I am standing on my porch watching Edward ride that beautiful big black horse shirtless, and its got me all likes of hat! God the way his arm flex and his hands grip the reins pulling the back hard. it reminds me of how he was riding me last night and pull my hair as he slapped my ass. i feel the wetness start to ruin my panties just think back to the words he spoke. I swear the man can make me cum just using his words! I must have been lost in thought because the next thing i know Edward is behind me and pulling my hair to the side as he kisses my neck! "tell me love what were you thinking about that has that look on your face?" " it was you and what we did last night" i tell him blushing for all i'm worth. " And tell me, what part exactly were you thinking about? was it when i pounded it hard as i pulled your hair or was it when i told you that it was the best pussy that i have ever had? hmmm so was it when i licked and kissed that sweet kitty till you meowed just like the whore that i am tring to turn you into?"