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It had slipped out. Why couldn't Merlin be more careful about his secrets? He really shouldn't go out drinking… especially with the person he was keeping the secret from. Gaius was right, drinking really did make him sing like a canary.

He hadn't meant to tell Arthur, he really hadn't. The black eye was probably better than he deserved. He had told himself he would never tell Arthur, well so much for that. He blamed Gwaine, Gwaine and his stupid taverns and that lousy barmaid that had kissed him but no that was really more Leon's fault for suggesting it to her.

And then Arthur had teased him about it asking if it had been his first kiss and Merlin was angry and it had slipped out. Though if Arthur hadn't punched him first he was sure Elyan would have gotten him. Both of them had chased him out of the tavern. Luckily for him he knew the lower town better than they did and managed to disappear.

He had escaped back to the castle only to realize that home would be exactly where they would search for him, and yes in fact they were already there having taken the direct route instead of the round about one that Merlin had taken in order to avoid them.

That was what lead Merlin to hide behind a tapestry and then eventually falling asleep. He didn't know how long he could hide, sooner or later he would have to present himself and deal with the consequences, but it would go better if he was sober minded or so he told himself.

His head ached, he had really drunk too much and now he groaned. The groan apparently attracting attention because the tapestry was suddenly pulled back revealing a grinning Percival. He had been the only one not to accompany them last night because he had been on a patrol.

He looked quite amused at the very hung over and slightly drunk Merlin as the man jumped with a startled look and was now chuckling at said man. "Shhhh!" Merlin hissed though even his silencing sounded slurred.

Percival ceased laughing and just gave Merlin an amused questioning look.

"Arthur found out." Merlin whispered loudly.

Percival stared and then spun his hand encouraging more of an explanation and it occurred to Merlin that Percival also didn't know this secret. He sighed and bumped his head against the wall. "He found out that I kissed Guinevere."

Percival looked surprised then suspicious and maybe a little angry. Merlin held up a hand. "A long looong time ago." He emphasized the long part. "Before she or Arthur had any interest in each other! And in my defense she kissed me but in her defense she thought I was dead up until that point…" Merlin was rambling but the amused smile had returned to Percival's face.

"You can't tell him that I'm here!" Merlin said.

Percival still had a huge grin on his face but now he slapped Merlin's knee. "Your secret's safe with me." He whispered and returned the tapestry to its original position with Merlin's boot sticking out the end, laughing all along the way.

Merlin relaxed feeling safe once again, at least for now, not knowing that Arthur was heading down that same hallway at that moment and in a few seconds would be ripping away the tapestry to give Merlin a piece of his mind but for the moment Merlin was safe from Arthur's wrath.

He hadn't meant to let it slip that Guinevere had been the first woman he kissed…