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Jesse's Pov:

What is she doing here?! I never invited her and I know that she loves making Rachel's life a living hell, so she has to leave. Maybe if I just tell Rach-

" San! What are you doing here? I missed you so much. " Rachel said walking to the couch.

" School is out for break. Louisville only stays open for so long. I heard about your casting from Kurt here and thought I would drop in. Looks like you are doing pretty well for yourself. " she replied eyeing me up and down.

" So St. James, what did you have to do to get to back with your sorry ass? " she asked, crossing her arms and walking to stand in front of me.

" So glad you see you haven't changed since we last saw eachother Satan. To answer your question, I didn't really have to do anything other than apologize. " I said smiling at Rachel.

" Uh huh, well that may be all it took for her to trust you, but it is going to be a whole lot harder for Kurt and I to. " she glared.

" Well I am pretty sure that Kurt is quite fine with me. Other than that, I don't see any reason to worry about old friends liking me. "

Rachel's Pov:

Great just what I needed. I know that Santana has changed, but I forgot to mention that to Jess. And now they're havng a freakin' stare down. Why do these things happen to me?

" Yeah Jesse, Santana and I got close after you left. Santana, sit down everything between Jesse and I are doing great. As for Kurt, he and Jesse get along great. Audrey loves her Untle Hessie. " I said smiling at everyone.

I think that relaxed everyone. After my little speech, Santana went to talk to Kurt while Jesse and I walked into the kitchen.

" Well that was amusing. " Jesse said.

" You aren't mad at me are you? "

" I guess not. But I can think of several ways you can make it up to me later. " he said smirking at me.

" You are incorageable. "

" Only for you sweetness. " he said proving it with a kiss.

As per usual, we got caught up in the moment. Well we did until a little voice was heard.

" Untle Hessie, twit kissing Auntie Way. Its suppor time and I is huntwe. " Audrey said seriously.

" Okay baby girl. What do you want to eat? " Jesse asked picking up the giggling bundle of hyperness.

" Mat and Cheese! " she shouted.

Jesse smiled at her, and nodding, set her down to start cooking. Before I knew it, he was grabbing all sorts of ingredients and boiling noodles.

" It's my grandmother's recipie. She taught me how to make it. It is one of the only things that I can cook without it being written down. " he said stirring the noodles.

" Is there anything I can do? "

" Cut up the butter? "

I did what was asked. I could get used to this. Cooking with him and going to bed with him every night. I am so lucky that I have him.

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