This is the sequel of my previous Tinkerbell fanfics 'Aurora the Sunset Fairy' and 'Dear Diary'. For those who haven't read it then you should! Or else you won't understand who Aurora is…

Tinkerbell Fanfiction
Title: Princess of Pixie Hollow
Author: Rania Isabella Reaser
Rate: T
Language: English
Characters: Queen Clarion, Lord Milori, Aurora, other
Pairings: Queen ClarionXLord Milori
Previous Story: Aurora the Sunset Fairy, Dear Diary
Queen Clarion can't be present for a while to rule Pixie Hollow, and Lord Milori could only rule Winter Woods, that made the responsibility to rule all the fairies fall to the Princess, Aurora. How the rebellious princess could do the duties of the Queen? Read to find out!

Chapter 1: Queen-in-training

The morning breeze of Winter Woods blew came into a room through the open window. The morning sunshine shone to the princess sleeping under the blanket. She yawned and turned to her side, avoiding the sunshine.

"Good Morning, Princess Aurora!" Fairy Mary sang as she swung the door opened, her wings frosted so they won't broke.

Aurora groaned and buried her face on the pillow. "Go back to sleep, Fairy Mary." She mumbled,

"Oh no, no, no, no, no, we have to wake for the big day of yours, Princess!" Fairy Mary pulled the blanket away from Aurora's body.

"FAIRY MARY!" Aurora sat up on the bed.

The Tinker Fairy put a finger on the princess's lips. "No protesting. And no yelling."

"What because Mother never protested and yelled?"

"Yes and the other thing." Fairy Mary said as she opened the curtains.

"What other thing?"

"The Queen's pregnancy of course!"

Aurora rolled her eyes and scoffed. "It's not my fault Mother got pregnant, why I should be the one that suffered to wake early and do her duties?"

Fairy Mary turned to the young princess and shook her head. "Oh my dear, of course because you are the one that have the title princess, so you are the one that have to do the Queen's duties."

"But I'm not a Queen!" Aurora argued,

"You're the future Queen. Let's just say that now you're Queen-in-training. Now, the first thing the Queen-in-training must do is…"

"Go back to sleep!" Aurora slumped herself to the fluffy pillow and began to sleep again.

"No!" Fairy Mary pulled Aurora's arms, forcing her to sit up again. "The first thing you must do is get a new dress."

"What's wrong with my usual one?"

"You have to wear more formal one, Aurora."

Aurora scowled, "I like that one."

"You're Queen-in-training now, not the Princess anymore. Now chop-chop!"

Aurora jumped off the bed and went to her wardrobe. "Choose for me, will you Fairy Mary? Come on, you're the advisor of the Queen and now also for the Queen-in-training…"

Fairy Mary sighed, "Just this once." She rummaged through Aurora's wardrobe. "Here you go!" she passed the dress to the still sleepy princess.

"Fairy Mary, you sure?" Aurora asked as she examined the dress. "I thought you wouldn't pick this. I never wear this one before, it's too… simple."

"I'm a Tinker dear… I will fix that dress. Now put it on so I can see what I should fix, of course you can also add anything you want."

"Okay then…"

After the moment full of arguing on how to fix the dress between Fairy Mary and Aurora…

"Oh Fairy Mary I love it!" Aurora squealed as she twirled around in front of the mirror, trying to look at her new dress from every direction.

"Now for the final touch," Fairy Mary pulled Aurora's hair band, making her long light brown hair fell delicately. "You're ready."

"Not just yet," Aurora took her tiara and put it on. "Now I'm ready."

Fairy Mary smiled, "Oh you looked a lot like your Mother… younger, of course."

Aurora giggled, "Thank you, Fairy Mary." She hugged the Tinker fairy.

"Oh! Yes, yes, you welcome…"

When Aurora released the Tinker Fairy she grinned brightly. "I would go and show Mother and Father about my new appearance before I do my duties, okay?"

Fairy Mary patted the top of Aurora's head. "Of course dear…"

"How do you think?" Aurora asked as she swirled around in front of her parents.

Clarion and Milori looked up, their jaws dropped instantly.

"A-Aurora?" the Queen of Pixie Hollow gasped,

Aurora giggled, "Yes Mother, it's me…"

"You're so beautiful…" Milori compliment, "And you let your hair down…"

Aurora shrugged, "I love to my new appearance."

"Hey I don't say it's bad, Aurora… I love when you get your hair down…"

Clarion smiled and kissed Aurora's cheeks. "Thank you, for replacing me just until your sibling born…"

Aurora rolled her eyes, "Just get some rest, Mother… I'll handle things at Pixie Hollow."

Just then sound of laughter rang in Pixie Hollow, indicating that a new fairy has come to Pixie Hollow.

"Oh Mother, I need to go, like right now…"

"I want to go too; I want to see the new fairy."

"No, Mother, sit down. I'll tell you everything when I come back, okay? Now rest." Aurora pushed her mother gently to sit on the chair again.

"She's right, Ree… you need to rest…" Milori whispered to his wife's ear as he massaged her shoulders.

Clarion sighed, "Alright, you two win… Go before the new fairy waited, Aurora…"

Aurora nodded and flew out from the house.

"Ahh… they all grow so fast, aren't they, Queen Clarion?" Fairy Mary asked as she walked into the room.

Queen Clarion chuckled, "Yes, they all are…"