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Chapter 1: Troubles Beginning

Draco curled into his mate's side, purring softly as Severus ran his fingers through the veela's blond hair. They had just finished the bonding ritual, and the scent of sex lingered in the air, permeating their sensitive nostrils. Draco settled his head under Severus' chin, his purring tapering off into calm breathing. A soft smile lingered on Severus' face, and happiness settled over him like a warm blanket. But still, something seemed to be missing.

"Sev, something's wrong." The young Malfoy muttered. "I feel like there's still something that needs to be done. What's missing?" He tilted his head so he could see the older male better. Severus took a moment to think before shaking his head.

"I feel it too. We must have another mate – it's been known to happen, just not particularly often." Severus muttered. Draco's eyes widened a fraction.

"But why didn't we feel them before?" the blond asked, nuzzling back under the vampire's chin and letting his hand rest over Severus' heart. The dark man thought for a moment, wondering the same.

"We must have been so caught up in each other that we didn't realize it. When we both expected to only have one mate, we thought all the longing came from each other. Now that the bonding between us has commenced, we can differentiate the pull from each other from the pull of our other mate." Severus explained in a softened version of his "professor" voice, his long fingers still carding through the younger's silky strands. "Or it is possible that they only recently came into their inheritance." He felt Draco nod slightly, sighing.

"Everything just has to be difficult, doesn't it?" He asked rhetorically, nuzzling Severus' skin before placing little kisses along his jaw. The professor stayed silent, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of Draco's soft lips on his pale skin. Thoughts darted around his skull like bats chasing insects in the evening sky, and memories from the past surfaced as he relaxed.

Severus had come into his vampiric inheritance when he was 18, like all witches and wizards did. Unlike most of his kind, however, he did not feel the insistent pull of his mate. He had adjusted to life as a "monster" and had gone about his days as normally as possible. It was after the fall of Voldemort that the pull finally captured him – the day of Draco's 18th birthday, when he was revealed to have a veela inheritance and be Severus' submissive mate. Severus had, of course, courted him – even though the older Malfoy was no longer around to make sure the old customs were to be followed. It had pleased Draco's housebound mother, however, and one always wanted to please Narcissa when possible. The courting had gone well, and Draco had accepted him fully – leading to tonight's activities and the bonding ritual. They did not love each other yet, but there was mutual affection (even if Severus didn't always fully show it) and trust. Severus was pleased with the new route his life had taken, but he agreed with Draco when it came to their other mate – why did everything have to be difficult?


Harry yawned silently as blinding dawn light poured onto his small bed, which was nestled in Ron's room. The redhead was still conked out, snoring softly as Harry rubbed his eyes, placed on his glasses, and glared viciously down at the erection that was standing at full attention. Since his birthday he had been having dreams that woke him with blood pounding through his veins and his prick ready to go. At first, he could remember nothing from the dreams at all, but as the days went on he was starting to remember little things; like the feel of a tongue dancing with his and fingertips tracing patterns on his skin. He still, however, could not remember anything visual from the dreams.

He sighed in frustration as he pulled the blanket off him and readjusted himself in his pajama pants before dragging himself off the bed and out the door. Taking the stairs three at a time as not to be caught by any early risers (of which there were very few in this household), he hit the landing that had the bathroom with a small 'thump!' and vanished inside it. His cock had not yet calmed, and he irritably turned on the shower before shucking his clothes. He hated jacking off at the Weasley's, but more and more often it was happening – the dreams worked him up so bad that he could not wilt without release. Therefore, after a few awkward mornings with Ron, Harry had set an alarm for dawn and vanished to the bathroom daily before his best friend had woken.

After rubbing himself to completion and then washing himself off, Harry climbed out of the shower and threw on jeans and a t-shirt. By the time he was out of the bathroom the sun was significantly higher in the sky, and he could hear the movements of the different members of the household. Climbing down the stairs considerably more relaxed than before, the dark-haired young man headed for the kitchen were Mrs. Weasley was cooking the family's breakfast.

"Good morning, Harry dear!" Molly chirped, overly happy. Harry smiled at the greeting and replied with his own good morning before settling gracelessly into his usual chair at the table, waiting for the others to join. He had spent the summer at The Burrow and had learned quickly that Mrs. Weasley would refuse any help offered to her from The Boy Who Lived Twice. He knew it was due to gratitude, because she didn't hesitate to order the rest of her children about.

Fred and George were the first ones who appeared at the bottom of the stairs, not even bothering to try to be quiet. As they went to sit across from Harry, Molly ordered them to set the table. Groaning but obeying, the twins set to work. Harry had noticed when he first arrived that the two wouldn't let more than a meter come between them. Fred's near death had shaken the whole family – but George was particularly nervous and stuck to his brother like glue. Fred more than anybody seemed to understand, and didn't even bother to mention it as George made sure once again that he was within eyesight.

The sound of soft footsteps brought Harry back from his observations as Ginny swept in, her wand tucked behind her ear and her eyes sweeping the kitchen almost nervously. The war had scarred them all, and she was no exception. Ginny always seemed to be checking for danger, checking to make sure her family was there, checking to see if Harry and Hermione were alright – checking, checking, checking. He smiled at her reassuringly and saw her shoulders relax considerably. They had agreed not to get back together after Voldemort's death; everyone had needed time to adjust to normal life again and Harry needed the space. Over the summer they had both decided that they loved each other more like siblings, and Ginny made no objections when Harry agreed to stay with them until their repeat year.

Ron appeared at the table right as the food was placed onto it. He proceeded to shovel food into his mouth, grinning sheepishly around a mouthful as his mother reprimanded him and Harry chuckled. Ron, out of all of them, had the least problems settling after the war. He had the occasional flashback or nightmare, but for the most part he was fine. Harry suspected it had a lot to do with Hermione, who Ron spent most of his time trying to coax from her books. It was her way of coping.

Harry himself was fine throughout the day, but at night it was a different story. Nightmares had plagued him for weeks before his birthday, and he had begun to set a silencing charm before going to bed so he wouldn't wake Ron with his screaming. Now, though, were those wonderful horrible dreams he couldn't remember that left him aching hard and wanting. But wanting whom he didn't know.

Discussions had started up around the table as they ate, talking about the upcoming year of Hogwarts. Everyone was repeating the last year they had missed, learning the spells and taking the tests that would help them in the future. The twins weren't returning, of course, but were instead working very hard on their joke shop. They currently were saving up to move into a flat in London were they could be near their store.

As Harry watched his surrogate family chatter, he smiled. Things would be all right from now on, even if a little bit crazy. Then he felt the throb of longing in his chest that he usually got after the dreams and wondered vaguely what the upcoming year had in store for him.


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