Pairing: Dickbabs
Rating: T
Summary: A little what if of it Dick had never lost his family and had never left the circus.
Notes: My ability for long fanfic plots has returned. Also, cliche title I know. As well, personalities will be altered slightly. I don't own anything sadly.

She was gorgeous.

Actually, drop dead beautiful was a better description.

She was so pretty, Dick couldn't think of any words to describe it, let alone stop looking at her. He stood there, staring, with his mouth gaped open slightly.

Her hair was a deep auburn red, falling down in smooth waves past her shoulders, with light ivory skin and her eyes a bright green. Perfect posture had her standing at 5'8 and she was standing next to two blonde girls that Dick barely glanced at. The three were chatting about something, laughing a couple times when one of the blondes, the one with a long ponytail, made some remark about whatever it was.

Dick thought he'd be standing there, staring at the redhead girl till she left, if it wasn't for his cousin John nudging him in the arm.

"See something you like" the older Grayson asked, smirking and wiggling his eyebrows at him.

Dick glared at his cousin and shoved him away, "Get lost John"

John laughed and picked up one of the crates of fireworks to bring to the back of the circus for the after show.

"Why don't you go talk to her?" he asked, "The show doesn't start till an hour, so we won't be need back for a while"

The seventeen year old looked over at his twenty six year old cousin and chewed his bottom lip.

"What do I say to her?" he asked.

Dick wasn't exactly a flirter, not like his cousin was. He usually got red in the face when girls fawned or flirted with him, making up an excuse to get the hell away from them. John, on the other hand, would flirt and compliment, even take photos. Granted, Dick could be a charmer when he wanted to he just never did.

"I don't know" he cousin answered with a shrug, "Take her to see Zitka and the other animals, you know give her the whole VIP treatment for free. Girls love that"

"Okay…" Dick nodded a couple times, "How do I start talking to her?"

John breathed out a laughed and shook his head slightly "She's got her back turned to you right now. So you just walk up close to her, pretend your working with the crate next to her and when she turns around-BAM! You two bump right into each other. Then you introduce yourself, take the blame for bumping into her and offer to take her to the back as payment. Fall in love, get married, have babies blah, blah, blah, that kind of thing"

"I don't know weather to hit you or thank you right now" Dick said, glaring at John.

"You can thank me later, since I will be taking your share of the crates back" John nodded to the large boxes in front of them as he picked one up "You owe me"

"Kay, I know" Dick waved his hand and headed over to the crate.

One of the blondes, not ponytail girl, with curls spotted him and made eye contact with him. She winked and he swallowed, getting his eyes back on the ground till he made it to the crate.

He began to pretend he was checking it out. He opened the lid and made it look like he was just counting something in the box.

Blonde with curls picked up on what he was trying to do and smirked, nudging ponytail girl and pointing to him as the redhead went through her purse. She whispered a couple of thing and the other blonde smirked, whispering something back before they nodded to each other.

"So listen Barb, we'll go get in line for tickets you just meet us there" blonde with curls said.

"Yeah, sure" the redhead nodded, still digging through her purse, "I'll met you there"

The blondes started making there way past Dick, both smiling at him mischievously as they strutted past.

After they had gone pasted, the girl began to turn, still going through her bag, and slammed straight into Dick.

"Oh, here I got you" Dick told her, grabbing her arms before she slipped to the ground.

"Thanks" she thanked him, "Sorry about that, I didn't see you there"

"It's fine. My fault anyway" Dick assured her and stuck out his hand, "Dick. Dick Grayson"

She took it, "Barbara. Barbara Gordon. You don't happen to be apart of the Flying Graysons?"

Dick rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, yeah I am"

"Cool. Cool" Barbara nodded, saying the words slowly, "Pretty dangerous act you guys have"

"Well, were all professionals don't worry" Dick replied.

"I suspected, I've seen you guys a couple times" she told him, "Back in Chicago when I five and a few years back here"

"You aren't a native?" Dick asked.

She shook her head, "No, my parents are both from Chicago. Dad got transfers on work when I was a kid"

"Gordon…I think I've heard that once before" Dick told her.

"Probably, he's the Commissioner. Longest surviving one to survive in Gotham" she added the last bit awkwardly, waving her hands in the air like she was holding some small flags.

"Well good for him" Dick smiled at her.

"Thank you, I'll let him know that next time I see him" Barbara smiled back before glancing at her watch, "I should probably go, my friends are waiting for me in line. Sorry about bumping into you"

"No, wait" he stopped her as she left and coughed awkwardly, "Um…how bout I take you back to see the animals. You know, to apologize for bumping into you"

Barbara stared at him, "It's fine. I bump into people all the time, you don't have to make it up to me"

She started to walk again but Dick stepped in front of her, stopping her again.

"No, but I want to" he told her, "I have to feed Zitka anyway before the show starts. You could…help if you like"

"Tell me Zitka is not some carnivorous animal and I'm not about to step into a lion's cage or something" Barbara looked at him.

Dick laughed, "She's an elephant actually and we feed all the animals outside of the cage, not in it"

"I don't know…" Barbara trailed off and caught sight of Bette and Artemis, standing in line a couple feet away, egging her on, "I'm…I guess I could"

Dick smiled, "Great, that's great. I'll take you the back way. Come on"

He grabbed her hand and led her towards the crates he'd been previously working with and back around the large tent, ledding her past clowns and contortionists getting ready for the show and didn't stop until he was right in front of Zitka's cage.

"Hey girl, how are you?" he asked her, stroking her trunk when she stuck it through the bars, "I brought a friend"

Barbara waved at the elephant, "Hi"

Zitka's trunk moved and reached out towards Barbara, who freaked out slightly and froze as Zitka moved her trunk around her shoulders and head.

"She doesn't bite" Dick joked.

"I realized"

"You aren't an animal person, are you?"

"Well, my pet goldfish died after five minutes, I had a cat that ran away and hit by a bus and you can go ask the ducks in Gotham Park if I'm an animal person"

Dick laughed, "That sounds like a horrible experience"

"Ha! Please" Barbara laughed, "The cop that came to my aid had to shoot one of them, it wouldn't stop trying to attack me"

"Oh my God, I wish I'd seen that" Dick laughed getting Zitka's food into her cage, "I think it would have been comedy gold"

"Well, it is only one of my adventures in the life of Barbara Gordon" she retorted.

"You make your life sounds adventurous" Dick told her.

"More like dangerous" she corrected, "Cop kid living in a city with the highest crime rate in all of America, not that safe for me"

"Well I've swung from a trapeze without a net for most of my life, I guess it's dangerous to" he replied.

"I guess you're right" Barbara told him, smiling.

"Dick?" an older, female voice called out from off in the distance.

Dick looked over Barbara's shoulder and spotted his aunt Karla walking through the crowd of performers, all ready in her leotard. Crap, it must be getting close to curtain call.

"Over here" Dick shouted back, moving around Barbara and waving his hand to catch her attention.

"Oh! There you are. The rest of us have been looking all over for you" Karla told him, getting closer to him, "I was just about to-"

She stopped when she spotted Barbara behind him, Barbara was still petting Zitka's trunk and too embarrassed to turn around. She opened her mouth to say something, looked at her nephew, back towards Barbara and back towards Dick before closing it.

"Tell me you aren't getting dating advice from my son?" she asked him quietly, leaning towards him so Barbara didn't hear.

"Um…maybe" Dick whispered back.

She leaned her head out and studied the redhead, a small smile soon appeared on her face showed she approved.

"Well don't forget to ask her if she wants to watch the show from the curtain" she whispered back, "That's how your father got your mom"

Dick pulled a face, shuddering at the thought of what probably came next, "Ew, I did not need to know that"

Karla only smiled, laughing a little, and stepped back, speaking at a normal volume "You need to get ready in five minute. Show goes on in twenty, I'll see you at the curtain"

"See you" Dick replied and watched his aunt head back through the crowd, before turning back to Barbara, "So I got to go get ready"

"I heard" Barbara looked over at him letting go of Zitka's trunk, "I should probably go get my ticket and find my friends anyway"

"Hey, I can pull a favor and get Mr. Haly to let you watch from the curtain" Dick told her.

"What, to make up for bumping into me?" Barbara smiled, cocking an eyebrow up.

Dick's cheeks went red, "Um…yeah I guess"

"Hmm…you circus folk are really sincere when it comes to apologies" Barbara was still smiling at him.

"Yeah, yeah I guess we are" Dick laughed.

"Only if it's okay, I don't want to cause any problems" Barbara told him.

Dick nodded, "Got it, just stay here, I'll be right back"

"Wow, I never knew how the crazy back stage of a circus is" Barbara told Dick as he walked her back to the front of the circus.

The temperature had dropped since before the show and Dick had quickly changed out of his performance clothes into his sweats and grabbed a coat.

"Oh it's a lot more hectic then that sometimes, a couple of swears can be heard when the clowns loose one of their props" Dick told her, "They were just being good because you were there"

"Well thank you" Barbara thanked him, stopping in front of the tent and turning to him, "This was really sweet, nobody has ever bumped into me and done something like this before. I enjoyed it"

"Any time" Dick replied.

"So…how long are you guys in town this time?" Barbara asked.

"Till the end of next month", Dick answered.

Barbara nodded, "Huh yeah…here hold on"

She swung her bag round in front of her and dug her hand in it till she pulled something out. A small, ballpoint pen was held in her hand.

"Here" she scribbled down a couple of digits on his hand, "Give me a call and I'll show you around Gotham one day"

Dick nodded, his stomach doing more flips inside of him then when he was up on the trapeze. Barbara smiled, pushing a strand of loose hair behind her ear as she step back.

"Well, thanks again" she thanked him once more.

"Anytime Miss Gordon" he replied.

She turned to leave, but spun back around and pushed onto her toes, kissing Dick softly on the cheek.

"Call me" she told him, cheeks red slightly, as she walked backwards for a couple of steps.

"Will do" Dick replied, watching her walk away.

She waved once more, smiling brightly at him, before turning around properly and walking out of the park and down the street, disappearing out of sight in a couple of steps.

Once she was out of sight, Dick threw his arms in the air and jumped for joy.