Pairing: Dickbabs
Rating: T
Summary: A little what if of it Dick had never lost his family and had never left the circus.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything sadly.
Notes: It might take a while for my next update, since I won't have wifi for a while. If your lucky I could have one tomorrow, but if not you'll have to wait till Saturday

Dick had heard about the Batman, on a few occasions, just as much as he had heard about Superman, Wonder Woman and all those other heroes in the Justice League.

He'd seen them on TV whenever a crisis was going on somewhere that a news station was set up and he scanned through articles about them in the newspapers left behind by his father. He also knew that some of them had sidekicks like the first sidekick of Batman, Batgirl.

He just never expected to meet one.

Dick end up coming across her Wednesday, when returning from the store to pick up a few items his mother needed. Making the horrible mistake of walking into a dark alleyway in Gotham caused him to soon find himself cornered by three thugs.

"Well, what do we have here?" one of them, holding a crowbar, asked his buddies as they walked closer to him, "A circus freak"

"Did the little acrobat swing too far from the tent?" another mocked.

Dick glared at the group, "Boys, I'm really not in the mood right now. Let me go, and I'll leave the cops out. Kay?"

Crowbar guy shook his head, "Not gonna happen, boss doesn't want that. See, we won't get paid unless we beat either you or one of your little circus buddies"

"We won't kill you" one behind him added, "We're just going to put you in a lot of pain"

"I mean it" Dick growled putting the bags in his hands down on the ground, "Go now or I will hurt you"

"What? You think we're afraid of a little acrobat?" crowbar guy laughed, and the others soon followed, "I don't think so"

"What about me?" another voice asked from behind them.

They spun around and crowbar guy went down on his back. Dick looked up from his unconscious form to see a tall, redhead figure with a black bat symbol on her chest. A cowl covered the top of her head, but he could still see big, excited eyes on her pale face.

One of the thugs threw a punch and she ducked, grabbing his arm as she came back up and twisting it to the side till there was a snapping sound. He screamed out in pain and dropped to his knees as she swung up her leg and kicked him in the face. The last one glanced at the two other thugs and back at Batgirl, before sprinted off into the streets of Gotham.

"Oh come on" Batgirl yelled after him, "You never answered my question"

She shrugged as the thug disappeared and looked over at Dick, who as reaching down for the bags he had placed on either side of him.

"You okay?" she asked, cocking her head to the side.

"Yeah, thanks" Dick mumbled out a thank you as he took the bags in his hands and lifted them up.

"Welcome" she sang, before looking him up and down and pointing a finger at him, "Grayson right? One of the acrobats?"

"Yeah, youngest" Dick answered.

"And the cutest" she replied with a smile before she pointed down to the two unconscious thugs at their feet, "Was there a reason for this guys bothering you?"

"They said there boss wouldn't pay unless me or one of my friends gets beaten to a pulp", Dick answered.

"Hmm..." Batgirl frowned and pursed her dark lips and crouched down, beginning to handcuff the thugs to nearby pipes, "…I think you should keep your circus buddies off the streets for a while, and next time you're out here stay away from dark alleyways. Kay? Nothing good ever comes out of them in this place"

Dick nodded, "Got it...thanks again"

"Anytime" Batgirl smiled, jumping up and grabbing the fire escape ladder and swinging herself up, "Catch you round, Grayson. Pleasure meeting you"

She vanished up the flight of stairs and over the rooftop, into the dark skyline of Gotham. Dick looked around the alleyway once more, before heading out into the streets and taking the longer route to the park.

Friday came around quicker than Dick thought it would.

Thankfully his mother had found his father old suit tucked away in a box and an actual tie for him to use, not one from the clowns. Dick had also spent the day before learning how to waltz by his family, which started with him stepping on his mother's foot a lot and then finishing with him close to being a professional. Close, but still not a professional.

Dick was just about set for the evening.

His mother was now in the midst of getting his hair slicked back and nice for the evening that Dick found himself sitting on a chair in their trailer as she sat on her knees behind him.

"Now you be on your best behavior tonight" she told him, "Treat this girl like she's the greatest person in the world. I want you to be a perfect gentleman understood?"

"Yes mom" Dick replied as she tugged his head back once more.

"Done" she announced, hands up as she leaned back and allowed him to stand up, "Now turn around and let me look at you"

Dick did and lifted his hands up in the air, before he smacked them down on his sides, waiting for him mother's approval.

"Oh, you look just like your father" she smiled, tracing her fingers on her lips as she looked at him.

Dick felt his cheeks burn up, "Mom..."

She waved her hand, standing up, "I know, I know, I'm just embarrassing you aren't I? But you look so handsome right now"

She kissed him on the cheek lovingly and stepped back as there was a knock at the door. John stuck his head in the trailer and smirked at him.

"Your girl's out here" he said and slowly smirked at him.

Dick eyebrows furrowed as he stared at his cousin, slowly making his way out and onto the grass below the trailer.

Looking up, he found Barbara stand a few feet away, in a beautiful, royal blue gown with draping details and jeweled halter straps going into a keyhole shape at the neckline. Her hair was curled and flowing down one side of her face and over her shoulder. She had on a subtle amount of makeup, her lips being the only thing standing out the most on her face with their dark red color.

"Bow chick-a wow wow", his cousin sang a whisper in his ear as he walked past.

"Shut up" Dick hissed quietly over his shoulder, before losing the glare and replacing it with a smile as he headed over to Barbara.

She saw him and smiled, "Hey, you look great"

"You look amazing" Dick replied, smiling brightly at her.

"Flattery will get you nowhere" she teased but was still smiling, "My car's up front. You ready to go?"

"Yep, all settled" Dick told her and was about to follow when his cousin caught his attention behind him.

"Hey Dick, wait up!" he yelled and Dick turned around to face him.

John stopped right in front of him and patted him on the shoulder, smiling proudly at his younger cousin as he slipped something into his pocket, whispering "Thought you might need this"

Dick slide his hand into his pocket and felt a square wrapper placed snugly in it. It was a condom. He glared at John, who only laughed at his face and walked off.

"See you round, Dick" John waved over his shoulder and Dick turned to face Barbara again this time shaking his head as they walked off.

"What was that about?" she asked.

"Nothing" he answered quickly, "Nothing, let's just go"

"So you must be Dick" Commissioner Gordon smiled and shook hands with Dick when they came across him in the large ballroom, "My daughter has told me all about you"

He was an aged man, wrinkled around the eyes and mouth. His red hair, which was a lighter shade then Barbara's, and moustache were beginning to turn grey. The man was almost fifty and from the look in his eyes Dick saw, he'd seen a lot for his life. Much of which probably aged him in life.

"Actually the background check did" Barbara corrected, kissing her father on the cheek, "Hi Daddy"

"Hi sweetheart" Jim replied quietly to his daughter before continuing his conversation with Dick, "Well, I can never be too careful with the men my daughter associates with"

Dick swallowed, suddenly worrying about what Jim might have seen. He quickly scanned over all of his known memories trying to remember anything horrible he had done in the past few years. There was nothing to be seriously worried about really, but Dick thought back t the beach party he had gone to with his cousin and Rae last year. The thought of Jim knowing about how drunk he'd been that night freaked Dick out.

"You want a drink?" Barbara asked.

Dick nodded, "Sure"

Barbara headed off into the crowd, leaving Dick alone with her father.

"So, when did you meet my daughter?" Jim asked, sipping his champagne.

"Um...she visited the circus with some friends and I showed her around" Dick answered.

Jim stared at him and raised his dark eyebrows, "I thought you just sit in the tent and watch the performance. Not much to show"

"Behind the scenes tour"

"What for?"

"…I bumped into her, I wanted to make it up"

"So, you decided to show her around out of the goodness of your heart?"

"...Yeah, basically"

Jim stepped forward, piercing green eyes glared daggers down at Dick, and threatened in a hush voice, "Harm my daughter, by accident or on purpose, and I will have the police throw you into Arkham for a couple of nights. Am I clear?"

Dick nodded, "Yes sir, completely understood"

Jim smiled and moved back, just as Barbara reappeared with two glasses. She handed one over to Dick, who gripped the glass so tightly he thought it would shatter in his hands.

"I see the Mayor, got to go hun", Jim told his daughter as he moved behind her.

"See you dad" Barbara replied over her shoulder at him and then looked over at Dick. When she saw his face, her eyes widened and she asked, "Tell me my father didn't just threaten to throw you in Arkham or something?"

"No, no why would you think that?" Dick asked her ad swallowing down the drink in his hand.

"Damn-it Dad" Barbara cursed, looking to where her father had disappeared in the crowd, "Every time, he does this every time"

She eyes seemed to land on something in the distance and she continued staring towards that direction for a couple of seconds. Her mouth turned downwards and her jaw clenched up.

"You okay?" Dick asked, "You seem on edge"

"I'm fine" she answered quickly and brought her drink to her mouth.

She finished her drink as well and grabbed his empty glass and placed them on a silver tray a waiter held as he passed by. She then grabbed Dick's hand.

"Let's dance" she told him, leading him towards the center of the room.

She stopped in the middle of the dance floor and placing Dick's hand on her waist, extremely close to her ass. She took the other in her hand and placed her right hand on his shoulder. They began moving around the floor, keeping up with the pace of the song and the people around them.

"You okay?" Dick asked again.

"Fine" Barbara gritted out.



"What's wrong?"


Dick laughed, "Really, nothing is wrong. You suddenly dragged me out here to waltz with no explanation and you seem pretty upset about something"

Barbara sighed, "You see the sandy blond guy behind me. Bout six foot and talking to a group of girls?"

Dick looked over her shoulder, spotting a blond man surrounded by giggling girls in colorful dresses, and nodded.

"He's my ex" Barbara explained, "We used to date till April when he dumped me via e-mail for some other chick he'd met while visiting Bludhaven?"

"Ouch" Dick winched, "Really? I didn't realize people still used e-mail?"

"He didn't even write it" Barbara added, "He had his dad's fucking assistant write me a formal e-mail about how I was no longer in a relationship with him"

"That douce" Dick growled, glaring over at her ex, the man was now staring at the two as the spun around, watching the pair.

"I know right", Barbara agreed before sighing, "Asshole really had me played"

Dick glanced down at her as they continued to spin around the floor, "Well, his loss you know. He's missing out on a real great girl"

"What did I say earlier?" Barbara looked up at him, "Flattery will get you know where"

"Well, you'll have to live with it. It's part of my charm" Dick replied.

Barbara smiled one of those little, genuine smiles that got Dick's stomach all knotted up and his heart all tight till he thought it explode. Her eyes wandered off from his face and over his shoulder.

"Hey, you wanna see something cool?" Barbara asked him, staring away from him.

"Sure I guess" Dick answered with a shrug.

"Cool, follow me then" Barbara told him and leading him towards a hallway.

They exited the ballroom, while no one was looking, and Barbara lead Dick down into the building, round corners and turnings till coming to a stop at a door. She opened it and they both stepped in.

Closing the door, Dick found himself in what seemed to be a dimly lit closet full of cleaning utensils.

"What's so cool about this?" Dick asked.

"The fact that I can do this" Barbara answered and pressed her lips to his.

Her hands landed on either side of his face, thumbs sitting on his cheeks as she pressed her body against him. He was slammed into the wall, but Dick returned her movements by wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her close.

She tasted like champagne and smelled like strawberries and spent the time kissing him, running her fingers through his hair. She kissed the side of his mouth and jaw before Dick began to trail kisses over her neck and exposed shoulder. Her back arched and his hands moved down lower.

Barbara pulled back and stared up him, pupils dilated. She glanced down at her wrist, looking at her watch.

"Okay, we have five minutes before people will notice us gone" Barbara told him and went back to kissing him.