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It's been one year, since May and Drew figured it out. One year, since they went to Ecruteak City. One year since they became a couple.

May and Drew had been competing in contests and even thought they were a couple they still were the best of rivals in the contests world.

On Stage they were great at battling and didn't back down of defeating the other. But when they were of Stage they would pass as much time together as they could.

The Paparazzi had been going crazy over the news and eating up their relationship as much as they could. A year had pass and it was still the biggest news going around.

Their friends and family had gotten the news and congratulated them on their relationship and given them their best wishes.

Things had been going great for them over the year and they love how it had turned out.

They had decided to go to Ecruteak City for Contestshipping Day, to celebrate their one year anniversary. Why not spend it in the same place they got together and people were trowing a party for them? It had been settled and they had agreed to go and see how this year turned out.

Right now, they were in the same place they found themselves talking last year. Which meant they were close to the city.

"Drew, this is going to be so fun!" May squealed happily as she hugged Drew by the arm.

"Of course, it's a day dedicated to us after all," Drew said rolling his eyes at his girlfriends behavior but not pushing her of.

"Yeah!" May squealed happily.

"Seriously, May! It's just a celebration, nothing to get so excited about," Drew said teasingly and May frowned at him.

"It's a celebration of us and have you forgotten it's our one year anniversary?" May said with a pout.

"No, I haven't, May and you know I wouldn't. But still, it isn't that huge," Drew said with a chuckle.

"It isn't huge! People have celebrated this day for years behind our backs and you say it isn't huge?" May stared at him with wide-eyes and gaping at him in disbelief.

Drew shrugged and didn't say anything as he continued walking down the road.

May followed as she started at him curiously.

"Well, maybe a little big but it's not that important!" Drew said.

May crossed her arms as she looked at him.

"Right... Anyway, I'm excited because this is a celebration about me! Who wold be excited to get a day in honor of them," May said with a happy sigh and Drew smirked.

"So, that's what your so excited about, because they are dedicating a day to us," Drew said with a chuckle as he walked closer to May. "I know what you mean, who wouldn't be flattered at having a celebration in honor of being my girlfriend," Drew said arrogantly flicking his hair.

May's mouth dropped in disbelief.

"What?! That's not it, at all!" May denied flustered as her cheeks tinted red in embarrassment.

"Really, now?! It isn't?" Drew said with a mischievous look as he stopped right in front of her and looked her directly in the eyes.

"Um, no! It isn't!" May squeaked out surprised by his actions.

"It's okay, May! I know it's amazing to have me as your boyfriend," Drew said coolly as his eyes never left hers. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, smirking.

"Eck! Drew, what are you doing?" May asked shocked, being more focus on his actions than his words.

"Nothing, why?" He asked her teasingly as he lower his face towards her, making her blush.

May pulled her face a bit away shyly as she blushed harder. "Drew!" She squealed, making Drew chuckle before planting a kiss on her cheek.

He let go of her and took her hand as they continued walking, with May ducking her head in embarrassment.

"May! Drew! You're here!" A familiar voice called as the couple reached their destiny. May lifted her head in time to see a dark-haired-brunette girl, coming towards her at full speed.

May squeaked as she lunged herself at Drew and managed to dodge the girl, who stumbled in order to maintain her balance, yet May didn't let go of her hold on Drew.

"What was that for?" The girl cried as she turned around revealing her green orbs, which were observing May curiously.

The girl was wearing A red V-neck Tank top with a small, black leather jacket over it. She had blue comfortable jeans and ruby red sandals on her feet. In her hear she had a gold color diadem with a red rose on it. On the girl's shoulder was a Pikachu, who looked quiet happy.

"Me?! More like you! What was that for?" May asked a bit panicked from the current events.

"Haha, I was going to give you a hug," The girl exclaimed happily as she walked over to the couple.

"A hug more like a tackle!" May exclaimed as she slowly let go of Drew and went to hug her friend.

"So, what are you doing here, Kiara?" Drew asked as he straighten his posture.

"I'm with a few friends and we have decided to once again come to this event!" Kiara said happily as three running figures were seen in the distance.

"Friends? You mean Rose, right?" May asked.

"Well, yes and two more! Now, my question is, what are you guys doing here? Should you be spending this day going out to eat on fancy restaurants and stuff? It is your anniversary, after all," Kiara said with a smile as she looked at them expectantly.

"How did you know it was our anniversary?" May asked looking at her curiously. Kiara sweat-dropped while Drew face-palmed.

"Um, May! I was here with Rise, last year when you got together, remember?" Kiara asked and May's mouth made an 'o' shape.

"Oh, right! I remember that, hehe!" May said giggling as the three figures reached the spot where they were all talking.

One had brunette hair that reached her mid-back came over to them. She had green eyes and was wearing a red shirt with blue jeans and black shoes.

The other one was green-eye girl with golden blond-haired which was cut to chin length with a side fringe on the left and curly on the end. She was wearing black jeans and a stripy black and white t-shirt and a black jacket over it, she also wore high-heeled black boots. She even had a red and black bow and a quiver of arrows over her shoulders.

And last but not least the last one had Ginger, wavy, medium length hair. Her eyes were blue and she was wearing a grey long sleeved top, blue skinny-ish jeans and burgundy fluffy boots. She had a necklace with a yellow cupcake.

The three girls stood not knowing what to do.

"Hey, guys! Look, Rose! I found May and Drew!" Kiara exclaimed pointing to the couple that waived to the girls.

"May, Drew! What are you doing here? I thought you would be in your anniversary on a fancy restaurant or something," Rose said with a smile.

"That's what I said!" Kiara exclaimed happily.

"Really?" Rose asked.

"Uh-hu!" Kiara said nodding.

"We're celebrating it here," Drew responded with a shrug.

"Um, excuse us," A girl made a fake cough and looked at Kiara and Rose.

"Oh! Yeah! Guys, meet our friends! This is Mina!" Kiara exclaimed pointing to the green-eyed blond.

"Hi, nice to meet you!" Mina said sticking her hands out for a handshake, which she received from May.

"Hi, Mina! I'm May and this is Drew," May said happily, making Mina smile.

"And this is, Yellow!" Rose added as she pointed to the blue-eyed ginger. Who waived happily.

"Hiya!" Yellow exclaimed.

"Hi, Yellow! So, what are you guys doing here?" May asked curiously.

"Like I said before, me and the girls decided to come over," Kiara said.

"I'm here because I never miss a Contestshipping Day Festival," Mina exclaimed.

"Same with me, I always come!" Yellow agreed.

"Like last year, me and Kiara decided to attend again," Rose explained.

May nodded understandingly.

"Anyway, why is this place so different should it be an Amusement Park?" May asked as she looked around.

Instead of being an amusement park, there were lots of Pokemon walking around and doing different tricks. There was a huge space and a screen, which confused May. There was also a food bar, which as always caught May's interest and there people selling sweets.

"Oh, yeah! They always make different activities! Last year it was an Amusement Park, this year it's an outdoor Cinema!" Mina explained as she pointed to the spot where there was a huge space and a screen.

"Really? That's awesome!" May said as she clapped her hands happily. Drew looked at her and smirked in amusement.

"So, what are we going to do until then?" Yellow asked.

"Not sure, maybe we should take a look around the place," Rose suggested.

"Fine, May and I will go take a look around the place. Later," Drew said as he took May's hand and started walking away from the group.

"That was fast," Kiara said.

"I'll say," The others agree before shrugging. The all headed to different spots to entertain themselves till it was time for the movie.

"Drew is it going to be a long time before the movie start?" May asked whining as she walked along side the green-haired guy.

Drew looked at her before looking at the watch on his wrist. "It should start in a few minutes, May. Just wait a bit," Drew said as he continued walking.

"But Drew, we've been walking all day!" May whined.

"Look, I need to do something quick, why don't you wait for me over there?" Drew suggested pointing to the wide space that was put for the people to sit to watch the movie.

"Fine," May agreed and walked towards the place. Drew keep an eye on her until she sat down before going to look around the place for certain stalls.

He had been walking with May around the place since they separated from the others. It had become dark and the moon and stars where shinning brightly at them. While they had been walking he had been keeping an eye on some stalls to make a surprise for May.

Drew walked around and found the first stall, they were selling baskets and he decided to buy one. Even thought it was dark out every stall had their lights on for people to be able to buy.

"Excuse me, I would like to buy that one, please," Drew said as he pointed to a basket that was green and had red roses painted around it.

"That will be $10.00," The vendor said as Drew took out the money and handed it over. He took the basket and continued walking.

He found the second stall and went for it. This one was selling food. Drew picked almost everything he found necessary and payed for it. He put the new bought food on the basket before heading to the last stall.

The third and last one was selling blankets, most likely for people to use while watching the movie.

He went towards it and bought a red and white checkered one. Once he finished he started to walk back towards May.

He found her setting near a tree with a good view of the screen. She was staring instantly at it, as if her gaze would make it turn on.

"May, I'm back," Drew said and once May turned to face him the screen lit up.
May noticing this frowned.

"What?! But I was waiting to see it turn on! Just because he appears doesn't mean you have to turn on," May whined as she pouted before crossing her arms over her chest in disappointment.

Drew chuckled.

"Here," He said handing the basket to her. She stood up and took it, staring at it curiously.

"What's this?"

"A surprise."

"I'm going to look," May said as she started to open the top but was stop by Drew putting his hand over it and closing it.

"Not until the movie start okay?" He asked looking at her softly. May pouted but nodded.

"Fine," May sighed.

"Here, I need to put this so we can sit," Drew said as he took the blanket and spread it across the floor before taking the basket from May and putting it in the middle. "You can sit now, My lady," Drew said jokingly as he extended his arm to her and helped her sit.

May giggled as she took his hand and sat down. She looked up at him as he sat down across from her. He started to open the basket and she tried to look but couldn't because Drew block her every time she tried.

"Drew! Let me see," May whined like a small child, making Drew smirk.

"Nope," He responded and May frowned.


A chuckled was the respond she got making her more annoyed.

secs ago"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to start the movie, we hope you have great time and enjoy the movie. Okay, without further ado, we give you the 'Contestshipping Story!" The same Nurse Joy from the year before said through the microphone before she walked off the place to let people watch it.

May's face flush red at the mention of 'Contestshipping'.

"No way, they have a movie of us?" She asked wide-eyed in astonishment.

"Apparently," Drew said before he started to take out the food in the basket. At the site of it, May's eyes sparkled.

"You got food?" May asked excitedly.

Drew chuckled and nodded. He started to make sandwiches and side dishes, one filled with wipe cream, where they could take the fruits that were in another plate and dip it in. There was, cherries, strawberries, which Drew was dying to eat, grapes, kiwis, and lots more. There was also a plate with melted chocolate, which he bought already prepared.

"Drew, this is amazing," May said grinning as she looked at all the food.

"I was hoping you would like it," He said before he handed her a sandwich.

May took it happily before munching at it cheerfully.

"Aww, that is so cute," Kiara said from a place far from May and Drew.
The girls and her had been walking around but came over to the place the movie would be shown after a worker told them to.

Apparently, the movie was about to start and they wanted everyone there to see it.

The girls got a big surprise as soon as they got there, they saw Drew setting up a picnic for May. They all sat down and watched but turned to face Nurse Joy when she appeared.

"Of course they are cute together, why do you think people ship them?" Mina said happily as she too watched the events unfolding.

"Haha, I guess, you're right but still, it's supper adorable. I'm glad they are together this year," Kiara said as she grinned.

"Same here, I hope they had a nice time, it is their anniversary after all," Rose said.

"Yeah, but it seems Drew's taking care of that, look!" Yellow said as she pointed towards the couple. Drew had managed to sit next to May and hug her close, while she was trying to get out of his hold giggling happily.

"Haha, yeah! I guess you're right," Mina agreed as she smirked at the couple who were too oblivious to notice them at the moment.

May munched on the sandwich happily as her eyes were glued on the screen.
The movie, as she had predicted, was about them.

How they met, their journeys, how they developed their feelings for one another and lots of other stuff. Now that she was seeing it, she felt embarrassed but found the moments endearing to her. Her eyes started to water as she continued watching.

Drew who sat next to her smiled softly as he gazed at her, he too, was watching the movie and felt touch at all the moments, which he kept in his heart. As cheesy as it sounded, he actually kept all of those memories close to him, meeting May and being able to be her rival and best friend had been his greatest accomplishment until last year, where he over achieved even those by taking their relationship a step further; Girlfriend and Boyfriend. He was just glad that she felt the same and was happy to be with him.

His gaze soften as he gently scooted closer to her without her even noticing.

By now, May had finished her sandwich and was to engrossed in the movie to pay attention to her surroundings. She jumped when she felt something around her waist but relax when she noticed it was Drew's arm.

Sighing, she laid her head on his shoulder gently, her eyes not leaving the big screen as she became comfortable in their position. She felt Drew rest his head on hers.

The screened showed last years festival.

How Drew won May a stuff Manaphy, when they had lunch together and went on a ride with her. How he comforted her after being afraid of it and of course, the times when May kept asking what couple was named 'Contesthipping'. In the end it showed the closing of the year and how May and Drew got together, while watching the fireworks in the sky.

The screen when black and everyone started clapping.

Nurse Joy came out with the microphone on her hands.

"What do you think folks? Did you like it?" She asked through the microphone and received a round of cheers from the crowd. Nurse Joy grinned happily, proud of her hard work.

"Last year, we managed to see the couple actually get together and today we are proud to say that they have come once more to this event, they are now sitting in the crowd with you guys watching this movie and spending their first year together as a couple. We feel proud to say that they have been to this event today, so HAPPY FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY CONTESTHIPPING!" Nurse Joy said to the crowd full of different Contestshippers, who went wild at the news.

"I think we should leave before anyone sees us," Drew whispered to May as stood and helped May up. She nodded and quietly, the two sneaked out of the place with none noticing.

"AND HAPPY CONTESTSHIPPING DAY, EVERYBODY!" Nurse Joy said once more before she left and everyone got up to leave.

Kiara, Yellow, Rose and Mina, got up and looked at the place where Drew and May had previously been at.

"Hey, where did those two went?" Rose asked.

"Probably to their room. It's late after all," Yellow pointed out.

"That and I don't think Drew wanted them to be bother by their fans," Mina said as she pointed to the people that were searching everywhere for their favorite couple.

"True! Knowing Drew, he would've wanted to avoid them," Kiara said.

"Speaking of late, we should get going too," Yellow suggested.

"Yeah, this was fun!" Rose pipped up from her place as they started to walk to the hotel near the Pokemon Center.

"I agree, I loved the movie, it was so cute!" Kiara squealed happily.

"It was cute, I surely wouldn't mind buying a copy of it," Mina said with a chuckle.

"Ooh! Do you guys think they will sell it on stores?" Rose asked.

"I hope so, I want to buy it!" Kiara exclaimed excitedly.

"Same here," Yellow agreed nodding her head.

"Yep!" Rose said smiling happily.

"Hey, aren't those May and Drew up ahead?" Mina asked pointing to the couple walking hand-in-hand before them.

"Yep, that's them alright!" Yellow exclaimed.

"They are so cute, I'm happy for them," Rose said.
"Me too."



"I think we should go before they see us," Rose said giggling.

The others laughed and agreed as they made their way towards the hotel for a good night sleep.

Both May and Drew heard a faint yell that sounded suspiciously like 'Happy Contestshipping Day' as they got closer to the Pokemon Center. They hadn't rented a room so, they waited in the lobby for Nurse Joy to come. Once she did, the asked for a room key and with a smile, she handed it over.

"Your room is #166! Hope you had a great time today and thank you for coming," Nurse Joy said to the retreating couple.

"Isn't it ironic, how we got the same room as last year," Drew commented smirking as he walked up the stairs and the halls with May right by his side.

"Haha, I find it good, more memories!" May said joyfully.

Drew chuckled. "Of course you would find that exciting," He said rolling his eyes.

May pouted and gave him a light punch on the arm.

"Ouch, better watch out people, May Maple as gone on a punching rampage," Drew teased.

May blushed and glared at him. "Drew!"




A warning glare was sent his way. He chuckled as he found the room and opened the door for May.

"My lady," He mocked with a small smile.

"Hmph!" May walked in and dropped on her bed.

"I'm exhausted," She whined closing her eyes but she opened them when she felt a shadow above her.

Drew stared at her directly in the eyes, he had closed the door as soon as he entered and dropped the keys on the bed side table.

Once again, May found herself blushing and looking away from him shyly.

"Of what, you were setting down and resting at the end," Drew said with a slight chuckled as he teased her.

"We walked around all day long, I'm exhausted!" May retorted.

"Sure, you are," He said sarcastically and smirked as he sat down next to her.

"So... what did you think of today?" May asked as she sat up and looked at her lap a bit shyly.

"I had fun, I'm glad we were able to spend the day together," Drew said.

May looked up smiling as she heard the sincerity on his voice.

"Me too," She whispered back. Drew smiled and shifted a bit closer to her.

"Glad you had fun," He said before he lofted her head and gave her a small peck before letting go of her and standing up.

"It's late we should sleep," Drew said and walked over to his bed and laid down, turning the light of in the process.

"Night, May!" Drew called to the stunned girl, who blinked before she too, laid down and rolled to face his bed.

"Night, Drew!" With that, they both went of into a deep slumber.

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