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Chapter 19
Oliver's eyes were fixated on her like a cat stalking its prey. All Felicity could focus on were his lips. She didn't trust her hormones. She was terrified they would make her do something like pounce on his lips. So she took a step back. Only to be brought into a halt by the training dummy standing behind her. "Oliver… eh… about that note…" She mentally accused the stupid dummy. She blamed it for making her spill out the question that had been pestering her all day and for not letting whatever that was about to happen just happen.

Oliver stopped moving. His expression changed quickly as though he had been knocked back into reality. "It was about the case."

She could tell that he was lying. What she couldn't fathom was what he was trying to cover up and why. "You sure?" she asked.

He put more space between them and continued to lie. "Yes. It was about the mission."
The more he dismissed it, she was sure what he wanted to talk about was never about the mission at hand.

She stood staring at him for a while until they both silently agreed to part ways. She to her computers and he to her dismay to the salmon ladder.

It wasn't easy to act like he wasn't there or to pretend like she wasn't at all affected by the way he moved upon that damned ladder. And it wasn't even remotely easy to forget their kiss earlier in the day, in fact any of their kisses.

Yet, unfortunately she knew that was what she had to try and accomplish.

And, oh, she tried, quite terribly so. Because, added to all that usual misery, was his hand. The next two days that followed, his hand constantly seemed to hover somewhere around the small of her back as he escorted her almost everywhere she went.

He had always worried after her. However, ever since that kiss at the bridal shop, he seemed to be always behind her, like he was attached to her shadow. Almost to the point she imagined him standing outside her window, watching over her while she slept.

Once, she had jokingly asked whether he was giving up on being her fake fiancée and planning on becoming a professional stalker.

"It's for the paparazzi," he had replied to her joke with a very wooden expression.

For the sake of her own sanity, she had tried not to delve on whether there was something more to it than that and had gone about her business.

Felicity checked the time on her watch. It was almost five in the afternoon. A half an hour before Nathanial Wade, with some luck, met his fate at the hands of the hood and two hours before her own fate was decided at the Queen mansion.

Her toes curled inside her shoes as she anxiously sat waiting for her ride to the foundry.
She had dug up all that she could about Nathanial Wade and his associates, but yet she felt utterly ill prepared. One more time she went through some of her notes on the tablet, just to make sure she hadn't missed anything.

Oliver had taken on far more daring missions with far less planning. However, she had never been this worried. Or perhaps this was how she had always been before a mission and maybe she just couldn't remember anymore.

The thought of sipping wine and sharing stories with the Queens later on, didn't put her mind at any ease either.

Part of her hoped the nervous flutter she felt in the pit of her stomach, was purely because she was worried about the dinner at the Mansion. But the little voice in her head kept telling her that whatever was about to happen, would be far worse than her causing a stir at the Queens' dining table with one of her innuendoes.

She heard a knock on the door.

Clutching her precious tablet and phone in one hand, she draped her sweater over her other arm.
She opened the door, expecting to see Diggle's mission ready face. However, it wasn't him that awaited her at the door.

"Oliver?" She smiled uneasily as she ran a hand through her loose hair. She hadn't expected him to be there. That wasn't the plan. Then again, considering his new found protective streak, somehow she wasn't all that surprised to see him either. "I thought Dig was coming?" she said, locking the door behind her.

"Diggle is already at the hangar. I told him I'll drive you to the foundry. So we could go over…" His eyes raked over her for a moment, his words put into a temporary halt. "Go over our plan on our way to the foundry." he finally managed to finish the sentence. "Felicity, you look… nice…" His lips twitched and turned into a bright smile.

Her eyes dropped to her short green dress to hide her blush.

He took her sweater from her arm and helped her into it.

Two fast heartbeats later she lifted her eyes to meet his, but he was already turning around to go. Her heart continued to beat in a rapid pace as she followed him into the elevator. The elevator ride was quieter than usual. If not for the annoying elevator music, she was sure she wouldn't have survived the journey down those five floors.

Just as they got out of the elevator, there was that large hand of his again, guiding her towards the parking lot. His hand hardly touched her. Yet, when it did, for the next few seconds, she felt nothing but the seething mark that it left upon her body.

A car whisked passed them as they stepped into the relatively empty looking parking lot. Her eyes closed, shunning away from its blinding headlights. Although they were standing in a safe distance, she felt Oliver pull her back from her arm.

A squeak escaped her as she slammed against his side.

"Are you Ok?" His hand settled on her back yet again.
She wasn't okay. How could she be when he talked to her so sweetly, with his hand placed like that. "Uhm, yeah, I'm Ok. I might have gone temporarily blind. But, I'm Ok." What else could she have said, 'No I'm not okay. Because the way you're touching me, makes me think about things I shouldn't be thinking before a very dangerous mission?'

"Okay, shall we get going then?" He steered her to her right.

She stopped at the sight of his red and black Ducati motorbike. "Seriously? You want me to go on that thing with you again?"

He took her by her elbow and began to take her towards the bike. "This is the best way to counter the traffic. And I promise I will keep you safe."

Her heart skipped a few beats as she processed his words. Her stare immediately fell upon him. But he had turned the other way before she got a chance to read him thoroughly.

He walked them to his bike and wore one of the helmets that had been dangling on its handle.
Then he put the other helmet on her. She just stood there staring at his face as he fastened its straps. Then he went on to fix her hair so that it evenly fell down onto her shoulders.

"Okay. All Done. You can get on now." He tilted his head and gave one of his brilliant smiles. "Is that your 'ready to hack face'?" he asked, mounting the bike.

"No!" She got on the bike and put her arms around him. "This is my 'I really need to get my car fixed face'." She could feel him give out a little laugh in her chest.

She hid her face in his back and waited for the bike to zoom out of the parking lot. Then, moments later, she was at the foundry by herself. She listened cautiously as Oliver dodged bullets fired by the assailants from H2O and Wade himself.

Diggle was somewhere safe, high up on the hangar. His main role was to give Oliver the heads up on any sneak attacks and to give any backup if needed. Their plan hadn't gone exactly the way they had hoped and the hangar had turned into a miniature war zone of sorts.

"Be careful," she found herself saying every time she heard Oliver throw a punch or every time she imagined a bullet hitting either one of her team mates.

"I'm alright," Oliver told her over the com after she screeched for probably the hundredth time.

"Be careful." She knew she may sound like a broken record, but she simply didn't care.

Then suddenly all fell silent.

She could only hear her own breathing through the com. "Oliver?" As if they all had been waiting for her cue, guns began to flair again at her voice.

She could faintly catch the sound of arrows fly out of Oliver's hand. She had now become so accustomed to listening to that sound of arrows over the com, she pride herself of being able to correctly predict how far each arrow had travelled. Diggle had one day even proposed that they make a bet on it. Unfortunately, grouchy, no fun, Oliver wasn't interested in participating and she never got the chance to win those twenty bucks.

"Agh!" Oliver ground before going quiet for the next few seconds.

"Oliver? Oliver!" She pushed her earpiece into her ear, hoping to catch some kind of sound from him.

For more than a few seconds, there was no sound from his end. She felt tears pricking her eyes. Her whole world suddenly seemed bleaker. This was it, she figured. This was what that little voice in her head was trying to warn her about.

"I'm ok," he finally said.

"But… You sure? Because, you don't sound like it."
"I'm ok," he repeated.

She didn't want to question him any further and just hoped he wasn't lying to her.

Slowly the sounds began to die down and she heard Oliver growl in his arrow voice. "Nathanial Wade, You have failed this city!" Then, the sound of one more arrow soaring out of his bow resonated in her ear.

She heard Nathanial Wade shout out a few choice words at Oliver.

"We'll be there in a few minutes," Oliver informed her.

"I'll be waiting." She took the headphones off, feeling rather relieved that her intuition had been wrong and Oliver and Diggle were coming back safely.

It didn't take long for the news to report the battle that had taken place at the hangar. The video of the millionaire with a dangerous plan that was found tied up, replayed on every local news channel every other minute.

Felicity was watching the news and rejoicing, when the foundry door opened. She got up to greet her two arrow mates and stood horrified by what she saw.

Oliver was dragging his feet along the floor and he looked alarmingly pale.

Diggle had one of Oliver's arms draped around his shoulder. "Felicity, he's bleeding."

"Oliver, I thought you said you were fine?" Felicity began to quickly rummage through the med kit to get the things they needed.

"It's not that bad… I didn't want you to worry over nothing," Oliver muttered as Diggle helped him onto the steel bed.

She spread the medical supplies upon a tray. "You didn't want me to worry over nothing? This really doesn't look like it's nothing." She virtually threw the tray on to the little table next to the bed and watched as Diggle help Oliver take his hoodie and the t-shirt off. "The last time I saw you bleed this much, was two years ago in the backseat of my car. And, if I remember correctly, you barely lived through it." She slipped her hands into a pair of gloves and handed a pair to Diggle.

"After Diggle patches me up, I'll be as good as new." Oliver recoiled ever so slightly as Diggle began to clean around the wound.

Felicity kept her eyes locked on his injury. Because, she knew if she were to even glance at Oliver's face, it would only make her even madder at him than she was already.

"Hopefully… if the bullet hasn't damaged something major." Diggle held his hand out asking Felicity for something.

She took a guess and placed what looked like oversized pair of tweezers on his hand. In spite of being the daughter of a brain surgeon, she had no clue what all those surgical instruments were really called or whether they were actually using these instruments for their intended purposes.

Oliver gritted his teeth together while Diggle slowly pulled the bullet out.

"The bullet doesn't seem to have done much damage." Diggle dropped the little piece of metal onto the tray next to him.

Felicity could barely watch as Diggle began to stitch the open wound. She, by now, had more experience than she would have liked on attending to gunshot wounds. But, she would always rather have Diggle take care of them. Stitching up cuts and scrapes she could deal with, but bullet wounds that looked deep as the Marianas Trench, was a whole other deal.

Diggle dressed the newly stitched wound and disposed his gloves.

"Hope that's enough to get me through tonight's dinner," Oliver mumbled as he got himself out of the bed with some assistance from Diggle. He seemed more than a little off balanced.

Felicity tossed her gloves to the bin and caught Oliver's arm. "You've lost a lot of blood, Oliver. Before you think about going anywhere, you should rest. And, maybe get some of that blood you've kept stashed up in the freezer into your system."

Oliver took a few sluggish steps forward. "We're already thirty minutes late."

She followed him, her hand gripping his elbow. "I don't think you'll be able to sit through a full course dinner with that in your stomach. Diggle, tell him he shouldn't go."

Felicity looked back and found Diggle just standing there with his arms folded in front of him. "I doubt he'll listen to me when he's not willing to listen to you."

Felicity narrowed her eyes at her friend and he just shrugged at her stare in response.

"I'm fine, Felicity," Oliver continued to march forward.

"No, you're not!" Felicity tugged Oliver slightly from his arm. "Diggle, are you sure the bullet hasn't damaged something major, like his brain?"

Oliver reluctantly turned to face her. "Ok. How about this? I'll give you two minutes. You come up with a good excuse why we both can't make it to the dinner at my place tonight and… I promise I'll stay here with those blood bags stuck to me all night." Oliver walked away, looking for his clothes, already anticipating her to fail.

Normally, she would turn to Diggle for help, but tonight, she somehow knew he wasn't going to be of much help.

She did come up with few excuses in her head. Yet, nothing sounded solid enough to fool the Queens and of course her own mother, who, by now, must be waiting for them at the mansion.

Oliver looked up at the foundry clock. "So, I guess we'll be going then?"

Two minutes were just not enough, even for a genius IT girl. So, ten more minutes later, she found herself in the backseat of his limo, on their way to the Queen mansion.

Felicity kept staring out the window throughout the whole ride to the Mansion. She was too livid with Oliver to even look at him or talk. He kept trying to pull her into a conversation but she was determined to stay quiet.

Once she set foot on the Mansion grounds, her mind instantly went back to what had happened the last time she tried having a meal with the Queens. She internally flinched at the memory. The spilt wine, Moira's ice cold smile and Thea's insinuations of her own mother having hidden agendas against her, made Felicity all the more nervous.

"You alright?" Oliver asked as they both followed a maid towards the dining room.

Felicity kept to her resolute and didn't respond to Oliver. She strolled along, pretending to be interested in the interior design of the house, the chandeliers and even the weird contemporary art piece that made no sense to her.

She heard a faint chuckle from Oliver. She acted not to have heard him or to have felt his hand that was so coolly gripping on her waist. She wondered if he even knew what his hands were doing.

Everyone was already seated at the table when they walked into the dining room. Somehow the room felt bigger than Felicity remembered. Surprisingly, everything seemed relatively calm. Nothing was broken and no one looked like they were about to rage into war as Felicity had imagined them to be.

One of the things Felicity noticed straight away was the pearl necklace around her mother's neck. The one she only took out for special occasions. The cheery smile her mother put on and the way she was making an effort to be cordial with someone she would otherwise not think twice to scrutinize, left Felicity feeling both surprised and guilty.

"Hey, honey," Felicity's father waved at her.

"Ah… you two finally made it," Mr. Steele who was seated at the head chair greeted them.

Mrs. Queen smiled as she welcomed them both with a hug. "Hello, my dear."

"Hi," Felicity reciprocated awkwardly.

"I thought you two have forgotten about the dinner," Moira said as she sat.

"Felicity!" Thea sprang out of her seat and caught Felicity into a very tight hug.

For the past couple of days, Felicity had gotten very close with Thea. At times, Felicity wondered what would happen to their friendship if the truth about her relationship with Oliver was ever exposed.

Thea finally let go of her and ran back to her seat next to Felicity's mother. "Your father was telling us how you fixed your first computer when you were six."

Felicity smiled shyly and hoped that was the only story her father had decided to share with them for the night.

"And your mother was telling us very cute stories about your childhood as well Oliver." Felicity's mother freed a napkin from its elusive knot and spread it over her lap.

"I bet she told you the one about how I scared the whole staff by acting like I was bitten by my pet tarantella." Oliver drew out a chair for Felicity to sit.

"She did." Felicity's father laughed and the rest of the party joined in.

"I don't know what you were worried about… They look like they are having a great time," Oliver whispered to Felicity as she sat down.

Felicity didn't say anything but she knew he was right. Both the Smoaks and Queens were being bizarrely friendly towards each other. She just hoped it wasn't just the calm before the storm.

"So, this is how it's going to be? You're not going to talk to me?" Oliver whispered, sitting in the chair between Moira and her.

She rolled her eyes and kept her focus on the conversation.

Oliver made a sound as he tried to reach something on the table and Felicity's eyes instantly returned to check on him.

He looked to be in pain. "At least that got you to turn around and look at me." He flashed his teeth at her. His blue eyes twinkled like always, but they seemed tired and his face looked whiter than it was a while ago.

She was worried and it took her a while to realize that, unintentionally, her hand had placed itself on top of his hand.

Thea shouted at the sound of the doorbell, "I think Roy's here!"

Felicity quickly used the distraction to take her hand back.

"Roy? You invited Roy?" Oliver turned to his mother in disbelief. It hadn't been that long since Moira had talked so curtly about Felicity at that very dining table. So, it was only fair for Oliver to be so staggered by his mother's decision to invite 'Roy Harper' to have dinner with them.

"Well, I thought it's time we met him. I thought we should stop keeping so many secrets from each other. I wouldn't want my son or daughter to feel like they have to hide things from me. Hide things like, moving in with their fiancée and feel like they have to sneak out of the house." Mrs. Queen eyed her son and his fiancée.

"Mrs. Queen, we… Oliver and I…" Felicity glanced at her parents who she at once knew to be the culprits that had divulged about them living together.

"Sorry, honey, your mom and I didn't know that they didn't know," her father apologized and something told Felicity that it may have been her mother who had blurted it out to everyone.

"It's perfectly alright. We've been meaning to tell them anyway." Oliver turned around to the sound of footsteps that approached them from behind.

Roy appeared from behind the maid that escorted him. "Hey…" The young man's hands dove into his pockets as he passed a little nod to Thea. He wore a dark almost burgundy red shirt under his dark grey jacket and Felicity was pleasantly surprised to see that, for once, Roy had opted to wear something besides his red hoodie.

"Roy," Oliver acknowledged his presence with somewhat of a glare.

"Oh, stop with the disapproving brother act, Ollie!" Thea gestured Roy to come and sit next to her.

Roy greeted the people sitting around the table as he tentatively walked to his reserved spot.

Felicity could understand what may be going through Roy's mind, because she had gone through it all herself. In a way, Felicity was thankful that Roy was there. Because his presence made her feel like she wasn't the only one who was being scrutinized under a microscope.

The dinner went on with much argument. However, the manner in which her mother had begun to fiddle with her necklace didn't sit well with Felicity. She seemed like she was itching to reprimand someone soon.

The dessert arrived and just for the sake of making small talk, Mr. Steel enquired Roy why he had been late.

"I was caught in traffic," Roy stuffed his mouth with cake. "You guys must have seen it on the news. The Arrow helped police catch some crook in Glades again." Roy's eyes brightened with awe as he spoke of his hero. If only he knew his hero was his girlfriend's brother. "Cops were everywhere and roads were blocked." He had wanted to join their elite Arrow team for some time now. But, Oliver had been keeping the young man at bay by giving him small recon work. Oliver still saw him as a kid and thought that Roy, at most times, was a little bit too hotheaded to be a bona fide member of their team. Which, just made Felicity laugh because Oliver Queen was nothing but hotheaded in most situations.

Moira shook her head disapprovingly. "I hate the fact that people are heralding this man like some kind of a hero. He thinks he's above the law. He's a murderer."

Oliver's hand tensed around the spoon he was holding. Even if it was said unknowingly, Felicity knew it must hurt him to hear his own mother call him a 'murderer'.

Felicity placed her hand on Oliver's knee, just to let him know she was there.

His free hand covered hers. He faced her adorning a smile that said, 'Thank you'.

She was about to smile back in reply, but instead her eyes went wide, spotting the little speck of blood on his crisp white shirt. Something must have happened to the stitching and he was bleeding through the shirt.

Oliver squeezed her hand and he seemed as if he had known that he was bleeding all along. He leaned towards her, "I'm fine. We only have to stay here just few more minutes," he told her softly as he adjusted his coat. His thumb grazed over her hand, as if to assure her that he was indeed fine.

His attempt to calm her down, only made her more irritated with him for not listening to her in the first place and thinking that he could sit through this dinner.

Felicity's mother put her spoon down. "From what I've heard, if it weren't for the Arrow, the whole city of the Glades may have been destroyed by that earthquake machine! The number of people dead, could have been far more than what it is. In my book, he is a hero. And certainly, he's not the only one who thinks that they are above the law."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Moira picked up a fork.

"I mean… It's a bit hypocritical for you of all people to call him a murderer. Don't you think?" Mrs. Smoak took her spoon in her hand again.

Felicity almost placed her hand flat across her face, listening to her mother's outburst.

"Felicity, what do you think about the vigilante?" If it was Walter's way of trying to stir the conversation elsewhere, he had definitely chosen the wrong question and sought out the wrong person.

"The vigilante?" It took a second for Felicity to realize the question was actually directed at her. Felicity took her hand from Oliver's grip and kept it back on her lap. All eyes were on her and she knew whatever she said, undoubtedly would infuriate someone at the table. "You want to know what I think about the vigilante?" She turned to glance at Oliver. He was trying to cover the blood stain with his coat again.

"Oh, she loves him," Mr. Smoak answered on her behalf. "No offense, Oliver," he added smilingly.

"None taken." Oliver grinned, but Felicity could see the pain he was trying to keep sealed in.

"I don't love him!" She turned sharply towards her father sitting across the table from her. "In fact, I think he's an idiot!" She could feel Oliver's stare on her. The amused smile she thought she caught on his stupid face, made her even more determined to remain mad at him.

Thea giggled, poking Roy's arm with her finger. "I've been telling that to Roy for the last two years. The Vigilante is an idiot."

"You really think he's an idiot?" Felicity's mother looked at her as though she had been heavily betrayed.

"Yeah, he's an idiot, who thinks it's ok to act like he can take on anything by himself, when he can't. He's an idiot because he thinks him acting like an idiot, won't hurt the people around him!" Felicity didn't really know what she was saying made any sense.

"Honey, what are you talking about? I thought you..." Her father stared at her confused.

She began to stutter. "I'm… I don't know." She felt Oliver take her hand under the table.

His hand had grown unusually cold and her eyes quickly fell to their entwined hands.

"Ollie? Are you ok? You look very tired…" Thea asked.

"I'm fine." Oliver tightened his hold on Felicity's hand.

"You do look quite pale. Maybe we should call a doctor?" Moira reached to touch Oliver's forehead, but he backed away quickly.

"I'm fine." Oliver proceeded to eat the half-finished dessert placed in front of him with his other hand still holding onto Felicity's.

He somehow managed to persuade everyone that he was okay and continued to remain at the table.

The dinner soon came to an end with Thea finishing off her dessert.

After few more awkward exchanges, everyone decided that it was time to say their adieus.

Felicity's parents were the first to leave after sharing a few more uncomfortable pleasantries. Felicity just knew, by the last look her mother gave, that she would be having a long-winded conversation with her tomorrow.

Next to leave was Roy Harper.

Thea's boyfriend, at first, didn't look like he wanted to depart anytime soon. But, after Oliver reminded Roy that it was getting late in something close to his arrow voice, he suddenly placed a light kiss on his girlfriend's cheek and decided to go.

Once Walter went to reside in his office to take care of some important business matters, Oliver and Felicity said a quick goodbye and started towards the exit.

As they were in their home stretch out of the Mansion, Moira called them. "Oliver, why don't you stay here tonight? If you're not feeling well…"

Oliver opened the door and shifted his weight partly on to the door. "I feel much better now."

"You can't even stand straight, Oliver! I can't let you go out at this time of the night when you look like you're about to faint. Felicity, of course you're more than welcome to stay, too, dear," Moira insisted.
She knew Oliver was in a great deal of pain. She really would rather stay than waste any more time travelling. But, Oliver seemed quite opposed to the idea. "I…. I don't want to trouble anyone…"

"Oh, nonsense." Moira looked to Felicity like all mothers do when they want to guilt you into doing something. And, Moira Queen seemed to be quite exceptional at it. "If you really do feel like that, dear... Let's say… if you stay tonight, I will forgive Oliver for moving out without telling me and letting me find out that you two got engaged from some gossip magazine… and we'll all be even."

As much as Felicity wanted to stay because of Oliver, she couldn't help but feel like she was about to make some kind of a deal with the devil. Felicity hoped it was only due to all those silly ideas that Thea had put on her head.

Oliver closed the door and drew Felicity by her hand towards the stairs. "We'll be leaving tomorrow morning!"

"Did I hear it right? You're staying with us?" Thea appeared out of nowhere.
Felicity could only nod as Oliver hastily took her up the stairs.

"Someone is in a hurry to get his fiancée to his bedroom," Thea mocked.

"Thea!" Moira warned her daughter.

Felicity went up the stairs thinking how lucky she wasn't there long enough to reply to Thea. If she had, she would have surely divulged something ridiculous and embarrassed herself.

Oliver's room was the first room to the left. When he led her inside, it felt as if he hadn't been in that room in a long while. It looked empty and lifeless.

Felicity actually had been in his room twice before in the past two years. Once, he had snuck her in to discuss some 'Arrowy' thing and the second time had been last Christmas.

That night, Oliver had disappeared off to nowhere while the Christmas party he himself had organized, was taking place downstairs of his own home. Felicity had managed to find him in his room, wallowing in his sorrows with a bottle of expensive wine. Red wine was one of her weaknesses out of many. So, who was she to say no when he invited her to join in.

Maybe it was the wine or because it was Christmas, Oliver had shared few stories about his time on the island with her that night.

Few hours later, she had dozed off and woken up in her apartment, in her bed alone covered in a blanket. Thankfully, she was fully clothed, leaving no chances for any misgivings, like the morning after her reunion. "Nothing happened," he told her himself, followed by a wink the moment he saw her the next morning.

But tonight felt different. Their relationship had shifted so much in the past few days she felt more nervous this time entering his room than ever before. She feared that something may actually happen tonight.

Oliver took his coat off and virtually fell into his bed. "There's a first aid kit in the bathroom."

Felicity grabbed the kit from the bathroom and placed it on the night stand. He sat up and she helped him to peel his shirt off. She then sat beside him and began to remove the blood soaked dressing. A part of the stitching had broken, creating a small opening. She worked as fast and gently as she could to stop the bleeding.

"Thank you," he uttered as she began to roll the dressing around his stomach.

She lifted her eyes to him but said nothing.

Even with the loss of blood making him weak, he didn't fail to flash his charming smile at her. "Are you planning on giving me the silent treatment the whole night?"

She didn't pay much attention to him. She dragged the end of the dressing little bit too tightly, causing him to give out a small yelp. She didn't really mean to, but she felt it was well deserved nevertheless.

"So, you're that mad at me?" he asked.

After pinning the dressing together, she silently got up from his bed.

"Felicity," he said, as if her three syllable name meant something deeper to him.

She looked around, unwilling to answer him and saw a pitcher of water on a counter. She poured some water to a glass and gave it to him.

"I'm not thirsty." He took the glass from her hand and put it on the night stand. "I'm sorry." He slowly stood up and stepped closer to her.

As if he had pushed a play button words began to flow out of her nonstop. "You've lost a lot of blood and you're in dehydration, you need to drink some… no, a lot of water… you could even go into a hypovolemic shock… and, doctors say…"

He smiled in such away the rambling automatically stopped.

"You're finally talking to me…" His smile grew even wider.

Then came this moment where he just stood staring at her, as if he was admiring every single plane and line on her face. She felt herself lean towards him as though there was some kind of a magnetic energy pulling her to him. Her heart ached the more she tried to defy the pull. Her brain hurt as she tried to talk herself out of what she was about to do. It felt like those perfect moments that you should not let escape and if you do, you know you will regret for the rest of your life. Her eyes closed. Her resistance failed. And, before she knew it, she was standing on her toes and pressing her lips onto his.

It was a sweet little brush. It barely could be called a kiss. But, she felt the sparks, the tingles just the same.

"Felicity…" he uttered.

She opened her eyes and realized what she had done. She had kissed Oliver Queen and there was no champagne, no laughing gas, anything or anyone to put the blame on.

He gazed at her surprised for a moment. "Felicity, for the past few days… this whole charade we have been playing has gotten us both…."

"Confused…" she completed his sentence for him, not wanting to hear him say it. "I'm such an idiot… I shouldn't have done that. This pretending thing… it's messing with my head. I don't want to do this anymore." She moved back a couple of steps.

He walked forward with a hand resting on the bandage wrapped around his torso. "I don't want to either."

She had already said it first. But it still hurt her to hear him admit that their 'fake engagement' should come to an end. She was convinced that this had to be what he had in mind when he wrote that note.

She tried to ignore the pang she felt in her chest. "Good!" she spat as she began to pull the diamond ring off her finger.

"Felicity?" His hand stretched towards her.

The stubborn ring finally came off. She took his extended hand and turned it around so that his palm was facing up. "Tomorrow morning…" she choked as she placed the ring on his hand and closed his palm. "Tomorrow morning, we'll tell everyone we called the whole thing off." She turned around and began to walk away from him before he got a chance to see the tears running down her face.





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