Extra long chapter for the wait.


The next week dragged on for Severus. He spent long days teaching incompetent students and avoiding Harry. Harry. He still was not used to referring to the young man by his first name, even in his head. The student's smell was addictive, and he felt himself breathing in deeply whenever Harry and Draco walked into his classroom. The mixture of the two submissives' scents was exquisite, and Severus was more than willing to inhale the mix all day. This led to unmentionable thoughts, and he found himself going out of his way as to not cross Harry's path so he did not do anything stupid.

He knew it was the same for Draco. He saw the longing looks the blonde gave his fellow student when they were in the Great Hall, that he inhaled just as deeply when the three of them were in the DADA room. The only reprieve the two had was in their rooms in the late hours, caressing each other for hours before having sex and falling into deep slumber.

It was finally Friday and the day seemed longer than all the other ones put together. He found himself almost itchy with anticipation of the evening to come, and by the time dinner came around, he noticed that Draco had developed a nervous twitch. He finished eating quickly, as he did not need to eat much in the first place, and left the hall to his and Draco's quarters. He heard Draco's footsteps behind him, and they were soon settled on the couch, fidgeting even as they attempted to soothe each other.

The knock came a moment later – it seemed that Harry wanted to waste no time. Severus idly thought that this must be a good thing as he told the young man to enter. As soon as Harry was in the door he found himself pressed up against the wall by Draco, who had moved like lightening. The veela had his nose buried in the human's neck, and was breathing deeply to the point that he was getting slightly dizzy.

"Draco!" Severus snapped, worried that Draco would drive Harry off, and the young man returned to his side immediately, looking ashamed. Harry just looked startled, but he soon made his way to what Severus had now started thinking of as Harry's chair, and gave the two a questioning look. Severus knew he would have to explain why they had been avoiding him.

"I apologize, Harry. You must understand that your scent to us is…" Severus took a deep lungful of air to emphasize his point, "intoxicating." He finished, looking Harry over. The boy looked a bit nervous, but that was soon replaced with understanding.

"So that is why you both have been avoiding me. I thought maybe you were re-thinking the whole thing." Harry said, looking away towards the fire. Severus lifted an eyebrow.

"Would you be disappointed?" The vampire asked, and Harry snapped his eyes back to him and stared him in the eye for a moment before looking to the floor.

"Yes." He admitted, glancing at the two creatures on the couch before his gaze returned to the fire. Severus felt a hum of pleasure through the bond from Draco, and knew that Draco could feel his own happiness. He waited a moment for Harry to look back at them before beckoning him over. Harry looking confused, but stood and came towards them. Draco instantly scooted over and patted the space between himself and Severus. Harry hesitated, but sat where Draco directed after a moment, looking distinctly like he was holding himself back.

"May I?" Asked Draco quietly, indicating Harry's neck, and Harry again looked confused before what the veela was asking for dawned on him. He blushed slightly and nodded once, tilting his head to the side slightly. Draco wasted no time in pressing his nose once more against the human's neck, inhaling until his lungs were full of Harry's scent. Harry seemed to lean into the touch, before glancing shyly at Severus. The man had been watching, and knew his gaze had softened at the sight of the two of them together like that. It ignited a warm feeling in his chest – and another one in his groin.

"Would you like to…?" Harry asked timidly, and Severus rewarded him with a small smile. Harry's eyes seemed to zone in on his lips, but he quickly shook his head and offered his neck to Severus. Enjoying the submission far too much, Severus couldn't help but swoop in and let his senses be overwhelmed by the young man's presence. He smelled of sandalwood, a scent Severus found he enjoyed immensely. He let his thin lips rest on Harry's pulse point, and felt the human tense for a moment before relaxing again.

"Do not worry, Harry. I only drink from Draco. I would not drink from you unless you verbally and willingly gave me permission." Severus muttered against Harry's neck, and felt him shiver at the feeling. He traced his nose along a tendon in his young mate's neck and could practically feel the lust come off of him in pulsing waves.

This was going to be a long night.


Draco had never felt more content – or more horny. The scents of his mates filled his nostrils and swept their way through body and mind, filling him with happiness and longing. He knew that Harry must be amazed at this seemingly knew side of him, the side Draco had kept locked up until Severus had came fully into his life and bed. He had never felt so safe, so secure, as he did when under the male's watchful gaze, under his arm. He had grown up suppressing the urge to please, but now, around people who would not judge him – around his mates, he let loose the tight binds that held him, knowing he would be just fine.

Cradled in Harry's neck was one of the best feelings in the world. He could feel the shivers of pleasure from the human as Severus spoke against his throat, and it filled him with want. Wanted to feel him, wanted to taste him, wanted…

"Draco!" Severus snapped once more, and he realized that he had begun nibbling at Harry's neck. He stopped at once and blushed, the flush reaching down his pale chest. He pulled away quickly, glad that his Dominant was there to keep him from scaring Harry off. He was doing a horrible job at taking this slow.

Harry seemed to come out of a daze now that the two of them were no longer so close. He blushed slightly himself, and Draco found that he loved the sight. After shaking his head slightly, Harry began to speak.

"Severus, you said communication would be key in all this. I agree. Therefore, I will tell you now. I will not be scared away so easily, not by something that pleases me so much. I have seen new sides to both of you, what I suspect are more true to your real selves and being in your presence-" He cut himself off and looked at his clasped hands. "It makes me happy. I have never felt like I belonged. Like I truly belonged someplace. With you it's like…"

"Home." Severus and Draco said together, and both looked to the bold Gryffindor with warm eyes. Harry was suddenly wrapped in the tender but tight embrace of his mates, and he let out what Draco could only call a content sigh.

"I don't mean to do these things, Harry. You don't understand what you do to me now that I've come into my inheritance. It's like a drug, and I constantly want more." Draco muttered against Harry's ear, and felt the young man shutter once more.

"I sort of know the feeling. Letting you guys avoid me was like…" Harry stopped because he couldn't form words. Draco understood. He rested his head on Harry's shoulder as Severus rested his chin atop the messy black hair. It felt so good to be even this intimate with the two of them.

"So this is how it will be if we do this? All the time?" Harry asked timidly, looking to Severus this time. Severus' small smile came into play once more, and he nodded. Harry broke out in a grin that Draco soon mirrored, and proceeded to lean more into Severus' embrace.

"Funny, I thought we would be sitting awkwardly, or talking. Not cuddling on the couch." Harry chuckled, and Draco grinned again at Severus' snort.

"Vampires do not cuddle." He muttered, but did not let go of the young man in his arms. Harry laughed outright at that, and leaned his head back against the couch.

Draco decided it was a very good night.