What type of flower best describes your teammates?

Kuroko? Ahh, I don't know…But I think his flower would be an orchid. He's so small and looks kinda delicate…so he's a bit like an orchid…I think. What am I saying. Of course he is. Because although he might not have a presence, like an orchid has no scent, he's still one of the most amazing people I've ever met! And that's the truth! ~ Kagami

Oh? Shin-chan? Haha, that's easy! He's a clover flower. Because he's the special flower that is surrounded by his lucky clovers! And another thing, don't tell him I said this, but clover flowers mean 'be mine', so I gave him a bunch on Valentines Day! …Sadly, I don't think he understood, but I don't mind. I love him all the same. ~ Takao

Takao? What a strange thing to ask…Well, I supposed he would be a hydrangea. He puts himself out there and is very noticeable and well-liked. And besides, in the language of flowers, hydrangeas mean perseverance, and he is nothing if not persistent. Mm? Do I know much about flower meanings? Why yes, my mother simply adores flowers, so I learned most of them from her. Why do you ask? …I refuse to believe there isn't a reason. *Glasses gleaming* Takao told you about the Valentines Day event, didn't he? I'll let the fool figure it out himself. ~ Midorima

Huh? Kise? That's not too hard. Sunflower. He's bright, in both senses of the word, for one thing, for another he's just as beautif- I MEAN. Er. Ahem. He's a sunflower. ~ Kasamatsu

Kasamatsu-senpai? Aww, that's easy! He would be a Lily of The Valley! They keep coming back, year after year, and he doesn't give up! And besides, he really is quite beautiful… ! AH! I-in a good way! Not that he isn't handsome, because he is! Gah, please don't tell him I said that. I don't want him to be mad at me…I really do like him… Ah! Now that I think about it, there's one more thing he and the flower have in common: They both smell amazing. ~ Kise

Hah? Ahomine? You've gotta be joking! … You're serious? Huh, alright then, lemme see…JUST for the record, you've gotta be nuts to compare this guy to a flower, but here goes: pansy. No pun intended, I'm being serious. It's like, it almost goes unnoticed because it has no scent, but it blooms anyway, showing off everything its got whether you want to see it or not, and before you know it, you find yourself drawn to it. It's almost as if you can't help it. Or maybe you can help it, you just don't want to. The vivid colors catch your attention, the soft, velvety petals are so inviting… ! WHAT AM I SAYING. THE IDIOT IS A PANSY! I MEAN! GAH! WHATEVER! ~ Kagami

Bakagami is a lily. End of story. *walking away* *turns around* Ah? Whaddaya want? I have better things to do, like sleeping. … An explanation? Why the hell would I do that? Oh fine. It's not like I care or anything. Specifically he'd be a Tiger Lily. Vibrant and beautiful, the fiery embodiment of passion. … What the fuck are you starting at me like that for? Che, I'm done. Have fun with you stupid little…whatever the hell this is. ~ Aomine

Aaaah? (Hi)Muro-chin? Hmmmm…*munch munch* A cherry blossom. He's pretty, I think, and he smells really sweet. Well, that's mostly my fault, but still…And another thing…Ahem. Whenever he smiles, it seems to bloom just like a flower. Mmm…yes. I think that describes him rather well actually. ~ Murasakibara

Murasakibara-kun? My, that isn't very difficult at all. He would be a lilac of course. The bushes do grow rather large, and even if they don't the flowers themselves are quite tall. And they smell as sweet as can be, and are very pleasant to look at. … Hmm? Yes, I'm aware of what I said. As a matter of fact I do find him pleasant to view, is that a problem? ~ Himuro


I don't even know. Something else random. Well, since I finished Kuroko, drabbles are probably going to be trickling out of my ears. But thats a good thing XD lol this is my third drabble of the day, and I'm not entirely sure what to make of it XD Such an odd idea XD Any ideas of who I could ask Kuroko about? I already got something about him from Kagami, but I want someone for Kuroko! But I had a mindblank TTATT

characters © Fujimaki Tadatoshi

story © MarluxiaSutcliff116