It was a quite Saturday afternoon in the Utonium household, The Professor was at a science convention Blossom, and Bubbles, of The Powerpuff Girls Z were both shopping at the mall only Ken and Buttercup were both all alone in the house, young Ken was working in the lab, Buttercup was in the gym working her muscles out, she was lifting weights and wearing very tight shorts and a tank top on.

She then decided to take a little break so... she gets a towel to wipe her sweat off, she then goe's to the lab to
speak with Ken, she walks to where the lab was and said to Ken who was still working.

"Hey, Ken I need you to spot me for a minute."

He said in a confused voice.


She now says.

"You know, ding dong, I need you to hild the dumbell for a moment."

By accident she then drops her sweaty towel, when she was picking it up Ken was stairing at her butt he
begin to sweat on his forehead, after she picked she got done picking it up she said to him before drinking
her bottel of water.

"So are you gonna help me or not?"

He now says.

"Sure i'll help you Buttercup!"

He was now helping her to hold the bar when she got done lifting it, poor Ken was exhausted after helping her lift it, when she was done she decided to take a dip in the jacuzzi room, after wiping more of her sweat off her face she then said to herself.

"Dam, i'm so tired I can use a dip in the jacuzzi i'm so fucking Hot!"

Ken, who was holding his wrist because he felt a little pain there, Buttercup who was now looking at him says.

Yo, Ken want to come with me and take a little dip in the jacuzzi?"

He was now puzzled? but told her.

"Me join you in the jacuzzi hot tub?"

She then said before leaving the gym.

"Come on, dude you need to relax a little bit you're just like your Dad, working all the dam time, take a break."

She now left the gym, he thought.

"What the heck, why not?"

To Be Continued.