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I have a question who should I pair Maddy with. Thorin or Bilbo. I seriously can't choose and it is bugging me. Anyway off this boring as topic. Story time. Enjoy and Reviews are pretty cool. All spelling mistakes are mine. Hopefully none will be visible. This is the Troll chapter next is Rivendell. It may also sound AUish to the book movie but I don't want to copy it word for word. *hint hint*

P.S I am going to write my own book with my own characters and hope to get it published. It something I have always wanted to happen and hope to have happen. This is like a get to know you thing.

Maddy woke with arms around her body. She carefully turned and saw that they were Thorin's. "Morning Maddy." She heard Bilbo say. She slowly sat and waved to him.

"Good-morning Bilbo. Sleep well?" She asked. He nodded to signal yes but something was wrong with him. "Oh well." She though to herself. What she didn't know was that Bilbo couldn't get her out of his head. He misjudged his feelings of fatherhood towards her. It was a lot stronger, but alas she didn't need to know. Maddy carefully shook Thorin. "Thorin, it is morning. Up you get big guy." She said as he opened his eyes.

"No it's too early. Lay back down." Thorin said still half asleep. He pulled her back down and held her lovingly, like you would to a teddy. It wasn't till an hour later he finally got back up. "Maddy I apologise for what I did." Thorin said looking at the floor.

"Don't be sorry Thorin. You're really warm and a good cuddlier." With that Maddy winked at him and walked off to get some food. Thorin stood still and felt his face warm up. Dwalin passed him and whispered, "You're so whipped Thorin." Thorin glared at him and sat next to Maddy to get some food before they left.

The company had found an area to rest after riding for hours. Bombur was cooking dinner whilst Fili and Kili were watching the ponies. Bilbo left to go take them dinner as the rest of the company ate. Maddy sat with Thorin (no surprise) and they were talking among themselves. Maddy started to day dream and spilt a little on herself, shocking her. Thorin immediately started to help her clean the area. They both started into each others eyes and leaned forward then... "UNCLE! The trolls have Bilbo. Hurry." Thorin leaned back grabbed his sword and readied the company.

"Maddy you stay here. In case Gandalf comes back." With that he and the rest of the company left to help Bilbo. Maddy just stood shell-shocked but she thought she should help. She would feel bad if she didn't. She ran to were the company was and saw them all tied up. The trolls were talking about eating them then Maddy had this idea that would surely help. At least that is what she thought. "You have to skin them first. I am a professional dwarf kidnapper. I know these types of things." Maddy yelled out. The trolls hesitated before one of them yelled back.

"Tom, give me my knife."

The dwarves were startled and started accusing Maddy as a traitor. The look alone on Thorin's face was one she would never forget. Bilbo knew what she was doing and tried to tell the dwarves her plan. Dwalin suddenly yelled out. "I won't forget that! I won't forget that!"

"What a load of rubbish. I'm happy with their skins on, with their bones and all," One of the trolls. with that he proceeded to pick up one of the dwarves, Bombur she thought and went to eat him when Bilbo suddenly stood and yelled out.

"Not him he has worms in his tubes." The troll dropped Bombur and looked shock. "They all have them so I wouldn't risk it." Maddy smiled at Bilbo for getting it. The rest of the company didn't and they yelled abuse. Kili was the loudest until Thorin finally got it and kicked him. Suddenly the company started saying stuff about worms. Kili was one of the loudest and yelled, "I have the biggest one." The smartest (if that is possible) troll looked doubtful.

"I know what you're planning, you two ferrets. But it's not gonna happen." Bilbo looked horrified at being called a ferret. Maddy was smiling as she had seen Gandalf.

"The dawn will take you all!" Gandalf yelled hitting the rock. Sun came seeping through and froze the trolls. There was a massive cheer through all the camp site. Maddy looked to Thorin who looked very apologetic, she couldn't stare for long though as Bilbo grabbed her into a massive hug.

"You aren't hurt are you?" Bilbo suddenly asked. He panically looked over her to make sure.

"Bilbo I am fine. Look no injuries." Maddy simply smiled. Happy this ordeal was over. She started to walk back to the camp before Thorin grabbed her arm.

"What were you thinking. I told you to stay at the camp!" Thorin roared at her. "I was so worried. The trolls looked like they were about to grab you and eat you and I wouldn't have been able to help you. I felt so helpless laying there not being able to help." Thorin looked sad. Maddy simply hugged him. She knew how worried someone could get but a simple hug did justice.

"Thorin. If there are trolls there will be a cave nearby." Thorin heard Gandalf yell to him. "Come Thorin." Thorin looked to Maddy.

"Stay with the company. Ok?" Thorin asked of her. Maddy nodded and joined Bofur. He simply started at her until she sat with him. He moved so he was facing her.

"You did a brave thing Lass. None of the others would have done what you did. I don't think I would have. So thank you lass. We owe you." Maddy smiled at Bofur's thank you.

"Bofur I am sure if I was in the same position you would not of thought twice. You should have seen how worried Thorin and Bilbo get. I don't understand why. Why do they care for me so much they would rather get hurt?" Maddy smiled sadly.

"I don't know lass. But think of it as a good thing. We will be leaving soon why not get you pack and get ready to leave." With that Bofur walked one way and Maddy the other. Still trying to figure out why Bilbo and Thorin cared so much.