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Chapter 20

One month later…

Oliver stood in front of his bedroom window, looking at the garden below. A thin layer of snow had veiled the usually green Mansion grounds. His gaze ran to the staff running around on the snow and returned to the ring he was holding in his hand. The ring that belonged on Felicity's finger.

He remembered how shocked she looked, when little over a month ago he slipped the engagement ring onto her finger. He had lied to her about the ring being fake. Only because he knew she wouldn't approve or accept something so expensive. But later that same night, amidst the screams of paparazzi, he admitted it. "It's real, it's very much real. Hundred percent real," he whispered to her before placing a light kiss on her cheek. At the time, he wasn't sure what exactly all that had meant. However, the next morning, when he woke up in her apartment with his arms wrapped around her everything became much clearer to him.

Her ringed hand was resting just above his fast beating heart and he realized that he wouldn't want to see that ring on anyone else's finger other than hers. He learnt that he wanted nothing more than to wake up every day with her hair carelessly sprawled across his chest and her body wrapped in his. He wanted to touch her, kiss her and taste her. He wanted to tell her everything he felt. But she was sleeping so soundly he didn't have the heart to wake her up. So that was how he ended up leaving that little note under the pillow.

He clearly wasn't the most expressive writer. He figured he would confess everything once he met her face to face at QC.

There was a meeting scheduled for that morning and unfortunately, it went on for longer than Oliver had expected.

Even when it eventually came to an end he wasn't permitted to leave that easily. His stepfather had taken him to a side to give a little lecture. "Felicity is a wonderful girl, Oliver. Very capable, intelligent, beautiful. And I hope you know how fortunate you are." Walter told him as if he wasn't already aware of it.

"I know," Oliver replied as his mind flooded with images of Felicity sleeping next to him.

"Your mother and I went through some rough patches the last couple of years. But we managed to work things out because we care very deeply for each other. And I can see that you care for Felicity the same way. And I can see the way your face lights up even when I say her name." Walter seemed as though he had known for years what Oliver had just recognized that morning. "It's nice to see you smile, Oliver." He put his hand on Oliver's shoulder. "So... your mother and I were thinking… We were thinking that it would be good if we got to meet Felicity's parents. Maybe invite them for a dinner?"

Oliver's mind was still preoccupied with the thoughts of Felicity and he agreed to the dinner without much forethought. "Yeah… Sure."

"How about this Wednesday?" Walter asked.

"Wednesday would be great." Oliver's eyes just kept straying towards the exit. He just wanted to get out of there.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to keep you here any longer." It appeared the older man had read his thoughts. "We'll see you both on Wednesday then." He stepped back, finally allowing Oliver to go. Oliver simply nodded and left the room.

He was just about to go down to the IT department when he received a text message. Seeing that it was in fact from Felicity, he eagerly opened it. "Save me!" The first line said. Those two simple words startled him. He could barely focus on the rest of the message. "Your spoiled brat of a sister kidnapped me. She's threatening me to buy things and I'm scared to say I don't want them. Please come and save me!" The message made him smile in the end. However, the fear that came over him as he read the first line never left him.

It was true that she would always be in danger as long as she was part of 'Team Arrow'. But, if someone were to find out that the Arrow was in fact Oliver Queen, his fiancé, no doubt would become a target. If that were to ever happen Thea would definitely be the first of many that may want to kidnap Felicity.

The mere thought petrified him. He realized he was putting her in danger even as he pretended to be her fiancé. He felt like a selfish fool for not thinking beforehand about how he being a part of her life in this way would affect her.

He began to rethink everything. From his decision to continue with the charade to wanting to tell her how he really felt about her. On one hand, he wanted to just take a chance on them. Then, at the same time he wanted to do whatever he could do to keep her safe.

In the end he decided it would be for the best for him to distance himself from her. The pretending had to stop before the lines between them became any more blurred and she got hurt. And once that dinner at his house was over, he was going to tell her that their act should end.

He called up Diggle and went looking for Felicity. She had asked him to save her from Thea after all. He sent Felicity a message asking for her whereabouts. Since there was no reply, he had Diggle circling around Thea's favourite spots to shop.

Thankfully, before Diggle began to complain about how he would rather be at the foundry, trying to catch criminals than being his driver, Oliver was able to find his sister. He saw her idly wandering around some bridal shop by herself.

He went inside the shop, not knowing what to expect. Yet, the white gowns on display did something to his insides that he couldn't ignore. He turned a corner and found Felicity. She was standing there with her hair hanging loose, wearing the most beautiful wedding dress. It was her panda shoes creeping under her dress that made her look all the more perfect. She looked an angel and he simply stood there staring at her.

While Thea screamed at him, Felicity mumbled something looking quite shaken up.

All Oliver wanted was to kiss her fuchsia lips and make her his. So that was what he did. He took her glasses off, just grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. The cherry lip gloss he tasted on her lips reminded him of the last time their lips met and reminded him how much he had been craving to taste them again. Whatever he had decided earlier about distancing himself from her was momentarily pushed into the back of his mind.

He could feel Felicity slowly begin to pull away. He wasn't ready to let her go. He held her tightly against his body.

But somehow, she managed to push him back with her little hands.

He gasped with his forehead resting on hers. "Felicity, you look beautiful."

She tried to smile. "Isn't it bad luck for the groom to see the bride in a wedding dress before the wedding?"

"I don't believe in superstitions…" Even if he had before, he didn't want to believe anymore. How could it ever be bad luck to see her.

"Anyway, it's not like we'll be ever getting married… I mean we'll get married one day, not now and not to each other… to other people… obviously!" She winced realizing that she was babbling again.

"Right," he said. She truly was right. She truly should be with someone else. She should be with someone who deserved her. Someone who wouldn't put her life in constant danger like him.

When she asked about the note, he shrugged it off. He just told her to meet him at Verdant and left. If he had stayed there any longer, he knew he may not have been able to do what he at that time believed to be right. He let her think that the kiss meant nothing to him and tried to avoid her at any cost.

Calling her his wife by mistake was the least of his problems that evening. As it took every ounce of mental strength he had in him to stop himself from kissing her in front of the practice dummy. One would think after being stranded on an island for five years and being through so much torture, they have been through it all. But resisting the urge to kiss her was a different kind of torture that seemed to never end. The fact that she was always there looking so delightful, didn't help matters any. And that day onwards, he found himself standing dangerously close to her. Although what he had planned to do was the exact opposite.

He discovered that his hand had a mind of its own. It always seemed to end up somewhere around her waist or the small of her back. When she questioned him about it he used their 'Fake Fiancé act' as a cover. "It's for the paparazzi," he answered, hoping that she would buy it. He could vaguely remember turning around and spotting Diggle scoff at his answer.

"You ready man?" Diggle's sudden entrance into his bedroom pulled Oliver out of his memories.

"Yeah," Oliver gazed at the ring one more time before turning to look at his friend.

"Isn't it the best man's duty to keep the wedding ring safe?" Diggle grinned, fixing the corsage on his tuxedo.

"I suppose so…" Oliver handed the wedding ring to his best man.

Diggle put it into a pocket and opened the door to leave. "Let's go out there before Thea has a panic attack. She's worried you might be having cold feet and all her planning would go to waste."

"I've never been so sure about something my entire life." Oliver may have been afraid a month ago to make such a commitment, but now he wasn't the least.

"That's good to hear. Otherwise, I would have had to put a bullet in you," Diggle added in a serious tone.

"If she didn't put one in me first," Oliver quipped as he walked out of the room with Diggle.

Oliver could hear the chitter chatter of the crowd gathered outside even as he walked down the stairs. They had wanted a small ceremony with only friends and family closest to them. Somehow, his mother and sister had gotten involved and had turned it into what the press called, 'The Biggest wedding Starling City would ever get to see'.

When he stepped outside into the garden, he learned that the press may not have been exaggerating with that assessment.

He walked up to the Chuppah and his two groomsmen, Diggle and Roy came to stand to the right of him.

The bridal chorus began to play. Everyone seated turned their heads to look at the beautiful goddess of a woman walking towards him. Her face was veiled and she was walking down the aisle escorted by her mother and father.

He couldn't believe that this was truly happening.

It was only a month ago they were pretending to be a couple in front of their parents and now they were getting married.

Actually pretending to be a couple wasn't at all hard. In fact, it came to them so naturally that they did not even need to put any effort whatsoever into it. Other than trying to act as if he wasn't in any form of physical pain, the hardest part was acting as if Felicity's silence didn't bother him. At first he had found her silent treatment to be quite amusing. However as time went on, her silence worried him. Because all he wanted to hear was her voice, her babblings.

Then at his mother's insistence and because Felicity was worried about his wellbeing, he agreed to spend the night at the mansion.

The moment he saw his bed, he sagged into it.

Felicity attended to his wound as she continued to torment him with her silence.

"Are you planning on giving me the silent treatment the whole night?" He sought her face that she so tactfully tried to keep hidden from him.

She tugged the dressing tightly as if to punish him for his idiocy, making him give out a groan. "So, you're that mad at me?"

After pinning the dressing she just got up without uttering a word.

"Felicity," he wanted to hear her voice. Make her talk with him.

But she didn't yield. She instead handed him a glass of water.

"I'm not thirsty." He put the glass away and got to his feet. "I'm sorry," he added as he stepped closer to her.

Her eyes blinked rapidly as she began to ramble. "You've lost a lot of blood and you're dehydrating, you need to drink some… no a lot of water… you could even go into a hypovolemic shock… and doctors say…"

"You're finally talking to me…" He wanted this. All of it. To love her. To have her stand up to him in her quirky little ways and then to smile when he made her babble. He wanted all of that forever.

The air around them shifted suddenly as his gaze roamed down to her lips.

She inched closer to him and he moved even closer. She was the one to surprise him by brushing her lips softly against his. Her lips grazed his tenderly for a mere second. Almost as if a feather sweeping over his lips. He was sure it had to be another form of torture she had planned to put him through.

"Felicity…" he said, seeing her shy away. "Felicity, for the past few days… this whole charade we have been playing has gotten us both…."

"Confused…" she concluded, moving away from him. "I'm such an idiot… I shouldn't have done that. This pretending thing… it's messing with my head. I don't want to do this anymore."

"I don't want to either," he agreed, hoping that they both were alluding at the same thing.

Anger and sadness flickered in her eyes. "Good!" she shouted vehemently.

That wasn't the reaction he had expected. "Felicity?"

She fought with the ring on her finger until it slid off. "Tomorrow morning…" she mumbled as she placed the ring on his hand.

He could see her actions were hurting her as much as it was hurting him.

"Tomorrow morning, we'll tell everyone we called the whole thing off." She turned her back to him, but he could tell that she was crying.

He caught her by the arm to stop her before she walked away.

She froze.

"Closer…" he uttered.

"What?" she asked but still refused to turn around.

"Closer… not confused… For the past few days, this whole charade we have been playing has gotten us both closer. That's what I wanted to say," he corrected.

She slightly turned and glanced at him over her shoulder.

"Being closer to you, I realized that I don't want to pretend anymore because I want this to be real. I want you." It only took a light tug from him to make her turn around completely. He gently wiped away the tears streaming down from her eyes. "I love you, Felicity. I was just scared of losing you and…"

"Idiot!" she said finally as she launched herself into him. Her hands went around him, making sure she wasn't pressing against his bandage.

But he didn't care if it hurt. He drew her even closer towards him. One hand spread across her back as the other cradled the back of her head. "I thought, according to a little bird, I'm supposed to be a jealous man with stupid plans? Now I'm just plain ol' idiot?" he reminisced on the accusations once made by his drunk IT girl.

She pulled back and looked up at him. Little crystal like tear droplets were still running down her smiling face. "I love you, Oliver."

What he felt when she said those words couldn't be amounted into words. He lifted her head up by her chin and planted a soft kiss. Her hand lay flattened against his chest and the surge of electricity he felt when she touched him took control of his whole body. Nothing had ever felt so right to him.

She still had her eyes closed when he opened his eyes. Her lips were still parted and quivering as though she was yearning for more. He took a moment to finally take in the fact that they were no longer just pretending to be in love. Although he doubted that he may have been pretending to begin with.

He ran his thumb gently over her lower lip.

Her eyes were heavy with want as they quietly opened to stare at him.

"Does this mean I can go to my high school reunion next year with my wife?" he teased.

"Didn't we already agree that it's not the same difference?" she asked playfully.

"We did," he beamed as he leaned into steal another sweet kiss from her lips.

She pushed him back and frowned. "Then?"

He loved how adorable she looked when she was trying not to understand. He took her hands into his. "It means… Felicity Meghan Smoak, will you marry me soon so that you can accompany me to my high school reunion as my wife?" He tried to get on one knee but Felicity pulled him back up.

She looped her hands around his neck and captured his lips.

His hands slipped down and settled on her hips. "Is that a yes?" he murmured into her lips.

"Yes." The word had just barely left her mouth when he slipped the ring back into its rightful owner's finger.

He pulled back slightly to look at her. "I love you," he confessed. His eyes stayed locked on hers for few more seconds until they fell to her lips again. He leaned forward, cupped her face and kissed her gently. This, he knew, could easily be one of his most favourite things to do.

She moaned into his lips and her body arched towards him. He could feel her skin burn under his fingers. It didn't take long for the movements to quickly become more frenzied and urgent. They both were finally free. They didn't need to hide behind anything anymore.

Her hips ground against him. His mind lost any control he had of his actions as desire took control. His hand explored her body with fervor as their breaths became heavy and one. His hands went to the zipper on her back. Just when he was about to pull it down, they stumbled on to the bed behind them. A low grumble elicited out of him as she landed on top of him.

"I'm sorry." She hurriedly rolled over to the side.

He wasn't worried about his pain. He could worry about it later. He didn't want the kissing to stop. "No… I'm fine." He searched for her lips with his own, but she turned her head away.

"That's what you said when you dragged me to this dinner." She rested her head upon his chest and put an arm over him.

He was afraid she would go silent again. He had had enough of that for one night. "I'm sorry. I should have listened to you," he said quickly.

She looked up at him and he smiled as he tangled his fingers in her hair.

"Why are you smiling now, mister?" she pouted.

"I'm happy," he told her simply. She then adorned a smile that brightened his whole gloomy world.

Oliver learned that Felicity was bearing the same lively smile now as her parents lifted her veil and kissed her.

He watched as she shyly stepped into the spot next to him, offering him her ever beautiful smile.

They've asked both a priest and a rabbi to co-officiate the wedding. They both took turns and gave their blessings. All throughout, Oliver's attention was solely set on the woman standing beside him under the Chuppah.

"Oliver? The vows?" He felt Diggle nudge him from behind.

He heard Roy snort out a laugh. Oliver's head snapped back at him. After lot of consideration Oliver had finally told Roy the truth about his hero's identity. But the little smug smile the kid had on his face almost made Oliver regret his decision. He glared at the newest official member of Team Arrow until he swallowed his laugh.

When Oliver turned his attention back to Felicity she was waiting for him to say his vows. He had no idea why he had ever agreed to write his own vows. It took him a whole lot of coffee, pushups and two nights to come up with just the first line. Now sadly he couldn't seem to remember any of it. So he began to say what he felt at that moment as he gazed into her eyes. "Felicity…" He clasped her hands. "I love you for your heart, your beauty, your mind. And for your ability to always make me smile." He took a moment just to learn her expression. To read what her sparkling eyes were saying to him. "You're my love, my light, my partner, my home. So I give you my heart and my hand. And I promise to love you… and I promise I will do everything I can to keep that smile on your face and to keep you safe as long as I live."

She stared at him lovingly and he gripped her hands harder.

"It's your turn." Patrice, Felicity's bride of honor, reminded Felicity.

Felicity blinked. Her mouth turned into an 'O' as she tried to remember the vows she was supposed to have memorized. "This was easier when I was practicing in front of the mirror last night…" she mumbled.

Thea hid her face behind her bride's maid bouquet and giggled.

Oliver gave Felicity's hand a squeeze and urged her to go on.

"Um… Oliver… The first time we met, I thought I felt something, a spark, a connection. Not just because you looked really hot that day. Uhm… not that you don't look hot now. I mean it may have had something to do with it. Because you were um… well you…" She turned redder when she heard their guests laugh. "That really wasn't what I was planning to say."

Oliver on the other hand hadn't actually expected anything less than that from his bride.

"Three, Two, One…." She continued, "Oliver, I love you and…"

That was enough for him. That was all he needed to know. With one swift movement he pulled her into his arms. She giggled when her petite frame collided with his and he took her mouth with his own.

The rabbi cleared his throat. "Mr. Queen, we didn't come to that point yet."

They broke apart reluctantly. "Sorry... we were just... I thought..." Felicity timidly looked up at the rabbi.

"The rings?" The priest reminded, raising a brow.

With his eyes locked in her blue ones they exchanged the rings and their 'I do's'.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife…" the priest finally announced.

Oliver stepped on the glass which was placed in front of him. It popped loudly and smashed into pieces.

"And now, Mr. Queen, you may kiss the bride." They were finally given the go ahead by the priest.

Oliver reached her in one quick stride. Their eyes met and neither seemed to be breathing for those fleeting seconds. "I love you," he uttered once more as he snatched her and lowered his mouth to hers. She instantly responded, her body fitting into his.

He felt the fabric of her dress rumple under his impatient hands. She wasn't wearing the same dress he had seen on her a month ago, but the new one looked just as beautiful on her, if not more. Yet, as much as he loved her in the dress, he couldn't wait to tear it off of her. He blamed the eagerness on the stupid pact they had made to sleep in separate rooms the night before the wedding. He blamed it on the sweet strawberry smell that was her.

She seized him by his tie and he sensed the bouquet in her other hand standing in their way. It was only then he remembered there were hundreds of eyes looking at them both and he would have to break the kiss.

Unwillingly they broke apart panting, smiling. They held their gaze, eyes whispering promises only they could hear.

They slowly descend from the Chuppah with their hands knotted together.

People who he knew and even some he just didn't like came to congratulate them.

He hated mingling with the pretentious rich. However having Felicity by his side and knowing that she will always be by his side, he felt much more at ease.

Hours later, as the night wound down they found themselves dancing amongst the crazy flock of guests.

He heard a familiar laugh from somewhere far. He turned and saw that it was his mother. The Smoaks and the Queens were sitting around a table and laughing at some joke. Probably to something Felicity's father may have said.

Over the past month his mother had grown fond of Felicity. How could she not have? Although, Felicity still seemed very wary of her mother in law. He couldn't blame her though. His mother was 'The Moira Queen'.

Moreover, he was relieved to see that their headstrong mothers had learned to be more cordial towards each other as well. They had somehow managed to work out their differences. At least to the point to understand that some topics should never be brought up in a conversation.

So as long as no one mentioned, the 'Vigilante' or the 'Earthquake machine', Oliver knew their wedding and any other future family dinners would be conflict free.

His view got blocked by two people who had danced their way into the front of the table. He quickly recognized the two people to be Laurel and her father. Laurel seemed to be laughing as her father twirled her around.

His gaze fell to his wife. He may have thought at one point in his life he loved Laurel. Yet, now as he swayed with Felicity to the slow melody the band was playing, he was sure that was never love. But this was it. That Felicity was it.

"Is that Jeremy from my high school?" Felicity was looking to her right with her eyes squinted.

Oliver peeped at the short man she was referring to. Jeremy seemed to be having a great time with his dance partner, Patrice. The woman was almost a foot taller than Jeremy. He barely managed to put his arms around her. "Did you know he had a crush on you when you were in high school?" Oliver smirked.

Felicity turned to him looking very surprised. "No! What? I had no idea! How do you know?"

"He told me. That night at the reunion." Oliver spun his wife to the music.

She cast another glance at Jeremy. "But why would you invite him?"

"I didn't. I think Thea invited everyone from some kind of a computer club she said you were in," he explained.

"I never knew he had a crush on me. I mean he never even talked to me. At least not about something other than algorithms and pseudo codes." She moved to the music, but her eyes were still on the short man. "Do you know his software company makes millions?"

"Are you having second thoughts? Thinking you married the wrong Billionaire?" He turned both of them around.

"It's too late now anyway… It looks like Patrice has already called dibs on him." Felicity eyed Oliver with a mischievous smile.

"But you're his high school crush. I'm sure he'll forget Patrice in a heartbeat," he mocked as he led them both somewhat away from the crowd.

"Speaking of high school crushes…." Felicity's face shrunk as she glared over his shoulder.

Oliver looked behind and saw Brandon and Bernice dancing behind them. Bernice put on her plastic smile and waved at them.

"Remind me to strangle Thea for inviting her," Felicity muttered between her teeth.

"Well, Bernice did play a big hand in bringing us both together." Oliver raised his brows, reminding his wife of Bernice's interview with the press that started it all.

"I guess…" Felicity seemed not entirely satisfied with his answer.

He didn't know what else to do but to kiss her pouted lips.

"Get a room!" Diggle shouted as he and Carly passed them by.

It only provoked Oliver to grip Felicity's waist tightly and lift her up as he deepened the kiss.

"Oliver," she moaned out his name and everything else around him turned to white noise.

Nothing else mattered to him than being able to hold her in his arms. She was his happiness, his reason to smile. He had returned from the island believing he was incapable of ever being truly happy. He had ruled out the chances of him ever being a part of any happy stories. But as he held and kissed his IT girl, his wife, Felicity Smoak, he realized that unbeknownst to him, his happy story in fact had begun that day when he had walked into her cubicle with a bullet ridden laptop.

The End








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