Finding our way

Summary: What if Damon and Katherine were best friends in secret? That everything they have done in Mystic Falls was for what they have been working towards for 5 years, and they are so close. Their mentor is Leo and they are close to becoming human witches(charmed kind). The Elders sent them to Mystic Falls to protect somebody as a final test. For Damon that was Stefan, and for Katherine that was Elijah. With Alaric's death, comes an obstacle that Damon and Katherine don't think they can overcome.

A/N: This is set about 2 days after Alaric's death, and right after Leo becomes an Elder. Damon and Katherine were really close to Alaric and all of the Charmed ones. About 5 years ago Damon and Katherine were saved by the Charmed ones and they bonded. After Damon and Katherine set up a meeting with the Elders to ask them to become human and witches(will be explained more in flashbacks), they sent them to do tests. And their final test was to protect someone they chose for them.