Chapter 2

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Final chapter!

Callie's deep in slumber on Mark's couch when she feels a hand stroke her hair. She knows exactly who it belongs to not because she has felt that hand before but because she just knows that Arizona is around. She has always felt Arizona even without seeing nor touching her. Always.

"Calliope?" Arizona whispers in the dark, fingers gently tracing the contours of her wife's face. "Hey..."

"Hey." Callie retorts just as softly.

"I can't sleep." Even in the dark, the orthopedic surgeon could make out that adorable pout and right then and there, she knows that she's a goner.

"Me too." She sighs, grabbing Arizona's hand and pulling her on top of stretched out body on the couch. They just lay there, in that position; the silence comfortable enough that there's no need speak - the rhythmic beating of their hearts doing all the talking. "Wait, how did you get in? You know where Mark's spare key is?" Callie asks with furrowed brows.

"I was raised as an army brat, Calliope." Arizona giggles sheepishly.

"You didn't..."

"Hair pins..." She chuckles again. "No sweat."

"Not cute." Callie teases, sticking out her tongue even if they both know that her wife can't see it.

"I know. And I'm not trying to be cute. It's just too hard to know that you're ten, twenty steps away and I can't touch you." Arizona breathes out.

"Hmm." The taller woman hums in understanding.

"Calliope -."

"I'm sorry."


"Back there? I was being a brat. I'm sorry. You just..." Callie trails on, trying to process her next thoughts. "You just caught me off guard. W-With, you know..."

"I was just really curious, Calliope. Nothing changed inside of me because I meant what I said. I don't care that you've slept with many people because you're still the beautiful, wonderful and awesome Calliope that you were before I asked that question -."

"Please don't hate me Arizona." Callie murmurs pleadingly, voice shaking - alarming the Peds surgeon.

"What? Why would I hate you?" Arizona is genuinely surprised at how small Calliope sounds in that moment. With natural grace, she maneuvers her hands so they can turn the lamp beside the couch on. As soon as the light illuminates them, her heart sinks as she sees Calliope staring at her with this expression that says 'please don't hate me'. "Oh baby..." She runs her thumb across Callie's face, smoothing the crease on her forehead. She can't even find it within her to even think about hating Calliope. She doesn't think she ever could. No, she knows she never could.

So Arizona does what she does best, bumping their noses together until her blue orbs bore into Callie's brown ones until they are breathing in a cycle.

As soon as she feels Callie relax, she speaks again. "I don't care," she whispers and watches relief flash behind Callie's eyes and her body sinks into hers a little more. "I love you."

"I just..." Callie squeezes her eyes shut and shakes her head a little. "I just don't want you to think bad of me," Callie mutters, lowly. "I don't-don't think I could handle that."

"Calliope -."

"I never really cared about what other people will say about me. About my past or whatever." Arizona feels Callie fidgets beneath her so she places a gentle kiss on her jaw - something that she knows will calm her wife down. "But with you..." Callie sighs. "I care about what you think. Like, a lot."

"Cal -."

"I felt really ashamed when you have frozen up after I've told you know. You looked really disappointed and I couldn't stay for the 'you're-so-dirty' l-look. I can't handle that."

"You'll never have to." Arizona whispers gently. "Calliope you never have to handle that because I meant what I said that it didn't change a thing. I love you." Callie's eyes flutter shut as Arizona moves closer to kiss her. Arizona feels her wife's warm breath cover her lips and she sigh internally at how it makes her head feel heavy and heart race.

Kissing Callie makes her head feel heavy and light at the same time; and her heart races in anticipation. Arizona swallows lightly, inhaling deeply as their lips linger with barely a centimeter between them, and she can't quite believe how her life changed for the better when Callie entered her life. Before Callie, she never realized that she was barely existing. She didn't live. She was just...there.

Callie made her feel alive and she never wants to be without her.

Something is whispered against her lips as she drifts back a little, but then Callie moves forward to kiss her again, lips covering her bottom one and sucking gently like she's trying to convey everything she feels into this one kiss.

"I love you, Arizona. I've never loved anybody as much as I love you." Log and slender fingers slide up her bicep, over her shoulder and curl around the nape of her neck as she tilts her head and presses her mouth even closer, tasting the sweetness of Callie's breath on her tongue and the effects seep into her mind like a potent drug.


"I love you." The words whispered into her mouth were more than enough to make her shiver.

They kiss and kiss and kiss, until the night begins to dawn on them and fatigue of what just transpired scratches at the back of their eyes. Callie breaks the kiss when Arizona's tongue becomes a little sloppy, and brushes blonde hair behind the other woman's ear.

"Let's go home Calliope." With ease, Arizona gets off the couch, pulling her wife up with her. Giggling, they made their way out of Mark's apartment, stumbling to their own door as they continue to make out against the entrance of their apartment.

It's a couple of minutes later that they both find themselves on their bed, Arizona's head thrown back against the pillow under her head and she's watching Callie through hooded eyes as long, tanned fingers thrust into her, knuckle deep. Their bed is shaking, and so is Arizona, her hands planted low on Callie's naked back as she meets those skilled fingers with every thrust. Callie kisses her collarbone and neck while her hand is buried between Arizona's legs.

"C-Calliope," Arizona moans, eyebrows knit together. "Oh, right there..." Encouraged, Callie curls her fingers over and over and over again until Arizona's panting incongruous words. "Don't stop!" The smaller woman growls causing Callie to chuckle into pale skin, "D-Don't... Ughhh!" Arizona's body stills before she's trembling in her wife's arms who continues pumping and curling her fingers furiously inside of her wife.

"C-Calliope! Ohhhhhh!"

"You're so sexy baby..." Callie groans as Arizona's hair sticks to her forehead, her body is soaked from underneath her, making their skin slide against each other. Arizona pushes the strands of hair away from Callie's eyes so they can look deep in each other's eyes.

"S-So good," Arizona heaves, feeling her release come closer and closer. "D-Don't stop."

"Not planning on -." Callie's cut off by the loud crashing of a door, hands stilling in shock.

"Don't you dare stop Calliope!" The woman under her bellows, pulling on her back to bring her back to 'their world'. It works, as Callie goes back to her previous ministrations.


"GO AWAY SLOAN!" Arizona screams, glaring at the door before turning her attention back to her wife. "Don't stop!" She tangles her fingers into Callie's hair and spreads her legs even more for her. It's seconds later that they both hear that long drawn out moan, Arizona's body trembling wildly before it tenses. "Ohhhh Calllllllll -."

The door to their bedroom opens, revealing a pissed off Mark Sloan. Callie collapses on Arizona who quickly brings the covers up their bodies - still out of breath.


"Oh come on Sloan." Arizona smirks, overly satisfied that Mark can wring her neck and she'll still be singing a happy tune.

"There are actually other people in this floor!" He huffed.

"Mark -" Callie tries to diffuse the situation, only to be cut off by her bestfriend.

"Shut up! You!" He points at Callie. "You came to my apartment and I allowed you to sleep over and what do you do? What if a robber comes in and..." He shakes in anger, not even bothering to cover up his shaken state.

"Oh Mark..." Callie bites her lower lip guiltily.

"I was scared! I came out with my door open and the center table in disarray and my front door is open! There are pins on my doorknob and you were nowhere! I thought something bad happened!" He stuttered in between his rant. "And then I rushed here and found your door was open too!"

"Mark -."

"I thought something bad happened to you two! Fuck!" He throws his hands in the air in utter disbelief before storming out, slamming the door shut.

"He's mad." Arizona mumbles, still with that goofy smile plastered on her face.

"No shit."

"Come on, let's sleep. We'll talk to him in the morning."

"Yeah. He'll cool off in a while." Callie nods before crawling up behind Arizona who moves closer instantly, curling and molding into Callie like their bodies were made to fit together. With whispered goodnight's, their breathing evening out.

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