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After another one of Audrey's wake up calls, everyone found themselves sitting at the table eating breakfast. Kurt and Jesse were talking about something and Rachel found herself staring at everyone. Her life was amazing. Granted Kurt's life was going down hill it seemed, and she honestly did feel bad for him, she was thrilled to know that even through all the bad things, she still had him, Audrey and Jesse. Her situation with Jesse was going so much better than she could have hoped for.

" Earth the Rachel. Are you even listening to me? " Kurt asked.

" Honestly no, but I apologize for that. Now what were you saying? "

" I was asking if you and Jesse would mind watching Audrey. Ethan had a huge case today, so I was going to go get the rest of our stuff while he is out, but I really don't want Audrey there in case he randomly pops in. "

" You know we would. "

" I was just making sure. So I am going to get dressed and head over there. Rachel, you know Audy's schedule. I'll be back in a couple hours. " Kurt said heading to the bathroom.

" Jesse, I am worried about him. "

" Why? He can handle himself. "

" What if Ethan comes home? I am worried that something is going to happen to him. We both know what Ethan is capable of. "

" He'll be okay, if anyone can handle anything Ethan throws at them, it is Kurt. " Jesse reassured her.

Nodding, she hugged him and watched as Kurt said goodbye to Audrey. Before he walked out the door, he looked back at Rachel. When she nodded, he felt like he had all of the encouragement in the world. With all of the confidence in the world, Kurt held his head high and walked out the front door. While Rachel cleaned up the dishes and table, Jesse found himself sitting on the floor rolling a ball around with Audrey. Rachel looked on from the kitchen.

She watched on as Jesse made the little girl laugh. No she wasn't ready for kids just yet, she had a career to tend to at the moment and so many things she wanted to do, but she knew that if she ever got married and had kids she wanted it to be with Jesse. How had it come to all this? They had only reconnected a week or two ago. She laughed as she watched Audrey throw a tennis ball at Jesse's head.

" Hey Jess, it is N-A-P time. Think you can get her to settle down? Her pack-n-play is in Kurt's room with the monitors, I will go set everything up. " she said.

" Yeah. Audy, come here. " he said picking the little girl up.

Rachel made her way to the back room. Grabbing the monitor and setting up Audrey's bed, she made her way back out to the living room. When she rounded the corner, she heard Jesse singing. She smiled when she saw him singing to a sleeping body. Motioning for him to come with her, they put the baby up for her nap.

" You ready for a nap to? " Jesse yawned hugging Rachel.

" Yeah, it is only 10:30 in the morning and I am already wore slap out. "

" Lets go lay down then. You got the monitor right? "

" Yeah it's right here. "

They made their way to their room and set the monitor on the bedside table and slowly fell asleep in each other's arms.

When Rachel woke up, she was met with a cold side of the bed. Freaking out, she started panicking. It wasn't until she noticed that the monitor was gone that she calmed down. Jesse had let her sleep in. Climbing out of the bed, she made her way down the hall.

" Jess, what time is it? "

" After lunch time. Audy woke up so I got her lunch. Yours got cold, so I just put it away. " he said flipping through his musicals.

" Put in Mary Poppins. It's her favorite. " Rachel suggested.

They had just gotten to 'Spoon full of Sugar' when Kurt walked in. He had three men walking in behind him. Two were carrying boxes and he was carrying two himself. One of the men was dressed in a suit and was speaking to Kurt.

" Mr. Hummel, we can file for separation tomorrow. But a judge won't see it for a couple weeks. "

" That's fine, I just want out of there and I don't want him anywhere near my daughter. "

" I am sure we could arrange that. I can't promise anything. We are going to have to get a statement from Ms. Berry to prove that he is unfit as a parent, but other than that, everything should be good to go. I will contact you tomorrow afternoon. "

" Thank you Mr. Jones. " Kurt said putting a box on the kitchen table.

" Kurt, what is all of this stuff? " Rachel asked astonished as to how many they had brought in.

" I brought everything that I had ever bought, all of Audrey's things and all of my clothes. " Kurt said matter of factly.

" Rach, can I talk to you for a minute while Kurt unloads all of his things? " Jesse asked.

" Sure, be right back Kurt. "

Grabbing her hand, Jesse led Rachel towards their bed room. Motioning for her to sit on the bed, he sat across from her.

" I just had an idea and I wanted to run it by you first. "

" Okay. "

" Kurt has a bunch of stuff. Like more than I thought humanly possible. There isn't going to be enough room for all four of our things. "

Rachel looked to the floor. She knew he was right, but he didn't want to kick Kurt out. She couldn't bring herself to do that to her best friend.

" So I was thinking, since you are moving in with me anyways, why not sell your apartment? Between your rent money, and the money I would get from this place, we could afford a new place that could accommodate all of us. My parents never use this place and said I could do what ever I wanted with it, so I am sure I could get a good off- "

Rachel cut him off with a kiss. Wrapping herself in his embrace she smiled and hugged him tightly.

" Jess, you are pretty much amazing, you know that right. "

" So you like the idea? I couldn't tell by your face, I thought you were going to say no. "

" I thought you were going to say we needed to get Kurt to leave. I was dreading having to pick between the two of you. " she whispered.

" I would never make you do that. Do you think that Kurt would agree to getting a new place? We could all go look soon, since we will all be living there, we need to make sure everyone is comfortable. "

" I am positive he would. Lets go talk to him. " she said ushering him out of the bedroom.

" Kurt, we need to talk to you. It is important. "


" Yes, God yes! I could use my little bit of money from the rent with Ethan and help pay. This is so exciting. " Kurt gushed after they had told them Jesse's idea.

" I am glad you see it that way, I just saw your boxes, then I thought of what Rachel hadn't brought over here. Trust me there would not be enough room for us to breathe after that. " Jesse said.

" When are you guys free to look? I am free pretty much anytime. "

" Well since tomorrow is our last day off, I will call the Realtor in a minute and see when they can fit us in tomorrow? That good for everyone? " Jesse suggested.

Kurt and Rachel nodded and started talking about how they were going to decorate when Jesse picked his phone up. Truth be told he had been thinking about this for a while. Dialing the number, he spoke with his family's realistate agent. After he hung up, he went back to give the news.

" She can fit us in tomorrow from 10:30 to whenever. I gave her a vague description of our little family and she said she would look for anything she thought would be accommodating. " Jesse said.

" This is great! Now that that is over, lets go get supper, it is like 5:15 and I didn't think to break anything out for supper. " Rachel said.

After everyone was ready, they went to celebrate. From Rachel in his life, to finding a new home, to having one of the most sought after rolls on Broadway, Jesse had tons to celebrate. He didn't think his life could get any better than this. Arriving at the restaurant, the makeshift family was seated and conversation about the new house ensued. For all of them, life couldn't be better than this.


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