Okay, I got this idea from razztaztic's Fill in the Blank challenge. But, this is not a part of the challenge. This is those missing two weeks from Booth's "death" to his "funeral". This is Temperance Brennan's diary. This is a personal challenge for myself. Diary entries mean lots of description and very little dialogue. Diary entries mean first person POV. Diary entries get inside the head of the character. All of these things are not my strong suit. So, please enjoy, and I hope I do Brennan justice with her diary.

Day 1:

Today I woke up after very little sleep, wishing foolishly that last night was just a nightmare. I couldn't change what happened with wishes. But, I foolishly hoped that last night wasn't real. I even called his cell phone to hear him, to talk to him, but it didn't even ring. It went straight to voicemail, and I heard his voice.

This is Booth. Leave a message, and I'll call you back soon.

I hung up without saying a word. How could I when I knew that he wouldn't call me back ever again?

Last night, I stood in a waiting room and learned what it meant to have my heart break. Booth was taken into surgery at George Washington University Hospital. The doctor came out two hours after myself, Drs. Hodgins, Saroyan, Addy, and Sweets, and Angela arrived. I knew what happened before the doctor even spoke. His eyes were dim, and he looked like he was trying to become more comforting. I knew that Booth was dead. I found it strangely ironic that I could read body language indicators finally, but Booth wasn't there to celebrate with me.

The doctor explained about how Booth's heart had given out during surgery and that they had been unable to resuscitate him. He looked straight into my eyes as he said "I'm sorry.", even though Cam and Angela were sobbing. I could barely breathe as I tried to get over the shock and digest the news.

Booth was dead. I'd no longer be able to see his brilliant smile or warm eyes, his strong, masculine body. There would be no more midnight Thai visits, or pop culture education, or guy hugs. No reason for me to keep Pabst Blue Ribbon or Yuengling in my fridge. There would be no more zoo days with him and Parker.

At the thought of Parker, I left the hospital. I wouldn't break in front of the others. I kept seeing the little boy with blonde curls and eyes and smile that matched his father's, and how this would hurt him so much. By the time I reached home, I'd managed to calm myself, but my brain switched to replaying the scene of Booth getting shot.

He stood up, panicked. I heard the gunshot, saw his shoulder jerk back, felt the microphone slip from my grasp, tasted the fear coursing through me as he fell, and smelled his red, red blood that coated my hands and clothes as I tried to stop the bleeding. I relived it all in vivid detail. And, it's all haunting me now. Booth didn't deserve to die. And it's my fault that he's dead. I was the one who kept aggravating Pam Nunan. I was the one who she wanted to take out. I was the one who Booth took the bullet for. It's all my fault that I lost him.

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