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Fifteen, Six, Smokes, and Schoolwork

Grimmjow cursed as he tried to get his lighter to work, going as far as banging it against the wall while promising to go into a life of poverty and enlightenment if he could just enjoy one more smoke before the deadline of his English paper. In all honesty though, the paper sucked at being a passable literary analysis on The Great Gatsby even more than his lighter sucked at being a lighter. English just wasn't one of Grimmjow's strong suits.

There was one other person in the café, and Grimmjow didn't really want to interrupt him at the moment. He was hunched over his own laptop, probably typing up a rather useless English paper of his own. Teachers tended to assign an inordinate amount of those and gave a ridiculously short deadline to write them. He didn't want to interrupt him because every second was precious.

However, smoking calls.

The teenager jolted and almost fell out of his chair when Grimmjow tapped him on the shoulder, broken out of his trance.

"Ne, sorry ta bother you but do you have a lighter? Mine's coughed out its last little flames."

He was stared at for a good half minute before the teen reached into his pocket. Up close, Grimmjow noticed that his orange hair was natural and that his eyes were very, very brown. He also happened to notice the wonderful view down his shirt.

A bright green lighter was thrust up into his face.


Grimmjow took the lighter from his outstretched hand, noting the teen's bony wrists. He lit the cigarette and savored the second of nicotine heaven. The only thing that topped the first drag from a smoke was sex, and only by a small margin.

"Grimmjow Jaegerjaques. Nice ta meet you."

He could barely hear the reply of, "Ichigo Kurosaki."

Yet it was very easy and rather to see the nervous flicking of a certain green lighter and subtle looks being cast by a certain pair of brown eyes at him while he typed.

Maybe he would go over and borrow the lighter again.

He was intriguing, I would give him that. I don't know why, but I couldn't stop looking over and playing with my lighter. Maybe it was the hair. Maybe it was the smoking. Both of them were sexy.

I turned back to my mathematics/philosophy paper on the symbolic significance of two numbers in our society. I was using fifteen and six for the examples. Fifteen added to six equaled twenty-one, the prime goal in blackjack and the number of perfection by excellence in accordance to the bible. Fifteen multiplied by six equaled ninety, which was the measure of right angles, of which a lot of our society was made of.

Including the space between the two words, Ichigo Kurosaki had fifteen letters. I couldn't spell it, but Grimmjow Jaegerjaques definitely had many many more, but only six syllables.

Fifteen and six were nice numbers together.

I hope you like it!

To all of my followers and anyone who sees this fanfic, I am still on leave. This was written because I thought an exceptionally fantastic piece of art like this one should be recognized and appreciated.