I apologise for being gone for so long, I had absolutely no inspiration. But I worked through it, so here's another chapter. Sorry if it's a bit boring, I promise it will get better soon. X.

You stood in the kitchen later that night, slaving over a pan you had been using to create butter chicken. You added spices and herbs, tasting tiny bits every now and then until it finally hit the spot. You grabbed two shallow bowls and carefully placed some cooked rice you had prepared earlier into them, and then adding the chicken on top. Placing the bowls on the small dining table with forks, you called out the back door to Felix, who was still downstairs on his computer, doing God knows what.

A couple minutes later, he came up stairs just as you placed two cups of soda with the bowls. You looked over at him and smiled, "Bon appetite!"

The aroma of fresh, warm food had filled the room and you could tell Felix liked it. He inhaled the tasty scents and grinned, sitting down in a seat.

"Wow, it looks amazing!" He exclaimed.

"I hope it tastes as good as it looks," you let a slight laugh slip out as you spoke, sitting as well.

You both started to eat your dinner, and Felix was obviously enjoying it, as every now and then he would make noises of satisfaction.
The table must've been smaller than you thought, and the chairs closer than expected. You had realised your roommates leg was resting against yours quite comfortably. You thought maybe he didn't realise it was your leg, thinking that it was the table leg. So you kept your leg as still as possible, hoping it would make things less awkward.

Every time you glanced up at him, you couldn't help but think of what you'd found out about him earlier.
How had you never heard of this man? 14 million subscribers... How is that possible?

"Thank you for that, _. It was great." Felix said as he leant back and rubbed his belly.

You looked up at him and smiled, "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

You finished your dinner not long after, but found yourself still sitting at the dinner table a couple of hours later, just talking to Felix, and getting to know each other.
Your leg had now relaxed against his, and you didn't feel so trapped by awkwardness. You were starting to feel much more comfortable around your new friend, but the comfort only went so deep knowing that he had such a following. You felt almost like you were a foot tall compared to him.

"I usually don't have much spare time, I always have stuff to do." He said as he rested his chin in his hand, looking at you.

"What do you spend all your time doing?" You smiled softly, leaning forward in your chair as you folded your arms and rested them on the table.

"You know how I was down on my computer? I spend a majority of my time in that seat, staring at that screen. I enjoy it though, I'm in my element," he replied.

You nodded slightly, "And, what is it that you do on that computer of yours?"

He looked at you for a second before answering.
"It's nothing, I just mess around with videos games a lot, and... yeah, I just post silly things online..." It seemed like he was trying to avoid something, you already knew what it was but he didn't know that you knew, of course.

"Post silly things? Like... Videos on YouTube that get millions of views?"

His eyes instantly shot to yours, as if you had caught him red handed.

"You know about that stuff...?" He spoke quietly.

"Well, you didn't do much to hide all of that mail earlier. You know, the letters with your nickname on them... Pewdiepie." You chuckled slightly at that so-called name, not really understanding it.

"I didn't really... I kinda wanted to try keep it to myself, I don't really want to seem like I'm all... Big and mighty. Because I'm not." He said, seeming slightly ashamed.

"It's okay, Felix. I don't think any different of you, you're still just my normal roommate." You smiled genuinely, and placed your hand on his wrist reassuringly.

The corner of his lips turned up into a gentle smile, and he nodded once.

"Thank you..." He calmly answered.

A few seconds passed as you looked at his beautiful piercing eyes, feeling the warmth from his body on your hand. You snapped back to reality and lifted your hand off his wrist, glancing down at your empty bowls that were still sitting in front of both of you.

"Um, I'll clean up." You said, standing and grabbing both the dishes and taking them to the sink.

You rinsed them out and scrubbed them, along with the cutlery, and placed it all in the tray beside the sink to dry. As you finished, you turned and noticed Felix was still in his seat, on his phone.

You peered over to look at his phone screen and saw that he was on twitter. You could only just read the words he was typing out... "Thanks for all the supports bros, I'm all settled into my new place. A fresh start has been good."

He posted the tweet and slowly stood from his chair. You made yourself look busy for a second so it didn't seem like you were being nosy, and then looked back over to him.

"I'm just gonna go back downstairs for a bit, finish off a few things," he walked past you and headed down the back stairs, sending you a quick smile just before he left.

You sighed to yourself and walked to your room, which was now set up after a few hours of work you had down earlier that day. You sat on your bed and grabbed your laptop, sticking your earphones in and opening iTunes. You were about to play some music when you had a change of heart. Opening Chrome, you swiftly typed in the URL bar and waited a second for the YouTube homepage to load. Again, you typed quickly into the search bar and clicked onto Felix's YouTube channel.

You didn't even know where to start, there was so much to look at. Fridays with Pewdiepie, Beyond: Two Souls, The Stanley Parable. What was all of this? Eventually you had watched a few videos to comprehend how this whole gameplay system worked.

Two hours or so later, you found yourself in the middle of watching the Outlast series. You didn't even know you could get so into a game without actually playing it, but you were loving it. The jumpscares, the humour, the commentary. It was all so surprisingly entertaining. And Felix was hilarious. But you still found it so strange that your roommate was filming himself playing a game, and getting so much popularity from it. It was so odd, but so cool.

The game was at a fairly quiet moment when suddenly, your door opened quite quick and you jumped, almost falling off your bed. You looked up and tugged your earphones out, Felix stood at the door, beginning to laugh at the fact you had just had a major scare.

You started to laugh a little as well, "You scared the crap out of me, Felix!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," he said, still chuckling.

He stepped into your room and sat beside you, "what are you doing, huh?"

You looked to him, and then down at your computer screen, quickly pausing the video.
He glanced down at the screen and saw his own face inside a box at the top left corner of the screen, then looked up at you with a straight face.

"I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about..." You said innocently.

He laughed a bit, "And what do you think?"

"I think you may have got me hooked,"

He seemed a bit awkward at first, but after a while you were both resting back on your bed, talking about videos games. You had never been very into games but Felix was enjoying talking about the games he loved, so you let him go on speaking about them. You found yourself becoming interested in all these things he was speaking of, it seemed like it made him so happy.

You looked over at the clock beside your bed and realised quite a long time had passed. In fact it was already about to hit 1am.

"Crap, it's late," you said to Felix.

"Oh, yeah, I'm getting tired." He slowly sat up and stood, rubbing his eyes, "Sorry if I've been boring you."

"No no, you haven't, it's okay."

He smiled down at you, "Good... Well, goodnight _."

"Goodnight, Felix," you smiled sleepily up at him.

He flashed you a beautiful smile before walking out, gently closing your door.
You stared at the door for a second, then stripped to your underwear and grabbed a plain grey shirt. You slipped it on and climbed into your bed, flicking your bedside light off. You took a deep breathe and exhaled slowly, thinking to yourself. But every thought always lead back to Felix for some reason. Where you falling for him? No, you couldn't be, you haven't know him for that long.

But you couldn't help but feel like you couldn't stop the inevitable.