Beast Boy tried to ignore the pounding on his door. It was kinda hard to do, seeing as how his senses were so much sharper then everyone else's, but because Cyborg was literally knocking so hard that his door was starting to rattle. Normally he would open the door in a heartbeat, but this time he truly just wanted to alone.

"B, open the dam door!" Cyborg yelled through the metal. Beast Boy simply curled up tighter on his bed.

No one was supposed to hear the call, but Mento had a nasty habit of yelling when he was pointing out certain things. Especially when the green changeling was involved. Beast Boy, of course, could stand it. He could handle Mento simply yelling at him; five years of working with the man had given him a pretty thick skin when it came to insults.

He drew the line at Mento talking crap about his friends. It started out with a simple comment on how Starfire didn't have to be so naive, and then he was saying how Raven should be monitored more closely considering her past, and how Robin and Cyborg should go through more 'practical' training.

From there it all went down hill and ended with his former leader's voice screaming through the speakers, "We should have let Galtry kill you; at least then we would have been doing everyone a favor!" The call had been cut quickly after that.

The others had heard, of course, and because they didn't like the man (Cyborg had a nasty habit of cussing Mento when he was particularly annoyed), but they were more angry at the last comment.

Beast Boy simply fled and locked himself in his room, refusing to acknowledge their calls or questions.

Eventually Cyborg had come up and wasn't going to leave until Beast Boy gave in to his demands. Sighing, he got up and shuffled to the door. Cyborg was just about to let forth another round of pounding, but stopped and instead crushed his best friend to his chest.

"Don't scare me like that, buddy," Cyborg said. Beast Boy nodded his head. His friend's metal chest was cool and soothing against his stinging eyes. Cyborg ran his hand up and down his back.

"I'm sorry." Cyborg sighed and turned the green boys face up to his.

"You don't have anything to be sorry about. I just think you should know that Robin and Raven are tearing UFO helmet head a new one. Both of them are seriously pissed." Cyborg said. Beast Boy dropped his head back to the metal plating.

"You weren't supposed to hear that," He murmured. Cyborg let go and moved to sit down on the floor. He leaned up against the wall and patted the space next to him. Beast Boy moved, and was soon pulled up against his friend's side.

"B, we want you to be able to tell us about this kind of crap. He doesn't have any right to say that kind of shit about you." Cyborg ranted. Beast Boy bite his lip. Cyborg didn't often swear. He only did it when he was either incredibly frustrated or pissed beyond belief. At this point it was probably a mix of both.

"Was he right, though?" He asked timidly. There was a beat of silence and he was, once again, being crushed to his friend's chest.

"Don't you ever think that! You're important to us, all of us, and to even think that something like that would be a blessing is wrong. If dome head can't see how lucky he was to have you, then he can go suck it." Cyborg said fiercely. His throat was starting to tighten again and his eyes burned.

"You're my best friend, Beast Boy. What makes you think that I wouldn't want you here?" Cyborg asked. A choked sob escaped his lips. Cyborg leaned in the rest his forhead against the smaller boys. "You matter to us, Beast Boy. Starfire would go nuts if you weren't around, trying to help her understand things and showing her all the little, silly things. Robin would be so uptight if you didn't bring a little crazy around here. Hell, I would probably still be hiding out in dark alleys." Cyborg softened his voice for the last part. "Raven would miss you if you weren't here. I don't think you even realize the half of what you mean to her. "

He lost control after that, but Cyborg didn't seem to mind. He didn't make any effort to move him; instead he tightened his arms around the smaller boy and murmured reassuring words and soothing gestures into his ears. It was a long time before Cyborg let him go. He brushed some residual tears off and smiled gently at him.

"I want you to answer me a question, okay?" At the hesitant nod he continued. "Are you wanted here by us?"

Beast Boy had to swallow hard before he could answer.


If Mento didn't want him, okay. But he was wanted here, and right then and there, that was all that mattered.