Title: The Perfect Love Potion

Pairings: Read to find out *smirk*

Hint: Yaoi couples

Rating: T/M

Summary: Juvia's done it again; she's managed to get her hands on another potion and now Fairy Tail is in trouble! Will she get the results she expected or face another disappointment? Read to find out!

Disclaimer: If I owned Fairy Tail and its characters, then Juvia would be obsessed over someone else other than Gray and Gray would be happily married to Natsu! But since that hasn't happened, then obviously I don't! –sobs-

Warning: This fic includes madness, sudden personality changes, sudden nosebleeds, yaoi couples, stripping, pouring of drinks on each other, sudden crying out loud, lots of kissing, lots of molesting, lots of love confessions, lots of drama, more crying and more kissing!

Also includes lemons in later chapters!

If this is not your cup of tea, your choice of butter and bread, your slice of cake, your whatever, then please leave immediately! If you happen to like/love yaoi but might not like madness, well...just read anyways!

If you like/ don't mind all the warnings listed above, then please read and enjoy!

Author's Note:

Please don't castrate me as this is the first time I'm doing a Fairy Tail fic and please do not share your flames with me, share them with Natsu who will put them to good use.

Second Warning:

This fic contains a bit of lime (more than the last chapter had), meaning a little boy x boy action instead of the FULL (or all the way if you prefer to note it as) lemon/thing so please prepare yourself as I am not responsible for any nosebleeds and I do not want the creators of Fairy Tail complaining to me about me passing a lawsuit onto them when it was my fault even though I warned you! Anyways, please enjoy this chapter...

Chapter Three: Lap Dances and S&M?!

'...What the hell is going on? First it was Happy, then Laxus...and now Jet? What's next, Wakaba?'

Paling as he heard a very distinct sound of moaning, Gray turned his head slowly in the direction of the sound slowly, sighing in relief when it was just Bickslow who had eaten too many conches again; that guy never learned when it came to those shells. The ice mage was always the first one to tease him about them every chance he got...which annoyed the blue haired mage considering it was true and even more when the brunette recalled the incident when there was a huge table of them and he ate them in one sitting; dang it, it was just one time!

'So it wasn't Waka...'

"...W-Wakaba! Untie me, damn it!"

"Oh no Macao-chan, not when the fun is just beginning..." the veteran mage leered at the currently tied up form of his lifelong friend, one hand trailing over the mage's very nude chest while the other hand grabbed a salt shaker that was nearby, empting out the contents inside on the table before lowering it to...and yeah, the ice mage did not need that mental scarring.

'...Why is this happening? And how can he sleep during all this!' Gray growled, glaring at Natsu who had fallen asleep again during the whole ordeal; then again, he could have fainted after the horrifying shock of seeing Happy kiss Pantherlily as well as attempt to shove his tongue in the black neko's mouth. 'Which reminds me...that neko is looking a little too friendly with Happy even though he just got kissed...'

As if hearing his thoughts, the Exceed glared darkly at him...although the effect was ruined quite terribly due to Happy lovingly nuzzling him like one of those little kittens that looked to run after your feet; the scene would have been quite funny and probably the talk of the week if the current situation wasn't making it seem like a normal thing.

'Where is Master when you need him?'

Resisting to cry/freak out/ tear his hair out and do both of the following, the ice mage looked for help to the strict and law enforcing mage he knew would stop this madness in its tracks with just a flash of a sword...but said mage was...very busy at that moment to say the least...or to put any understatement said before to shame that is.

'...Are tongues supposed to curl that way?'

Tilting his head to one side, Gray blushed brightly as Lucy and Ezra, who were currently stuck together closer than even Siamese twins, tore off each other's bra, looking away when the Ezra grasped the celestial mage's whip handle and pushed it upwards into...

Yeah...Gray seriously did not need that image no matter what anyone said otherwise!

'...And with Ezra gone, who's going to stop this madness? And speaking of madness, how did she fall into it? All she was doing was eating...' Gray's eyes widened in sudden realization, his body already moving towards the kitchen, momentarily gaping at the position that Wakaba had placed Macao in and was currently doing to him at that moment when his eyes accidentally glanced over to them; were legs supposed to go up like that? 'This is insane...but at least I can stop it from growing bigger...'

"Gray...what are you...?"

"...Mirajane, get down..." Gray yelled in warning, hands outstretched when the other was out of range to conjure up a spell.

Ice-make: Ice cover!

Ice shot out of his hands and covered the whole kitchen area from ceiling to floor, including the already prepared dishes and the utensils as well as the appliances, leaving the area now sparkly as well as slippery.

'...That should keep anyone else from going pervert crazy...' Gray smirked, impressed at his work; it looked pretty good and stable.


"...Whatever is causing everyone to go totally crazy is in the food...I figured it out when Ezra had turned to the madness even though she was just eating cake..." He explained, ignoring the pleasured moans of Freed who was still being molested by Laxus in the corner of the room on a table...and yeah, he was going to start ignoring them now before he turned insane too. "So I froze it to prevent anyone else from joining..."

Gasping, Mirajane stared in horror at the kitchen which was frozen in a block of ice before nodding with slight reluctance; she loved cooking with a passion but...if her cooking was causing everyone to be this way then...

"Don't blame yourself...we've been feeding on your dishes from ever since and nothing like this ever happened..." the ice mage interrupted, already guessing what the other was probably thinking about; but there was no way Mirajane caused it. "No...it's definitely something else..."

"I-I guess you're right...but what now?"

Sigh. "I don't know...I just hope Master gets here soon...all this craziness is giving me a huge headache..."

Groaning, the brunette plopped himself into a chair and leaned back with a frustrated sigh, grabbing a glass of juice that was next to him on the table and taking a deep drink from it; so refreshing.

'...Wait a minute...this isn't juice!'

Coughing, Gray barely registered the glass slipping from his fingers and breaking or Mirajane's scream at the sudden crashing noise, feeling strange heat rise up from his toes to go coursing through his body and straight up to his head which throbbed even more if possible; god he felt so hot...so very hot...

'...Is this how Natsu feels when he says he's getting fired up?'

Unconsciously looking over in Natsu's direction, the ice mage gasped as sparks flew wildly in front of his eyes, his whole world seeming to settle and revolve on the very asleep form that he was staring at, his bottom half becoming very much alive as thoughts of what he could do to him cross his mind...and...and...

'No...No...No, I am not attracted to the idiot! I am not attracted and...and...how dare he sleep while I am here...'

Growling a bit, Gray let a very wide smirk take over his face as he thought of devious but pleasurable ways of how he would wake the idiot up, paling brightly as he realized just exactly what he was thinking about, resembling very much a ghost at that point; but could anyone blame him? He was attracted to Natsu, for pete's sake.

' Damn it...this is not happening...I am not attracted to Natsu! I am not attracted to Natsu...and...and...damn, he looks hot. Jesus, look at those abs! They look so hard...yet soft...I wanna...touch them...'

Without realizing it, Gray suddenly found himself before the sleeping dragon slayer, his hands moving against his will as they sought out the other's smooth tanned skin (which wasn't hard considering his fashion sense), but somehow...it wasn't enough...he need more..

'God, I wonder if he's hard right now...wait, what?! I don't care about that! But then again...if I don't use my hands, maybe it's...okay...' the ice mage reasoned, wrapping his legs around the other's thighs so he could settle comfortably over his lap, wiggling a bit to snuggle in more.

'See...that wasn't bad at all...' Gray tried to convince himself that what he was doing was okay since there were no hands being used (and rather poorly at that), 'Nothing to...oh my god...no...no...stop moving!'

Feeling his face heat up, he didn't know whether it was from anger or something else entirely (he hoped it was the former), Gray gaped in horror as he realized that he was currently rocking on Natsu's lap.

Rocking...on Natsu's lap?!

Trying to will his body to stop, the brunette froze as he felt something harden beneath his thighs, unconsciously pulling his butt over it and pressing down hard, wiggling to try and get it harder if possible; it felt really nice...

'Wait, no! God, kill me now!'

"...Wha? G-Gray?"

Freezing in terror as he saw that Natsu had woken up thanks to the ice mage's rocking on his now obvious (at least to Gray) erection, Gray gulped and tried to get up and escape while the other was still half awake but to no avail, the mage trying hard not to scream in frustration as his hips dipped lower and more slowly as if to coax Natsu's lower parts to wake up more and respond to his touch.

And no, he was not enjoying it mind you!

"Gray?! What are you...ahh"

Feeling a shiver of pleasure curl up his spine at hearing Natsu moan, the ice mage unconsciously sped up his actions as he felt a nice warm ball of flame settling in his gut start to grow; it didn't take a genius to know that he was close...and from just hearing the dragon slayer moan.

'Damn you Natsu...I'm not gonna lose...'

Ignoring the fact that it was not a duel or a battle or a race to see who could hold out longer and he was actually molesting the other, the brunette sped up the rocking even more, panting as the fire in his gut started to grow even faster than before; damn, he was so close...just a few more...and Natsu's moaning was not making things any better either...

"Gray...ahh...so close..."

"That's right...come you pre-mature idiot, come!"

"S-Shut up..." Natsu growled, grabbing the ice mage's hips and gripping hard to thrust hard upwards to meet the other's downward thrust, sweat trailing down his face as his own release started catching up to him as well; but there was no way he was going to lose! Not to Gray!

'Shit...not yet...' Gray panted, one eye shut from the high pleasure wracking his body to putty ever since Natsu decided to respond back, dipping his hips faster to try and make the other come undone first as well as try to reach his release as well; no way he was going to lose to Natsu, no way! But not being able to come...well, that was pretty painful. "Damn...you're stubborn..."


Grinning at each other stupidly, they both gasped and stiffened a second later as their strings finally broke loose within themselves, both of them shaking from the force of their release for a few minutes before collapsing on each other (or more Gray collapsed on Natsu and Natsu on the chair), panting as they rode each other their highs; damn, that was hot.

Groaning as the high finally wore off after awhile, Gray groaned again as he felt the stickiness in his pants (thankfully he had it on or else the stain would be pretty obvious), lifting up slightly when Natsu grumbled about him being heavy and tried to push him off. 'Wait...Natsu?!' the ice mage's eyes widened as he realized that he just...he just had...he just did it with the idiot, groaning for the third time that day in a row when he felt a hard poke on his ass. 'Wait a minute...he can't be...he can't be still hard! He just came a few minutes ago!'


Blinking, Gray shivered at the heavy lust in Natsu's currently fiery eyes, resisting to moan when the other moved his hips slightly to make his new erection rub and tease against his entrance, unconsciously rubbing back and blushing when the dragon slayer smirked knowingly; damn him!

"We're not done yet..."

'Oh shit...'

End of Chapter Three

Author's Note:

Sorry for taking so long with his chapter...I was too lazy and I kept forgetting to write it and send it up...

But don't worry, tomorrow for sure I'll write up Chapter Four and send it up...

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Gray: *sobs*

Me: *confused* What's wrong with you?


Me: *pause* *laughs out loud* XDDD

Gray: This isn't funny! Natsu took my innocence damn it!

Me: He didn't take your innocence and you're not a virgin! If you're a virgin then Natsu's a virgin too!

Natsu: Actually...I am...

Me: O.O

Gray: Me too!

Me: O.o *smirks evilly* Don't worry Gray...your innocence isn't gone...

Gray: *sighs in relief*

Me: Not yet anyways...

Gray: O.O

Natsu: Hey Gray, what's the big idea molesting me in my sleep?

Gray: Shut up! Besides you molested me back!

Natsu: What was I supposed to do? You were rocking on me!

Gray: Yeah, well you thrust up into me so what you did to me was ten times worse! You sissy perv!

Natsu: You...say that again I dare ya!

Gray: *gets up in Natsu's grill* You wanna go?

Natsu: Yeah...bring it, you nudist sleep molester!

Me: *takes their clothes and locks them in a room and ignores their yelling and banging for me to open the door* Shut up and bugger in there already! I'm tired with all the sexual tension...Sorry about that, they just won't admit that they want each other! Anyways Ja ne!


Happy: Aye! *fish in his mouth and holding up a sign saying "That's all folks"