As Cyborg poured the last of the canned beverage into a glass, he smirked. This, he was sure, was bounded to teach Robin and Beast Boy a thing or two about pranking. At first, no one had ever seen, or anticipated, the alliance between the two boys. Robin was all about rules and order; Beast Boy was, clearly, not. No one had any inkling to fear them.

Until a week ago, Cyborg only thought he had to worry about a certain green teen, but now that he had been blind sighted, payback was due. The only problem was that his victims were on guard. Let it not be said that they weren't careful. Beast Boy had plenty of experience over the years, but Robin was by habit always on edge. So Cyborg knew he had to be careful as to what he did.

So, here he was, on a Saturday night planning the attack. Robin was scheduled to go on patrols that night, ironically with Beast Boy. The prank was more to get back at Robin then his little buddy, since Robin was the one that put the hot sauce in his ketchup bottle; on the other hand, the type of joke tended to fit Beast Boy's MO. His poor taste buds had been scorched for a day and a half, and no amount of pleading to Raven could get her to heal him.

The plan was simple: spike Beast Boy's drink with a can of Red Bull just before they were supposed to leave for patrol. Then Robin would be stuck with a hyper Beast Boy and Cyborg could claim victory. He had been planning in secret, of course; all the cans were hidden in a special drawer in his room. All of them were careful to keep anything containing caffeine away from the changeling, but every once in a while they would slip up.

Cyborg was willing to bet his one slip up was in order.

The table was set, and once he got the pizza all situated he placed the drinks down. Water for Raven, coke for Robin and him, a tube of mustard for Starfire, and one Red Bull spiked diet coke for his green teammate.

As his friends came in, he wasn't worried. Raven clearly could sense his giddiness, but didn't comment on it, simply raised an eyebrow and went along her way. Robin was scowling at something on his PDA tablet. Starfire and Beast Boy were the last to come in. They all sat down, and Cyborg was ready to get the show on the road, but he didn't anticipate what came next.

"Friend Beast Boy, would you mind if I tried a sip of your drink?" Starfire asked curiously. The alien was always trying new things and it wasn't odd to have her try something that one of her friends was having. Cyborg wouldn't have minded, but he missed the question as he was being drilled by Robin on the progress of the T-Jet.

One second he was telling Robin that he might have to order in new wiring from Steel City, the next Starfire was shrieking. That was when he saw that Beast Boy's glass was empty.

After a minute of chaos, it was revealed to the others. He had to tell Robin, who was pissed as ever, that the drink was meant for Beast Boy. When he was asked why, he told them about the Red Bull. At that point Raven smacked his head and drifted away to her room. Starfire was doing loops all over the Common Room, singing some Tameranian song at the top of her lungs.

He should have known that Robin would turn the tables in his favor.

"Well, since you pulled the prank, it's only far that you live with the consequences." Robin said with a little sadistic smirk. Then he turned to Beast Boy and informed him that they were leaving early; Cyborg was left alone with a hyper Starfire.

Since that disastrous prank, Cyborg can't help but cringe whenever he sees or hears anything about that caffeinated drink. Two days after the incident, Red Bull was put at the top of the list on banned substances that weren't allowed in the tower.

There's only so many times one can hear the traditional song of awakening, sung at the top of a certain redheaded alien's lungs, and not want to be met with a swift and painless death.