Hi everyone,


The first thing I have to say is a massive thank you for reading my fanfiction, especially if you followed or favourited the story. Thank you so much to all my reviewers, you've all been so nice! A particular thank you to a few frequent reviewers who stood out: Amarenima Redwood, Kermit 304, Alessandra. 12, viola1701e, Angel Girl5, Celtic-Redhead and I'm sure there are others that I've just forgotten to mention, but thank you anyway for always giving good/constructive/long reviews.


The next thing I have to mention is that a few weeks back the lovely Alessandra. 12 contacted me asking if she could translate ATBLU into Spanish, and she has been waiting patiently ever since for me to finally finish the story. So if you are Spanish speaking and would like to read the fiction again in your native language, look out for that in future.

Also, if anyone else wants to translate it into another language, let me know.

The Sequel

I promised you a sequel and I have no intentions of breaking that promise. I've already started some rough plans for what's going to happen and at the moment my intended title is: Unless You Trust Enough. It is possible that this will change so if you want to be sure that you'll know as soon as it comes out, follow me (Imagination94) or keep an eye on my profile page (which is currently completely void of any information, but it's on my to-do list).

My planned structure for the sequel is that it will follow their 6th year first and will then just do a few key scenes from the last book. It will make sense when you read it, promise!

I plan to start uploading stuff soon after Christmas and then will probably be updating once a week. I know this is generally slower than I've been updating for ATBLU but I start uni again in a few weeks and as a full-time student I will be expected to do some actual studying at some point!

Other Writing Plans

I also have another story idea planned which is based around a HP/SS mentor/friendship relationship, which I know is a frequently written genre but I plan to do it a little differently, so keep an eye out for that too.

That's all from me, if you have any questions or want to contact me for any other reason just send me a PM, I'm generally pretty good at replying promptly.

Thanks for reading,

Imagination94 x