Alex enters the door and says" im home im home im homeeeeeee" (crowd laughs) and then Jessie and Harper comes down the stairs and Jessie said" Hey Alex what you bring?" and then Alex said" well remember when you guys said you want to try somthing new?" and then Jessie and Harper said" mmmmmhhhhhhhhhh" (crowd laughs) and then Alex said"well i brought somthing from the wizard world" and then Alex brought out somthing and then Harper and Jessie said"ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" and then Alex said" this is what Dragons eat green slime soup..." (crowd laughs) "Harper Jessie you want some?" and then Harper and Jessie said with a bad look" noooooo" and then Jessie said" get that out of here my Brain is melting" holding her noose (crowd laughs) and then Alex flashed it out of sight and then Harper said" well what do you want for luch guys?" and then Alex said"i know we should get" and then Alex flashes in a cardboard container with chicken in it and other containers with different types of chicken (crawd sighs) and then Harper said"yes i call the Fried chickeeeeeen" (crowd laughs) Harper runs to it and then Jessie said" i call the Pork one" and then Jessie runs to the counter and sat down next to Harper and Alex.


Alex flashes with Harper and Jessie in a subway station and then Alex said" well this is were i grew up!" and then Jessie said"cool but were are your parents?" and then Alex said" oh there out on vacation in Hawaii... AND THEY COULDNT TAKE US!" (crowd laughs) and then Jessie said" so where is the layer you said you go to the wizard world?" and then Harper said"Jessie your going to be suprised the wizard layer and the wizard worls is so cool" and then Alex Jessie and Harper walk to the kitchen and said well her it is lets open the door and we are in!" amd then Jessie said" umm are you sure we are here this is a vegi cooler" and then Alex said"well not anymore" and she opens the door and then Jessie said"woooooo this is awsome i wish the kids could see this" then Jessie's face went up side down and then she said"the kids i forgot about them i have to go back and apoligize and then Alex said" ok we will flash in later lets just get up be happy and get in to the wizard world" and then Jessie said"NO i want to see them we can go a different day" and then Harper said" yeah Alex lets fash in to the kids apartment and let her apoligize" and then Alex said" ok fine" and then she waves her wand


Alex Jessie and Harper flashed in the Movie theater at the kids apartment and then Jessie said" can we be invisable so they cant see us" and then Alex said"yeah sure" flashes wand they are invisable and then Jessie said" ok lets walk around slowly" they walk and they find nobody in the living room and then Harper said" woooo this is a huge apartment" and then Jessie said" shhhhh yeah yeah its huge lets focus" and then they enter the kitchen then they hear laughing and then Jessie said" what they have a knew nanny" (crowd sighs) and then a little girl said"wow you are so funny your my favorite nanny in the world" and the little hugs the nanny and then 3 more kids walked in and they were sad and then Jessie said" are they said because of me?" and then Harper said" lets see" then one of the girl that walked in said" i miss my phone it broke after Jessie left" and then one of the boys said" i miss Jessie she was the Hottest nanny around now we have an old nanny again and then onther boy said" im sad beacuse mrs kipling isnt talking to me anymore just because Jessie left he misses Jessie" and then Jessie sighs and said" see they dont miss me but Luke is the only one that does Alex make me visable in the lobby and then Alex flashed Jessie to the lobby and then Tony comes out and said" oh hi Jessie" and then Jessie said" uh hi Tony and then Tony said" what are you doing here?" and then Jessie said"i just wanted to come and apoligize to you and the kids" and then Tony said" dont bother cause they found a new Nanny and they havent talked about you not even one thing" and then Jessie said" uh so then nevermind then mabye i should go" Jessie walks out and then Tony said" wait Jessie i didnt mean what i said the Rosss talk about you all the time they miss you jessie please dont do this to the kids Luke is the most one that misses you" and then Jessie said"look i already have a career and i dont want to quit now so bye Tony and then Alex and Harper flashes out side and then Alex said" so how did it go?" and then Jessie said i didnt go up Tony talked to me and said that they miss me but they moved on but im happy" and then Harper said"why?" and then Jessie said" because i am with some amazing friends" (crowd aww) and then Alex said" well this went well lets go home" and then Alex Harper and Jessie flashes out