to do with her not asking him to go to the reunion before asking Diggle.

"I mean… would you be my date for my high school reunion?" She got the words out as quickly as possible, wincing and looking away from Oliver's arrogant face.

"I'm a busy guy Felicity… Other than being the hood, I need to keep up appearances as the play boy Oliver… and I thought you didn't want the billionaire playboy Oliver as your date?" Oliver twirled the stick in his hand, making Felicity blink every time it completed a round.

"Did I really say that?" She acted all naïve, "You know me… I always say things without thinking…"

"But…" He couldn't say anything more he was cut off by Felicity.

"May be you can use this opportunity too… you can make an appearance in your playboy-self at my reunion," Felicity tried to sound convincing.

"I don't think showing up to a high school reunion with my IT girl would count as being my playboy-self… but I'll think about it," he returned to his training, with a very evident smile on his face, a smile of victory.

Felicity could feel her cheeks burn in anger, "On second thought, I don't want to trouble you… I think I'll hire someone from one of those escort services… my friend Patrice at work… she's not my friend really, but anyway… she has been bugging me to use this place to hire a guy to be my date… I wasn't really sure about it… but… I think I'll try that… Thanks anyway Oliver…" She started to make her way back to her computers, secretly hoping Oliver to come behind her and tell her she shouldn't do any such thing because he will come with her.

"Felicity wait…" He called after her.

She stopped, feeling like she had won some huge battle. She winked at Diggle that had been watching their conversation very intently.

"Felicity…" He turned her around from her shoulder.

"Yes, Oliver?" She batted her eyelids ever so innocently.

"If you're looking for an escort service just for a date... I know a good place… I'll text you the number, later tonight…" He sounded very sincere.

"Oh… Ok..." Felicity turned around confused and like a drone she went back to her chair. She couldn't understand where she went wrong, he was supposed to oppose the whole thing not text her a damn number.