Okay, another short one, but I hope that you like it. :-) I also hope that this is a better, more emotional read thanks to some tips from jazzyproz, one of my favorite writers and biggest fans for my "Bones" pieces. She tries to review every one of them, and I love her for it, among many reasons. :-)

Day 10:

Angela refused to accept my excuses to stay in the lab. She flat out told me that she wouldn't let me starve myself or work myself to death. She made sure that I ate both lunch and dinner. Then, she stayed and got me home by 8pm. She just didn't know that I returned to the Jeffersonian. I waited over two hours before going back, knowing that she might stay in the parking garage, but I don't think that was necessary. She probably went straight home, or she left to spend time with Dr. Hodgins.

I worked well into the night tonight, focused on remains from Limbo. I ended up arriving home at 3am. I'd always been good at running on little sleep. That was an imperative for a Forensic Anthropologist. You never knew when you could sleep if you were working a dig, or in my case, solving crime. Of course, I would no longer have to deal with the hours of a crime solver; I could determine my own hours. They would be long hours. I showered and allowed myself a couple hours of sleep before returning to work. After coffee, no one would know how little sleep I'd gotten. It was a common routine for me.

I was the master at keeping my emotions hidden. No one knew how much it hurt to return to working on remains that were no more recent than the Civil War, unless I was needed for a special case. No one knew how I fought tears every time something reminded me of Booth. No one knew how my heart squeezed whenever someone said "bones". No one knew that I would rather be dead than wake up every day without Booth.

Sweets came to see me today. He tried to talk to me, and I refused. He was persistent until I used the remains I was working on to make him feel ill and he left. Sweets would not ever be a part of my grieving process. It might not be wise to keep everything bottled inside of me, but I refused to talk to a psychologist. I just couldn't bare myself to Sweets like that.

No one really believed that I was fine, but no one challenged it. They know how I work, and I don't break down. I don't rely on others. Because in the end, all I have is myself. I'm the only one that I can count on. Everyone else is capable of leaving me.

Okay, there is that. I hope that you enjoyed, but don't leave me guessing. I love reviews. :-)