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It was a fairly chilly day in the new town you had recently decided to move to. You had just turned 19, so you decided it was time to start fending for yourself. You had lived with your parents for your whole life, and you loved it with them, but independence was calling your name.

And with perfect timing, a listing for a beautiful apartment came up for rent in the newspaper. It was on the top floor of a tiny set of 4 apartments, although it was small, it was good enough for you. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a decent sized kitchen, and a wonderful view of the city not too far away. Luckily, you had applied for it, and got it. The only catch was, you would have a roommate.

You didn't really mind though, you had grown up with 2 sisters and a brother, so you were used to others being around.

As you turned left down the street of your new apartment, you wondered what your roommate would be like. Would she be quiet like you, or crazier? Would she have lots of friends around all the time? What if she was a complete snob? Oh well, whoever it was, you were going to have to put up with them somehow.

You turned left again, into the driveway, and parked your car in front of the bottom apartment. There was already 2 cars parked in the front yard, and you assumed they were owned by the people who already lived here. As you hopped out of your car, you look at the beautiful white building. Vines grew up the panelled walls, and around the windows that went along the whole front. Although the vines looked like they were parched and needed some nourishment. But that was okay, it still made it look beautiful.

You grabbed a big box from the passenger seat of your car, it was filled with your essentials. Makeup, a few casual outfits, a pair of ballet flats, and your computer. You shut the car door and locked it before heading up the front stairs and reaching for the apartment key from your pocket. The key easily slid into the keyhole and you swiftly twisted it, unlocking the door with a quiet click.

You smiled to yourself as you opened the door, noticing how beautiful the apartment already looked. The floor was glossy wood boards, the walls a clean looking white colour.

Closing the door behind you, you walked further in and turned to your right, seeing a set of double doors. You slowly pulled them open to reveal one of the bedrooms. It was dark inside, but from what you could see it was big, with bluey coloured walls, and a small walk-in wardrobe.

You pulled your head back out and begun to walk forwards. On your left was those beautiful windows you had seen from the outside, with the view of the city you had read about. You turned to your right again, where you saw what would be the living room, windows along one side and a blank wall on the other side. You saw a doorway straight ahead and decided to explore deeper into the apartment. As you stepped through the door, you realised you had reached the big kitchen. Lots of room for a dining table, more bright windows along the back wall, with counters and the sink below them. You noticed there was lots of cabinets for storage too, which would come in handy.

To your right was a small hallway, which you slowly walked down, seeing that the bathroom was on the left. You peered inside and noticed that it was only small, just enough room for a toilet, shower/bathtub, and a sink. But you knew that was all you needed anyway.

You heard a few noises through the window above the toilet, coming from the small backyard, and you assumed that someone was putting their clothes on the line, or tending to the "community" garden that you already knew was out there.

Taking yourself back out, you ventured into the room across from the bathroom. Opening the door, you stepped into the second bedroom. A decent sized, maroon coloured room. Of course with a walk-in wardrobe as well. As soon as you noticed the wardrobe was bigger, you instantly chose this room. Looking around, you smiled to yourself, already planning in your head where everything would go.

Everything seemed to be perfect, the apartment, the location, the feeling of independence. Finally, you felt like you were your own person. Like you weren't caged in, and you didn't have to listen to anyone else! You could do what you want. Sing in the shower, dance in your room, walk around naked if you wanted! But then you remembered, you would still have a roommate. So no singing loudly, no dancing, no walking around naked. It wasn't complete freedom, but it was much more than you had when you were back at home.

You decided it was time to start bringing over more of your stuff and setting up your room, so you walked to the corner and bent down to place your box where it wouldn't get in the way.

You heard a slight cough as you set down the box, startling you slightly, just enough to cause you to drop your car and apartment keys.

You looked up and flicked your neck, tossing your hair from in front of your face with a swift movement. Standing in front of you, a few feet away, was a tall blonde man. Shaggy, messy hair, bright eyes, and a beautiful smile surrounded by stubble that managed to look sexy and cute at the same time.

He held out a hand, the other one tucked in his back jean pocket, saying,

"Hey there, I'm Felix..."

You noticed a strong accent that lingered on his words. You couldn't put your finger on what accent it was, but it definitely wasn't like yours.

"Oh, hi," You answered and you extended your arm to ever so gently grasp his hand and shake it.

"So I guess we're roommates now, huh?" He said with a slight grin on his face.

"Yeah...yeah, I guess so." You said, still shocked that your roommate was such a handsome man. Or just a man at all.

You had expected to be partnered with another girl, close to your age. But being partnered with a man like him, was the last expectation you had.

"I haven't brought most of my stuff yet, but I suppose you've already put dibs on this room!" He said cheekily, letting out a slight laugh.

"Oh, you can have this room if you want, I don't really mind," Your cheeks blushed red slightly as you realised that you had selfishly just taken first pick.

He let another half laugh out, "No no, I was joking. You can have it, I like the other one better. Anyway, I better go start bringing my boxes over, I'll see you when I get back..." His eyes slightly narrowed, as if he was thinking if you had even said your name yet.

"_..." Your name shot out of your mouth as if it was a race.

"Ah, _..." His smile brightened a little, and he went to leave the room, "Oh...you dropped these," He stepped behind you to your box, leant down and picked up your keys, softly placing them in your hand as you turned around to face him.

His eyes locked onto yours for a moment, and one corner of his mouth tweaked up into a kind of smirk. Again, you felt all the heat in your body rush to your face as you looked at his deep, mesmerising eyes. He brushed passed you as he walked out of the room, his shoulder nudging against yours.

You felt a rush come over you, although you weren't sure what it is. Maybe the way this guy said your name, maybe because his body brushed against yours, maybe because someone so attractive is now your roommate, or maybe it was just because you felt independent, having your own apartment and all.

All you knew was that you felt that this was going to be the start of something exciting.