Title: The Perfect Love Potion

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Hint: Yaoi couples

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Summary: Juvia's done it again; she's managed to get her hands on another potion and now Fairy Tail is in trouble! Will she get the results she expected or face another disappointment? Read to find out!

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Warning: This fic includes madness, sudden personality changes, sudden nosebleeds, yaoi couples, stripping, pouring of drinks on each other, sudden crying out loud, lots of kissing, lots of molesting, lots of love confessions, lots of drama, more crying and more kissing!

Also includes lemons in later chapters!

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Author's Note:

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Chapter One: The Second Weirdest Thing to Happen Today

"A-Are you sure this-this is a love potion?"

"Of course, I do sell the best around here ya know...anything you want, I'll be sure to have...so, are ya willing to buy?"

Juvia gulped and stared at the tiny vial of glowing pink liquid for a few moments, heart racing at the possibilities of it working, of Gray-sama finally 'looking' at here. 'But then, what if it doesn't work like it's supposed to like last time...what if Gray-sama ends up going crazy again? Or worse, ends up hating me? Can I afford to take that chance?'

Mind swirling with thoughts and the horrible outcomes the potion induced on everyone from last time, the bluenette gulped once more and nodded solemnly, paying the woman before leaving with her prize, a prize she was sure to use. 'Besides...now that I've bought it, I have to go through with it don't I?' she thought sadly before a determined look took over her face. She shouldn't be down like this...the potion was going to work and soon...very soon she would have Gray-sama.

'...Wait for me Gray-sama...I'm coming...'

Clutching the vial protectively against her bosom, she walked confidently back home to prepare for the next day, barely noticing as the sky darkened and rain began to fall heavily on her, her mind filled with her love to be tomorrow.

'...I can hardly wait...'

'...Come on Juvia...you can do this, just slip some into his drink and soon he'll be passionately looking at you like you've always dreamed of!'

Staring hard at her clenched hands, Juvia jumped as she felt a warm hand suddenly touch her shoulder, relaxing almost immediately when she saw it was just Mirajane; she could have sworn she was caught and was going to be taken away for being in possession of a love potion and charged for having the intention of using it. Then again...it could have been her conscience trying to freak her out for doing this...

"...You want anything Juvia-san? Iced tea? Coffee?"

"...Huh? Uh, no thanks Mira-san, I'm fine..."

"Are you sure? Awhile ago when I touched your shoulder, you looked like a deer caught in the headlights. You're not trying to commit something bad are you, Juvia-san?" the white haired woman joked, nudging the other with her shoulder, sweatdropping when the water mage stiffened at the accusation; okay then, best to avoid that topic right there.

"Hey cheer up, it's a good day today...here, have a slice of cake to lift your spirits; it's warm and soft..." Mirajane said after awhile, pushing a plate holding a slice of strawberry sponge cake towards the other, smiling softly at her and nodding at her to take a bite.

Smiling awkwardly in return, Juvia took a small bite of the cake and thanked the other, sighing in relief when the other finally left after that to attend to another patron. Honestly, she had nothing against Mirajane, in fact she thought her to be one of her closest friends at the guild but...she being right next to her at the moment was causing Juvia to lose her already dwindling confidence.

'...And that would not do, would it? After Juvia has come so far...but what is Juvia to do now? Juvia wants Gray-sama but doesn't want a repeat of last time to happen...what should Juvia do?'

Then, it happened...

"Oi teme, what are you doing?"

"I'm eating idiot, or has your flames finally fried your little excuse for a brain?"

"Why you...I dare you to say that again, teme!"

"You wanna start..."

'Gray-sama...majestic as always...' Juvia swooned, her envisioned sparkling Gray looking passionately at her while punching a Natsu looking dummy away, hearts busy flying around her and causing other people nearby to grumble as some got caught in their mouths and/or noses. 'Such passion...if only he would look at me everyday like that, I would die a happy woman...'

Eyes widening in realization, she clenched her hands in determination as she came to a decision; she was going to take a risk but it would be worth it if only to see Gray-sama's passionate gaze everyday for the rest of her life. 'Gray-sama...'

Ordering two drinks (one for her and the other for Gray-sama), she quickly took out the vial which was hidden in her bra and pulled out the stopper, tipping it to pour...

Wait...where was the vial?

Yelling in alarm, she barely gave any attention to the fact that she was pushed accidentally forwards due to Gray and Natsu's brawl (although Gray did feel pretty warm pressed up on her), staring in horror as the vial went flying, its contents falling out everywhere on the dishes and drinks in the kitchen until the small bottle finally made a safe landing into a mixture of cake dough.

The same cake dough which Mirajane just placed into the oven a second later...

Juvia felt her heart drop straight to the floor, as well as her other guts, thankfully not literally but it felt that way...

'No! Gray-sama's passionate gaze!' Juvia thought with horror, letting her head fall with a loud rap on the table before her.

'All that searching...now gone to waste...'

Not caring how she looked or how she was embarrassing herself at that moment, the water mage began to sob very loudly at the unfairness of it all. It wasn't fair, it just wasn't fair! It wasn't fair that she was in love and was now being treated this way; getting her hopes up only to let her meet harsh disappointment. It wasn't fair that Gray-sama wouldn't look at her passionately like she wanted him to, wouldn't notice her like she did to him. It wasn't fair that the vial dropped, crushing her hopes and her dreams of a beautiful life with her unrequited love. It wasn't fair that it wasn't fair!

'...It should be fair!'

"Juvia, what's wrong?" Mirajane asked, staring at her in concern and confusion; so unfair.

Shaking her head, the bluenette choked down her sobs before standing up and then...sobbing some more; so unfair.

"...Oi Juvia, what's the matter? Why are you crying?"

Looking up at the love of her life, the one that would never look at her the way she looked at him, the bluenette choked down her sobs and then...ran away sobbing; life was so unfair.

Silence reigned supreme over Fairy Tail as the occupants of the guild watched Juvia go with shock and confusion written all over their faces, all thinking in union and asking themselves what the hell just happened awhile ago; course since they were Fairy Tail, the silence didn't last too long...

"...I wonder what that was all about..." Natsu said, breaking the silence, the fight with Gray all forgotten as usual as he plopped himself onto a seat; oh Natsu.

"Who knows really?" Gray shrugged, sitting down across from the dragon slayer and joining the chatter which had started up right after the pinkette had spoken; how very Fairy Tail like. But then again, Juvia freaking out for no apparent reason and breaking out into tears every five to twenty five seconds were a normal thing in the guild so...

"Mira-jane, another fish please..."

"Hai, coming right up Happy..." the white haired mage chirped, all concern gone from her face for the time being as she went back to attending the patrons, grabbing a nice large dish with a nice yummy fish she was sure Happy was going to love, placing it down before the blue Exceed and giggling as he chowed down enthusiastically on it; only Happy.

"Mirajane-san, a beer over here please..."

"Hai, coming..." Mirajane called back, running off to attend another person, missing how after Happy had finished eating the giant fish (which wasn't very long), suddenly turned a bright shade of red. However his sudden and bizarre redness only lasted a second or two before the neko's normal color came back, so no one took notice of it as they were too busy talking (or sleeping in Natsu's case)...that is except a couple of Exceeds who were both sitting near their own dragon slayers. Jaw dropping at the sudden change, the two Exceeds tried to decide whether the neko was sick or something was affecting him and whether it was contagious and deadly, Pantherlily getting over his slight fear of the unknown and walking over to a now dazed looking Happy looking down at his paws; the black exceed just hoped it wasn't another Juvia case of freaking out and crying for no apparent reason.

"Oi Happy, are you alright? You turned pretty red awhile..." Pantherlily paused as the other fixed him with a weird-spine-shivering stare; no it was not excitement mind you. "Happy...what..."

Carla choked on her saliva and air at the scene in front of her, turning away in disbelief at what was happening.

This was not happening...this was definitely not happening...

"Carla, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Nani, Happy...what are you...?" Natsu suddenly yelled (having woken up suddenly), causing everyone near by to shift their attention to him...and then to what was happening near him for lo and behold, a sight to put in the books of the second weirdest thing to happen that day:

Happy kissing (and trying to use tongue by the way) Pantherlily...

Yeah, it sounds crazy...and Pantherlily would know that better than anyone...

End of Chapter One

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