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Is there such a thing as the afterlife? If so, what is it like? Is it peaceful? Is it nice? Or is it horrific, just down right disturbing? Or just absolutely nothing. That could go two ways. Some like nothing, and would have no problem with it. No sound. No color. Nothing to look at. No feeling. But after an amount of time, you're bound to go insane. Is that why ghosts don't want to leave? They know what's on the other side?

These thoughts fluttered around Raven's head as she meditated on the tower's roof. The sun was beginning to rise, lightning the sky up a bright fiery orange. She sighed quietly and opened her eyes, breaking her meditation. She couldn't concentrate. Something was wrong. Well, something had always been wrong ever since... Then.. The mood was always down, even if someone tried to enlighten it.

The door to the inside of the tower creaked open, and Beast Boy peaked his head out to look at Raven, "Uh, Raven? Breakfast is ready.." And he disappeared again. Raven couldn't hold back a frown. He'd been so different since it happened. He'd taken it the hardest. Yes he was still goofy, and loved to crack stupid jokes, but deep down, Raven could sense a deep and longing hurt. What is 'it' you ask? Well... It.. Was Agradess's murder..


The Titan's had been searching everywhere for Agradess or Slade. So far, the whole city was being upturned in their quest, but not a sight of the two even crossed their path. Nothing. It was like they'd just disappeared. But the Titans would never stop looking. In their spare time, when they werent fighting crime, they were looking. Searching for just the tiniest clue. But they never found any... Not even after a month.

After two months, it was the same. The Titans had to admit, they were losing a little bit of hope. But Beast Boy was trying his best to keep their spirits up. Terra had gone off to train not long ago, but even still, BB was talking nonstop on how, Agradess was probably spying on Slade for them and how great she was. The Titan's had to admit, even though it was annoying, it helped.

It was on one stormy night when their communicators all went off. They were all tired, just getting back from fighting Control Freak then three hours of looking in the rain had wore them out, but they still had to go.

As they got closer to where whatever was wrong was happening, Raven couldn't help but acknowledge an uneasy pit growing in her stomach. Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. But she pushed the feeling away and kept flying. She was just tired and uneasy from the scare earlier that night from the movie they watched. So she ignored it... She shouldn't have.

Starfire was the first to arrive at the scene, and with the storm raging, the other Titans could hear her blood curdling scream over the thunder. They quickened their pace. Robin was next, and he even let out a short, choked yell. Raven arrived with BB, then Cyborg right behind them, and they froze. In front of them was a broken lamp post. A dark figure was impaled on the top of it. As lightning lit up the night, Raven's legs almost gave out under her, and Beast Boy screamed in horror. It was Agradess. She was bloody and cut, beaten and bruised, and her wings were visibly broken. Obviously she was dead, if the pole going through her wasn't enough, then her wide, glossy, dull eyes staring at nothing were. Her face was stuck in a forever position of fear and pain.

"No..." Robin barely whispered, still hugging a sobbing and shaking Starfire.

Suddenly Beast Boy sprinted past Raven and towards Agradess, "NO! AGRADESS!" He screamed, shifting into a ram and slamming into the bottom of the pole. It snapped on impact, and Agradess fell to the wet ground with a sickening thud. Beast Boy immediately ran over to her, now human, and knelt by her, gently shaking her shoulder. "Cmon.. You gotta get up! You gotta come back!"

Raven stepped forward, "Beast Boy, she's dead. The post is through her chest, most likely through her heart. If that didn't kill her, then being beaten to death before hand did." Raven was harsh about it, but couldn't stop her own voice from shaking. Agradess was Raven's closest friend. They understood each other. It was almost too hard to see her body lying there.

Beast Boy didn't stop shaking her, "No! That can't be right! It probably just went through a... A lung or something! Yeah! I mean.. This is Agradess we're talking about, guys! This can't kill her, she can beat Robin's butt! She's tougher than this!" Robin didn't say anything to the insult, instead started leading Starfire away back towards the tower.

Cyborg put a hand on Beast Boy's shoulder, "C'mon BB. She's gone. We'll let the police handle the rest, alright?" The changeling looked up at the metal man, and Cyborg was shocked. Never before had he seen Beast Boy's eyes so sad, so depressed, so... Regretful. They were always so full of life and cockiness.

"But she... She can't be... I.." Raven walked over and helped BB stand. As they left, she suddenly stopped, seeing something in Agradess's bloody, broken hand.

"Wait!" She shouted, kneeling down and taking whatever it was, out of her grasp. She held it up and her eyes widened. Cyborg and Beast Boy walked up behind her and gasped. It was a metal insignia. One of an S. Slade...

Present time

Raven shook her head and took one last look out to the city. She froze as something dark flew across the sky. It looked like a large crow. It's wings silently gliding through the air. Raven blinked and it was gone. She must've imagined it.

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