As Ken, was walking to the Jacuzzi room he had seen Buttercup about to sit down, she was wearing a black swimsuit that had a skull on the front, Ken was now staring at her backside she then turned around and says to him.

"Finally, hop your ass on in here, it's fun!"

He walked slowly the hot tub, and sat right next to her she then offered him a beverage but he told her.

"No, thanks"

Both were chillen in the water, and Buttercup was having a really good time! in the Jacuzzi she went.

"Umm! Oh man, this feels so... good! Oh God, this is great! oh, Yes! Yes!"

For some weird reason Ken started to get a little nervous, suddenly Buttercup out of humor slammed his face
int the hot water, she then laught like crazy "Ha! Ha! I got you good you punk."

When he popped out of the water, he was also laughing as well, Buttercup said to him with a smile on her face.

"You know, Ken hanging with you today is kind of awesome, it's almost more awesome then whooping
the bad guy's butts, almost, but it's been real cool."

Ken told her.

"Yeah, I like hanging with you today to, Buttercup."

Suddenly, Ken decided he wanted to pump some iron so he asked Buttercup when he was coming out of
the jacuzzi water he says to her.

"You know, Buttercup I feel like lifting some weights can I ask you to spot me?"

Out of shock, she told him.

"What? but your not strong enough to lift weights those big things would crush you!

He then said.

"I know that's why I want to spot me, Ding Dong!"

He then left the room, Buttercup got up and shouted out.

"Dam you Ken! Dam you."

But she cooled down for a moment, and said.

"Yo wait up i'll spot you!"

To be continued.